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Efento Transport - Cold chain manager


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Efento Transport is a flexible system for monitoring and recording temperature in transport, composed of wireless temperature sensors functioning together with free application available for Android phones. The dedicated application installed on mobile devices running Android system enables users to record temperatures of transported products, get notifications when temperatures exceed preset thresholds, register the position and mileage of vehicles (GPS), generate and send reports to recipients, support distribution of the shipments (including barcode scanning), send data to servers of shipping agents.

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Efento Transport - Cold chain manager

  1. 1. EFENTO TRANSPORT Cold chain manager - temperature monitoring in transport
  2. 2. Contents About the system Presentation of Efento Transport mobile app
  3. 3. Efento Transport Efento Transport is a system for monitoring temperature during transport, based on wireless temperature sensors and smartphones/tablets, with logistics functions support Efento Transport is used in more than 1,000 vehicles carrying pharmaceutical products sensitive to temperature changes Efento Transport is a system for monitoring and recording temperature in transport, composed of wireless temperature sensors working together with Android phones or tablets. Key functions of the system: ● Measuring and registering temperature, with sound alarms on exceeding the allowable range ● Creating reports and sending them via emails ● Registering the delivery of shipments and managing returns ● Optional integration with ERP or logistic software
  4. 4. Why Efento Transport? Efento Transport fully implements the requirements of companies distributing products that have to be transported at a controlled temperature TEMPERATURE MONITORING The system is based on easy-to-use wireless temperature sensors. The measurements are in real time sent to company’s ERP software. REGISTRATION OF SHIPMENTS Efento Transport can be integrated with logistic software. The application provides drivers with information on shipments for distribution, and informs company about each delivery (after scanning the barcode of the shipment). REDUCTION OF COSTS Information on consignments to be delivered on the current day are displayed in the application, and the reports of deliveries are generated in electronic form. This reduces unnecessary costs associated with printing waybills. EASY AND CONVENIENT OPERATION The application is user-friendly. The driver starts it at the beginning of the route, scans the barcode at each delivery location, and ends it after the last delivery. CONFIRMED RELIABILITY Efento Transport is used in more than 1,000 vehicles carrying medicines and vaccines to pharmacies. USES SMARTPHONE / TABLET Efento Transport uses smartphones/tablets that can run any other applications, such as invoicing app, navigation system etc.
  5. 5. Main functions of Efento Transport Temperature monitoring for effective cold chain management. Efento Transport can be integrated with any ERP software. Temperature monitoring Deliveries TEMPERATURE RECORDING The application records measurements provided by Efento sensors. The data is assigned to delivery routes - from the beginning to the end of each route. SOUND ALARM The application alerts the driver for exceeding preset temperature thresholds via sound alarm. SMS / EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS After exceeding a temperature threshold the system can send SMS / email notifications to any recipients AUTOMATIC REPORTS Efento Transport enables automatic emailing of reports to selected users at the end of the route. Reports can also be sent to any recipients on demand during the route. INTEGRATION WITH ERP The application can work together with ERP software. The information about shipments is automatically uploaded after logging in. ROUTES / CUSTOMERS Customer data with addresses is imported from the ERP software. DELIVERIES / WAYBILLS By scanning, along with sending the number, each shipment can be labeled with the appropriate status: delivered, damaged, refused, lost. BARCODE SCANNING The codes of shipments can be scanned with wireless barcode scanners or by the built-in cameras of smartphones or tablets
  6. 6. How it works (1/2) The system consists of Efento wireless sensors communicating with smartphones or tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 The application uses GPS data to calculate the length of a route Each vehicle is equipped with Efento sensors and smartphone running Efento Transport application At any moment the driver can generate the current report from the delivery route and send it to any email address. At the end of the route Efento Transport automatically sends such a report to selected users. The measurement data, information about alarms and shipments can be gathered in ERP software in real time If a temperature threshold has been exceeded, the app can send SMS or email notifications
  7. 7. DELIVERIESSTART OF ROUTE How it works (2/2) The application has been designed with focus on user-friendly operation The driver enters his ID and car registration numbers in the app in the smartphone. The data is shown in the route report. The information on the new route created by the driver is immediately visible in ERP software. The driver enters / scans the numbers of waybills or shipments. The content of the shipments and list of recipients with their addresses is automatically downloaded from the ERP software. The numbers of waybills and/or shipments are visible in the reports from the route. By pressing "Start", the driver starts the temperature recording. If temperature exceeds any threshold, the smartphone shows alarm message (optionally it can send SMS / email notification). Temperature measurements are regularly sent to the server and stored in the ERP software. It is possible to view the data from all vehicles in real time. Distributing shipments, the driver scans their numbers, which are sent to the server. Returns are handled in the same way. The driver may at any time send a report of the temperature measurements (e.g. to w pharmacy to which he has just delivered goods) to document the temperature at which the delivery was carried. After the tour, the driver presses "Stop" and ends temperature recording. The system generates report from the route, which is automatically sent to defined email address (eg. manager, head of logistics). The route in the ERP system is completed. The data in the ERP can be freely processed (eg. the report from the transport can be enclosed to the invoice for the customer). LOGGING ON ADDING WAYBILLS END OF ROUTE
