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My holidays Ema Blaznik


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My holidays Ema Blaznik

  1. 1. MY HOLIDAYS  Ema Blaznik 8.D
  2. 2. Belgium-Brussels• The first week, I was in Brussels with my family and it was great! We tried to go out everyday…I went shopping with my mom and I had a lot of fun buying new clothes! We also went to Bruparck – Mini-Europe, Magritte museum, Grand Place, Atomium, Maneken Pis, Antwerpen to the one of the most famous ZOO, it is more then 150 years old. I am very happy that I could see Belgium!
  3. 3. Food in Brussels• We were coocking in my dad’s flat so it was nothing special for brekfast, lunch and dinner. So for breakfast I had some cereal or bread and jam… For lunch it was meat, some potato and salad and for dinner it was again some cereal, bread and jam…
  4. 4. Some photos 
  5. 5. France-Paris• The last day in Brussels we took a car and went to Paris. We were in a very beautiful hotel with breakfast. The very first day we went on the Eiffel tower we waited two hours to get in the elevator. After that we went to Sacre-Coeur and Montmartre.We were wery tired in the evening. The other two days we were in Disneyland it was a lot of fun. And the last day we went to Versailles were I admired the room of Marie Antonette and their garden. 
  6. 6. Food in Paris• Like I sad we were in a hotel with brekfast. It was a lot of food that you could choose to eat. So I took some bread, eggs and juice. It was a great brekfast! For lunch we went in the restaurant to eat some pizza or something else. And for dinner we had cereal…
  7. 7. Photos
  8. 8. Free time• When I was at home and i had nothing to do, I went out with my best friends. We went swimming in Sora. ;) Beacuse I am that kind of person that loves to swim, I was mostly in the water while my friends were freezing outside ;))
  9. 9. Croatia• We were in Croatia for about a week an it was a lot of fun.=) I was swimming and jumping in the water all the time. We also went to Split, it is a wonderful town. We were in a great apartment with the most beautiful view. And when it was time to go to bed you could hear the waves of the sea ;)
  10. 10. Food in Croatia• We ate in the apartment. For breakfast I had bread and some nutella. For lunch we had pasta or we went out in the restaurant and we ate fish… For dinner I had some bread.
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