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Cookery book

  2. 2. TOZZETTI
  3. 3. PreparationIn a container put the eggs and sugar, whisk and add all the otheringredients. Then put the mixture on a pastry board and formbaguettes about 20 cm long and 10cm large. Bake them in the oven at170°C, for 20 minutes. Take out the cake, when it begins to get colder,cut the baguettes in slices of about 2 cm, put in the oven again and cookthem for 5 minutes.
  4. 4. Ingredients:• 4 hg of hazelnuts• 4 hg of sugar• 2 eggs• Baking powder• 1 glass of milk• Liquor• Flour
  6. 6. PANPEPATO Ingredients: 1 Kg of hazelnuts; 200g of almonds; 200g Walnuts 200g Pine nuts 200g Dark chocolate Cocoa (2 spoons) Honey (1/2 kg) Flour (enough to mix)
  7. 7. PANPEPATO Preparation• Clean the hazelnuts, almonds, nuts; chop the dark chocolate. Put all into a large bowl together with cocoa and flour. Mix the ingredients then place the pastry on a pastry board and add the honey and make some balls of 15 cm diameter. Put the balls in the oven at 160°C for 1 hour on the baking paper.• Wait till they will be cold, cut into thin slices and taste it.• It’s fantastic but remember it contains 400 calories for 100g!!!
  8. 8. I Giglietti
  9. 9. I GigliettiINGREDIENTS• 12 Eggs• 2 Kg. Flour• 1 Kg. Sugar
  10. 10. I Giglietti PREPARATION• Mix the eggs with the sugar for about one hour. When the mixture is firmly whipped add the flour little by little. When the mixture is well mixed take a teaspoon and put the mixture on a pie-dish. Give to the mixture the shape of little lily then put the pie-dish in the oven
  11. 11. Zakladna skola Dr. J. Derera,Malacky,
  13. 13. PROCEDURE:- Mix the flour, sugar, almonds and softened butter together and prepare a soft dough.- Leave the dough in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to rest.- Roll the dough out into thin cylinders.- Cut these cylinders into lengths of about the same size, about 5 or 6 cm and form them into rolls and place them on the dry baking tin.- Bake them slowly in an oven at low to medium heat to a golden brown.- Warm rolls cover with the mixture of powdered and vanilla sugar.
  15. 15. PROCEDURE:- Mix together flour, sugar, honey, vanilla sugar, eggs and soda and all the herbs and spices.- With your hands prepare the dough. Let the dough rest for 24 hours.- Then roll it till it is 0.5 cm thin.- Cut out the shapes you like.- Put them into the oven and bake them.- You can decorate them with sugar icing.
  16. 16. Christmas Cabbage Soup
  17. 17. Gimnazjum im. prof. Moniki Gruchmanowej w Marklowicach,
  18. 18. Beetroot soup – barszcz czerwonyIngredients: - 32 oz beets, diced canned - 3 c water - 1 celery stalk - 1 carrot, quartered - 1 bay leaf - 1 garlic clove, peeled - 1/4 ts peppercorns, whole - 1/4 ts salt - 1 tb lemon juice - 1 ts sugar - 1 dairy sour cream or dillsprigs
  19. 19. Procedure In a large saucepan combine beet liquid, water, celery, carrot, bay leaf, garlic, peppercorns and salt. Bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes. Remove vegetables and seasonings with a slotted spoon. Stir in reserved dicedbeets, lemon juice and sugar. Continue cooking 10 minutes or until heated through
  20. 20. • INGREDIENTS: 300 grams honey gingerbread big celery 1 medium sized parsley 300 grams prunes 2 bottles of caramel beer 10 dried figs 50 grams walnuts 20 almonds 100 grams raisins juice of 1 lemon salt two spoons butter two spoons flour
  21. 21. •INSTRUCTIONS:1. soak the prunes for 4 hours in lukewarm boiled water wash and peel the vegetables boil the vegetables until soft and take out of the water2. cut the gingerbread into pieces soak the pieces in the vegetable stock, adding beer boil the prunes in a small amount of water3. pour in the prune to the gingerbread add raisins, chopped almonds, chopped walnuts and chopped figs sprinkle in salt and add lemon juice4. melt butter on a pan add flour and fry together stir the mixture in the soup MOCZKA is ready! Serve warm or cold in small serving bowls
  22. 22. Recipe for Christmas Carp
  23. 23. Christmas CarpIngredients: 300g carp 10g salt 1g black pepper 20g butter 5g garlic 100g vegetable oil
  24. 24. Procedure: Remove skin and cleanthe carp thoroughly. Salt and pepper thefillets, then brush withmelted butter and mashedgarlic. Fry slowly in hot olive oiluntil done.
  25. 25. Enjoy your meal!
