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My holiday Aida Ramić


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My holiday Aida Ramić

  1. 1. MY HOLIDAY AIDA RAMIĆ 8.B Mentorica:Urška Soklič
  2. 2. WHERE WERE WE?? My family and I were in Bosnia. It is soo beautiful there.On the picture you have the municipalities of the one part in Bosnia. We went to Cazin. There is where my grandparents live
  3. 3. THE FOODThe food in Bosnia is very good you can get:-a pie with potates, cabbage and a lot of other vegetables.-čevapi,pleskavice,lepinje,kebabi,burek and many things like that.
  4. 4. ATTRACTIONS There are a lot of džamijas in Bosnia because a lot of people are Muslims. The capital city is Sarajevo with the famous Baščaršija. There was an Olimpic games in 1984.The mascot was called’’Vučko’’
  5. 5.  My holidays were very interesting . The weather wasn’t bad because it wasn’t raining.It was sunny and very hot. We visited a lot of different and interesting places and we had a lot of fun getting to know new things. The sea in Strunjan was also very warm because the temperatures were high. This holidays will stay in my memory and they will make rainy autumn days nicer.
  6. 6. Sources and Literature =Ti&q