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Christmas emriskova

  2. 2. ...
  3. 3. Our Christmas... • Christmas is not only three feast days. But it means the whole month of preparation. It is the feast of Christ - the King birth, when new year starts. All Christmas days carry an amount of magical energy.
  4. 4. Slovak Christmas poem. . . • Original Načo ľudia oddávna čakali, to im už anjeli zvestovali, radujme sa, plesajme a Bohu ďakujme, nemluvniatku, pacholiatku spievajme.
  5. 5. Something about it... ADVENT  Advent means in Latin arrival, it is actually the expectation of coming Savior of the world. During the early Christianity began around the 11th century and began fourweeks before Christmas Eve day.Advent has been dedicated to the spiritual exercises, meditation and fasting. Fun and games at that time are not very suitable, social life center on prays, various concerts and charitable events.
  6. 6. and it was a bad sign, if An apple symbolizes something needs to health, wisdom, nuts, smallChristmas borrow. Lent ends ornaments for girls beauty Eve - 24 when the first star and future happiness, and coin meand success. enters sky. TheDecember Christmas table is On Christmas special too. Dinner is Eve, 24 associated with manyDecember, until the traditions that are evening people adhered. At first usually keep fasting people eat waffles withand magic traditions honey, a coinis put relate it is said that under the table cloth to to have enagh moneyhealth, success, futur At midnight a lot of during the whole year. people visit the famous e harvests and The apples, legumes Christmas Mass.personal life. It is the and nuts are on each Eve of the feast of Christmas table. After Christs Birth. dinner people Foreign woman exchange gifts to make could not enter the our relatives happy. house because it
  7. 7. 25 December – Christmas day 25 december is the day when we meet our relatives, the whole family and we stay together. Main Christmas Mass was held on 25 December.
  8. 8. 26 December 26 december – St. Stephen´s Day people go and congratulate marry Christmas each other. Saint Stephen was an ardent follower of a herald of Christs teaching, for which he was in 37 whenthe wall of Jerusalem crucified. He was also the patron ofhorses and carollers.
  9. 9. Advent Malacky... With the Advent, a series of related cultural and social events are held annually in towns and villages of our region. Some emphasize the spiritual meaning of Christmas, others have commercial importance. Every year in December everywhere in Malacky, you can hear Christmas carrols and Christmas punch smells everywhere. Advent cycle events in Malacky traditionally opens the first Advent candle lighting in the Franciscan church. 6December is dedicated to Santa Claus events, which are intended for children. In the castle park every year during this period there is ice skating area made. On a small square of Christmas begin to sound tones and open the Christmas markets.