  8. 8. Integration with ERP software (1/2) Efento Transport can be integrated with any ERP software. Such integration is a separate project, for which we provide full support XML MESSAGES Temperature measurements, the numbers of distributed shipments, the numbers of accepted returns, information about the start and end of each route are transmitted between Efento Transport and ERP programs using XML messages. Thanks to this standard means of communication, Efento Transport can be integrated with any ERP software. REST The data from the application to a server is transferred using REST, a standard client - server communication architecture. COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION For the purpose of integration we can provide full documentation of xml messages. If Efento Transport has not yet been integrated with ERP software used by the client, the implementation of web services that enable communication is on the client's side. POSSIBILITY OF MODIFICATION If our client requires enhanced application functionality or wants to modify the existing features, we are able to prepare a dedicated version of the application. The application is only available for the client's employees and distributed via the client’s server.
  9. 9. Integration with ERP software (2/2) A sample of XML format messages sent by the application Identification of the device, driver, and route, time stamp and truck license number Shipments / waybills for the current route Start of the route with time stamp Information on sensors (names and preset warning and alarm thresholds) Information on exceeding warning threshold and on confirmation of the warning by the driver Temperature measurements Information on finishing the route
  10. 10. Contents About the system Presentation of Efento Transport mobile app
  11. 11. Before starting a route Logging on to the app and adding waybills
  12. 12. At the very first running of the application, the driver enters the vehicle registration number and his/her ID / name. These data will be visible on reports from the route and in the email notifications on exceeded temperature thresholds. The driver enters / scans the numbers of waybills / shipments for the current day. The app allows the driver to enter the numbers manually or scan them with the use of the built-in camera or an external scanner. If the application has been integrated with ERP software, the numbers of the waybills / shipments can be downloaded automatically.
  13. 13. Before starting the route, the summary screen appears. License number of vehicle, driver’s ID, number of waybills and recipients for the route. The driver can view the list of recipients (e.g. pharmacies) with their addresses and the list of shipments with their content. Current measurements of temperature with information on exceeding warning / alarm threshold. Start of the route or return to the previous screen.
  14. 14. After the waybills have been entered / scanned, the driver has the list of recipients with their addresses. Selecting a recipient, the driver gets information on the number of shipments to deliver / collect and on the number of thermal containers to pick up.
  15. 15. The driver can also display the list of shipments for a selected recipient with information on handling during transport (loading platform / thermal container / refrigerator). Selecting a shipment, the driver sees the full content. The same information is available after scanning the barcode of the shipment.
  16. 16. During the route Temperature monitoring, deliveries, reports, historical data
  17. 17. To begin delivery to a recipient (e.g. a pharmacy), the driver presses the "Delivery" button and goes to delivery screen. By pressing “Finish” button, the driver finishes the route and the recording of measurements (optionally the app sends email). The application displays current temperature measurements from all connected sensors. The measurements are also sent to the server. ID of the route and the warehouse from which the delivery is made. If the temperature exceeds a safe level, the application starts visual and audible alarm. The application allows users to set two upper and two lower alarm thresholds. The warnings and alarms are contained in the report and sent to the server. To close a warning / alarm message, the driver must press and hold the confirmation button. This is also noted in the report from the route and sent to the server.
  18. 18. After the start of the delivery to the selected pharmacy, the app shows the number of items for delivery / return and the number of thermal containers to be get back. The driver should choose an action. Handing over shipments / picking up returns, the driver scans / enters their numbers. The shipments are automatically marked as delivered and the information is sent to the server. After handing over all shipments, the app shows a summary (delivered shipments, accepted returns, picked up thermal containers).
  19. 19. In addition, the app records the numbers of cases with exceeded temperature thresholds. The application saves the previous routes with dates and times of the beginning and end of each route. The report from a previous route includes the driver ID, numbers of waybills / shipments and pharmacies. The data from any historical route can be at any moment exported to pdf / csv format and sent to any email address. Additionally, the system records the minimum and maximum values of the measurements performed by each sensor.
  20. 20. Reports may include additional information on: exceeded alarm thresholds, the start and end of the route, turning on / off the engine, confirmations of alerts. Reports provide measurements from all sensors sorted in time order. Reports can be generated in pdf or csv format, with or without the “Event” column
  21. 21. Settings Temperature limits, passwords, notifications / alerts
  22. 22. The ability to add any number of sensors. Setting the names of individual sensors with warning and alarm temperature thresholds (visible in the reports and messages transmitted to the server). Introduction / change of the name of a sensor. Setting the offset (the difference between the warning and alarm threshold). Setting the lower / upper temperature threshold.
  23. 23. Selecting one-time or repetitive (when a threshold is still exceeded) warning / alarm mode. Selecting email / SMS notification options. Providing email address for sending automatic report after completion of a route. Password for settings Application lock option - the application is always on the main screen, the user cannot access other phone functions. Service code for closing a route without measurements Password for adding / editing / deleting sensors
  24. 24. +48 609 823 465