  26. 26. Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Hipatia, Mairena del Aljarafe
  27. 27. INGREDIENTS1 kg of hake in posts.1 onion.1 / 2 pint of tomato puree.1 clove of garlic.2 bay leaves.Salt and pepper.1 red pepper.1 large carrot.
  28. 28. PREPARATIONCut the onion in hoops, the peppers into strips and carrot into thinslices.Place in a pan with a little oil and whole garlic clove, cook for1 minute.Then add the onion, bell Second Pass: Place in a pan with apepper and carrot and cook until the little minute.Then add the onion, bell for 1 oil and whole garlic clove, cookoniontransparent, high heat. pepper and carrot and cook until the oniontransparent, high heat.Add the tomatoes at this point and bay leaves, seasoning withsalt and pepper. Let cook a few minutes,Place the posts of fish in the pan. Cook overlow heat for 20 minutes. Third Pass: Add the tomatoes at this point and bay leaves, seasoning with the pan. Cook over low heat for 20 minutes.
  29. 29. INGREDIENTS2 lt. Of white honey.700 g. of hacelnuts.450 g. of almonds.50 g. of cinnamon powder.3 kg. Of powder ginrding out of bagels.250 g. of sugar.6 cloves. Sprig of cilantro.3 handfuls of fine flour and fine sugar.60 g. of aniseed.
  30. 30. PREPARATION Add the sugar, the honey, three handsfuls of dush sifted flour. Grindit so that everything is well blended.Bathe the pastry in syrup, cover it with a thin sugar and cinnamonand wrap it.After, for every alfajor must enter in the oven eight to twelve, tomake it well.The trouble and the secret of andalusianalfajores is that to cook honey recipes thereare many rules, but as we say: “Practise isthe teacher here”, as everything.
  31. 31. INGREDIENTS350 grams of wheat flour (bread flour should be), 25 grams of freshyeast,130 grams of whole milk (125 ml), 100 grams of sugar, 75grams of butter cream point, 1 egg yolk plus 1 whole zest of 1 orange,1 tablespoon dark rum ,1 teaspoon orange blossom scent (must beable to smell food) and 1 / 3 of a teaspoon fine salt.previousstep. When they have been at the center also add milk withyeast. Now mix with aspatula, stir in the center of the bowl gradually incorporating the flourfrom the bottom andaround (but do not incorporate all) until itforms a slurry.
  32. 32. PREPARATIONFirst of all we will dissolve the fresh yeast in the milk and let it go 15minutes for activating the yeast. The milk must be warm (warm, not hot)and it is best to put the block in milk and yeast with very clean handsrubbing dissolve the yeast with your fingers. Now the 350 grams of flourin the recipe book to amass 30 grams. The rest of the flour (320 grams)put in a large bowl well screened (see sift flour). In the center add orangezest and sugar and we expect to spend 15 minutes. When we have that mush formed add the butter inpoint ointment (see end of recipe) rum, the aro-ma of orange blossom, the yolk (egg whites keep it in the fridgefor something else) andsalt..
  33. 33. Mix with a spatula as before gradually incorporating flour around. At theend will be very sticky ball. Now comes the most important moment ofthe recipe. Sprinklethe table with a little flour we have reserved andenharínate hands. Put the mass of twisted roll over the flour and startworking. At first stick (look at the photo below) but as you get kneadingdough will catch body and taking off the table. If you see no way to adda little more off the meal we have reserved (but only If necessary). Thedough needs to be sticky but at a point where ifyou move fast the doughdoes not stick to the table but if we still stick a little It is a tad messed catch him the first time point but the trick is to get amass roll without sticking to the table using the least amount of flourthat we had reserved
  34. 34. Once you have a mass at the point (remember that it should be sticky, ifyou will be left dry denser roscón) make a ball with Iit. Sprinkle a littleflour in a large bowl and place dough on top. Cover with cling film andleave in a warm place (if you have a room heater is a good idea to leaveit in that room. The dough needs to at least double its size (look atpicture) this will take 2 to 3 hours depending the tempera-ture of the room When the dough has risen enough is the time togive way. First of all we have prepared a tray with baking paper ontop. Then we get the dough from bowl and knead 1 minute to getthe air. Form a ball with the dough and your hands once we makea hole inthe center com the thumbs of both hands. Without releasing the massof the hole we go opening forming thetwisted
  35. 35. Here you can see what the roscón before thelast fermentation and stretched into the tray. We cover withanother baking paper (to prevent drying of the air mass) and letit grow (weigh) in a warm place until doubled in size at least (ahalf hour to an hour and a half depending on thetemperature ). Whenyou paint with rather large egg (the egg that we weremissing) and decorate toyour taste (in this casejust use candied fruit).
