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Observation lab


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This is my presentation for MIT course "A Crash Course on Creativity". Assignment #2 Are you paying attention?

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Observation lab

  1. 1. Observation Lab If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent. Isaac Newton: (1642-1727) Store #1: After I went into the shopping center my eyes were drawn immediately towards the shop front. I think because there is sparse clothes and mannequins there is sense of „white space‟, that helps eyes rest or not be overwhelmed. That much I knew already, because I was in the store numerous times, as it‟s my favorite one. The thing I didn‟t see till the observation lab is that putting only few mannequins makes me think that there are only few items to sale and thus they have to be somehow carefully selected. So the first conclusion that hops into mind is “the clothes there must be unique and top quality”. Brown colors, good lighting and few vintage and decorative items add to the sense of the shop being for rich people. Most probably it might be only carefully planned illusion. We will only know when we enter into the store itself to check it out. The store font is almost unnoticeable – firstly because there is white lettering on the white background and all this lit up very brightly. I can see it only after I careful look at photo. I don‟t have time for that in real circumstance because the mannequins draw my attention immediately and then the sneak peak of shop‟s interior. Nonetheless seeing the open door seems inviting. Added that I can partly see what‟s inside gives me a small sneak peek of what to expect inside.Feeling invited by the open door and having calmnessthanks to the sneak peak I enter thru the open glass doorand …
  2. 2. Observation LabIf I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent. Isaac Newton: (1642-1727) Into the world of clothing wonders Shop interior continues sense of exclusivity and richness. Actually writing this assignment now makes me almost compelled to go there again and buy something! Aww what a very well engineered trap , but oh so very pleasant one. I feel like I could spend several hours there if only they served coffee or tea inside  Anyways where was I? Ah, the interior! First thing I put my eyes at are dressed up mannequins. Very manly and fashionable blazers and pants with brown and beige colors suiting fall and winter well. I feel like those colors belong perfectly to the season. Then beyond the mannequins there is a table with more sweaters, trousers ect. After looking upon the pictures now I can see that the floor is also very well planned out. In majority it‟s made of white stone plate that is polished and reflecting light from the ceiling. But the thing I see now after observing pictures is that shop itself is divided into these square sections. That is done by using contrasting black square „ribbon‟ that houses the mannequins and tables with clothes. It also makes me think that these clothes are somehow unique and propably from the newest collection. Damn I want to go there again… When the bald salesman turns to me and sees me, he greets me nicely and leaves me be, so I can get used to the surroundings. This is actually nice as I don‟t feel attacked with typical “can I help you” right off the bat, when I enter other stores.Seeing more of the store on the right I turn there and Iventure deeper into the rabbit hole…
  3. 3. Observation Lab If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent. Isaac Newton: (1642-1727) Immersing myself even further into the store I notice that there is calm and quiet but quite noticeable retro like music with little bit of modern touch. That is nice and it feels like it fits the things that I have already build in my head about the store‟s atmosphere. Observing the pictures I now see that the square pattern dominates in even more places and things. Square tables, square pictures close to ceiling. The same square pattern is seen in the built into the walls set of shelves, that at the same time make walls of the box. So now the square pattern have gone 3D  This square pattern makes me feel protected. Added that there are only few more customers beyond myself makes me feel even more unique. All the clothes are very well laid out and clean. There are clear and distinctive sections for everything. Actually now that I think of it, it feels like im in a giant wardrobe!I always wanted to have my own giant wardrobe! After viewing few clothes and touching them bald salesman comes to me. He is very well dressed, and I can even distinguish a suit from the store itself. It looks very nice on him. He asks with a nice voice: “Do you need any help, sir?” I tell him that I‟m looking for a suit and what other clothes I got so we can match something. We spend few minutes and finally choose trousers and a blazer. I go to the changing room. When changing I can smell this distinctive smell on the clothe that I loooove so much. Now I know it‟s called „sultans ambra‟ (don‟t know if its good translation from my native language). When I buy clothes from them I try to not wash them so soon so I can keep the original smell for as long as possible  Yeah I know I‟m crazy, right?