  37. 37. CUSTARD CREAM CAKEIngredients: Filling:1 flaky pastry (2 pieces) for - 7 yolksbase and top, rolled into the - 17 dag sugarsize and shape of a deep - 1 vanilla sugarbaking tray and baked. - 3 tbsp rum (optional) - 1,6l milk - juice from 1 lemon - 22 dag flour - 7 egg whites - 18 dag sugar - 0.5 vegetable cream - 0.5 cream
  38. 38. Preparation:Mix the yolks and sugar with a whisk into a smooth mixture, then add the vanilla sugar, rum, 1dl of milk, lemon juice. When finished gradually add the flour.Boil 1.5 l of milk and then add the mixture and constantly whisk it and cook for 13 minutes-make sure it doesn’t burn.Make thick and firm mixture from the 7 egg whites and 18 dag sugar and add it to the cooked mixture, mix well and transfer it in a deep baking tray onto the pre- prepared flaky pastry (already baked). Put somewhere cold to cool off (not necessarily the fridge).When it’s cooled off whisk the cream and spread it over the mixture and put the other flaky pastry over it.It’s better to use vegetable cream or at least ½ and ½.
  39. 39. baking and the eatingeven more.
  40. 40. CHICKEN STEW WITH AJDOVI ŽGANCI (HARD-BOILED COR MUSH) • Preparation:• Ingredients: Chop up the onion and roast in• 1 small onion, the oil till it becomes yellow-ish.• 1 tbs oil, During that cut the meet into• 1,5l water, smaller pieces salt it and add it to• salt, pepper, the onion until it changes colour. Peel and slice up the carrots and• ¼kg chicken meet, potatoes, dice it and add it to the• 2 fat carrots, meet and onions. Add the cut up• 1 fat potato, leek and diced tomatoes. Poor• 2 hole tomatoes, water over it. Stir all the ingredients well and leave them• some leek, to boil for ½ an hour. Stir every• 1 bay leaf. now and then. Add salt and pepper according to your taste.
  41. 41. AJDOVI ŽGANCI (HARD-BOILED COR MUSH)• Ingredients: • Preparation:• ½ buck wheat Pour the wheat into the water• 1l salt water and let a dumpling form. Let it• 23 tbs oil boil over and the poke a hole• 8 dag butter in the centre. Cook for 20 minutes. Pour away ¾ of the water and stir the dumpling. If the žganci are to soft then add some of the water. Move them into a clay bowl and butter them.
  42. 42. Hopeyouenjoythecooking
  43. 43. PREKMURSKA GIBANICA • Filling:• Ingredients: • poppy seed filling: 300g of• short pastry: 100g crushed poppy seeds, 100g of sharp flour, 100g sugar, 1 vanilla sugar, soft flour, 100g grated lemon peel butter, pinch of sugar and salt. • cream filling: 1 kg of ½ fat cream, 100g sugar, 2 eggs,• filo pastry: 900 g of 2 vanilla sugars, soft flour, 1 egg, 1 • pinch of salt, tbs oil, pinch of salt • grated lemon peel• cream topping: 6 dl thick sour cream, 5 • walnut filling: 300g of crushed walnuts, 100g eggs, 150g butter sugar,• coating: 1-2 egg • 2 vanilla sugar, 0,4 dl rum yolks, 100g melted butter • apple filling: 1kg apples, 120g sugar, 100g crumbs, 2 vanilla sugars, pinch of sugar, crushed cinnamon
  44. 44. • Process:• Pre-preparation:• Short pastry:• Pour both flours into a bowl, add the butter, but cut it up first, and all the other ingredients. Add 1 dl of water and work the dough until it’s nice and smooth. Form a loaf and rap in kitchen foil (not tin foil) and put it in the fridge for 1 hour.• Filo pastry:• Put all the ingredients in a bowl including the right amount of warm water in a bowl and work the dough until it’s smooth and flexible. After that form a loaf and coat it in oil and let it rest for ½ an hour.
  45. 45. • Preparation:• Topping: mix all the ingredients for toppings in separate bowls. But peel the apples first.• Melt the butter for the cream topping.• Beat the eggs and cream together.• Coat a 42x35 cm backing tray with melted butter.• Cut the filo pastry into 2 small loafs and on a flour covered table stretch the dough with the back of your hand.• Role the short pastry with a kitchen roller and then put on the bottom of the backing tray. Cover it with ½ of the poppy seed topping and pour some of the cream and butter topping. Put the filo pastry over it. Spread ½ of the cream filling on it and put some of the cream and butter topping on it again and also put the filo pastry on it again. Sprinkle ½ of the walnut topping on it and repeat the process (cream and butter topping and filo pastry) again. Now put ½ of the apple topping on it and repeat the process again. When you’re done do the same thing all over again with the leftover ingredients on top of the already done one so that you create an 8 cm high “cake”; filo pastry must be on top with nothing on it.• Cover the top with the yolk and some drops of melted butter. After that being done you bake in an oven at 200°C for 1 hour. Before serving cover it with caster sugar.
  46. 46. Hope you enjoythe baking andthe eating evenmore.