  4. 4. Observation Lab If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent. Isaac Newton: (1642-1727) Store #2: Since I‟m just before renovating my home I have decided to mix pleasure and business and go to decoration and furniture store. From the first sight I could see through the front glass the insides of the shop. There were all some furniture standing right behind the glass. Like the previous store this kind of made me feel safe because I knew what I could expect going further in. This time the company logo and name was a little more visible. It even had a two big first letters of the company name: big A and big D. Upon entering the store I could see the counter on the left with smiling and greeting me staff. They all wore black uniforms with the company name and logo.After going further inside there is a long corridor that goes thru whole store regularlysplitting to right and left leading into different themed rooms. There is old English office likeroom with lots of things like hourglasses, stylish desk lamps. There is alsocolonial style, Provencal style room, far east/oriental room. The maincorridor houses all kind of long dining tables with different dining set anddifferent decorative things like picture frames on theshelves on the both sides of the corridor.Free to exploreGenerally shop is very well lit, as it also displaysdifferent styles of lamps and such. Going thru corridor Icould hear gentle music seeping thru hiddensomewhere speaker making me much more eager toexplore each place. Upon careful observation I now cantell that all different rooms were all hiding all those smaller and largerdecorative items like old stylized globes, magnifying glasses, vintage clocks and so on –
  5. 5. Observation Lab If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent. Isaac Newton: (1642-1727)and all those things were set there so that customer could enjoy uncovering them and havefun in the process of slow exploration. Slowly seeping the art and craftsmanship that thoseitems were created with I have grown to appreciate the value of the items. And the price was truly staggering for me. Most of the items I can afford only if I go In debt. But all the atmosphere created there made me want to go in debt I will propably buy few items from there – although not the expensive ones.There were few customers besides me but the store compared to other one is few timesbigger so I might not see everyone. But now upon thinking it through I think that it‟s kind ofgood. Me being for the most time alone in every of the themed rooms made me feel free toexplore everything in detail not fearing that I will be look upon with strange stares.I didn‟t have opportunity to speak with the staff. But I don‟t think it‟s bad on their side. I hada feeling that they know I won‟t buy anything yet. I also think that this is the kind of storethat not many people come into, so the staff might even recognize that I‟m 1st time thereand they automatically thought I‟m just exploring.
  6. 6. Observation Lab If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent. Isaac Newton: (1642-1727)Store #3, #4, #5 Since my phone went dead from the heavy usage I went to next 3 stores on the next day. The renovation had started so I have chosen to go to the nearest ones. #3 Grocery Store #4 Supermarket #5 BP Gas station store All those places were pretty the same, so I‟ll spare you the pictures. Actually I dint do them. I was afraid I will look strange, and it was hard to not get people into the camera view, so I also wanted to avoid any problems with using people image anywhere without their consent. The stores had long shelves that were splitting big hall into corridors. Shop was operated by mostly tired and sometimes uncanny to make any contact employees, shelves had lots of products mashed together with only slight management of putting the most expensive at the height of sight. Of couse there were products like chewing gums and other smaller items that based on human instincts to buy more and collect more. The BP store was a little different for my sanity‟s sake. It was better lit, much tidier ect. Problem was I didn‟t want to spend more time there as its typically place where someone comes just for a quick petrol buy and maybe a snack. And honestly gas station security looked a little odd at me when I was cruising between the shelves. I bought a can of beer and went outside. I had mixed feelings being there and although the place itself is not bad I would not spend there more than those few minutes than needed. And number 6 …. tada a surprise My own house. (sorry no logo here ;) Since its Halloween I have decided to scare you with terrible state it‟s in. At its current state the house completely pushes me off, its dark, scary and messy. Since I have inherited it from my wives mother I didn‟t have influence on what the place looks like. The only few places that are livable is those places I have somehow managed to clean up a little.
  7. 7. Observation LabIf I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent. Isaac Newton: (1642-1727) This is place where I work and worship my free time activity – playing game “League of Legends”  Feel free to join me on EU East if u want. My nickname is Pepenix  As u can see it has no style and only slight sign of being managed. Actually I‟m sitting right there and writing this assignment. Yes that‟s me in my ugly Halloween mask ;) J.k I really look like this ;)Two more rooms. First one is the antechamber givng thelook at the kitchen. And believe me you don‟t want tosee the kitchen itself as I think u had enough scareeither from Halloween or hurricane Sandy. Actuallyspeaking of hurricane, for the most time the kitchenlooks like Sandy was there itself Second picture is the living room. This one looks prettydecent actually except old furniture. Everything else is atleast newly renovated about year ago and at least makesstaying there tolerable  I hope you enjoyed my journey. See you next time when my home is renovated hopefully.And if u live in Poland Wroclaw you can come drop by someday for a cup of excellent coffee. 