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Christmas beitl

  1. 1. Dominik Beitl
  2. 2. Christmas Christmas. These most important Christian holidays are celebrated in many countries around the world. Folk customs and traditions that are associated with them vary from nation to nation, and are very different.
  3. 3. Slovak Christmas Slovakia is already preparing for Christmas four weeks in advance. This period is called Advent. People decorate their houses with Christmas decorations. Four candles symbolise the number of Advent Sundays before Christmas. People meet at the Christmas markets where they buy gifts for their loved ones.
  4. 4. Advent Calendar Advent Calendar is very popular for Children. It has 24 boxes marked with numbers. In December every day Children open a window in which they find a chocolate surprise.
  5. 5. St. Nicholas 6 December is the Feast of St. Nicholas.It is said that St Nicholas brings sweets and candies for children and he puts them into cleaned childrens boots through the window during night.Children find the surprise in the morning. Our Nicholas is known as white- haired grandpa with a big beard in a red coat, which tends to go along with the angels and devils. The angel and the devil helps him to give gifts to children.
  6. 6. Saint Lucia 13 December is Saint Lucia’s Day. People believe that this day they can see the witches. The girls prepare 13 Lucia leaves.They place 12 names of boys and the 13 th one remains empty. The last leave they open on Christmas morning is important because the name that was written on it, means it will be name of their future husband. If they find the blank leave next year the girl will not get married.
  7. 7. Christ’s Birthday 24 December, on Christmas day, we begin to celebrate Christmas in Slovakia. On the east and partially in central Slovakia, the day known as "Ms Vilija" or "vigilija", derived from the Latin "vigil", which means eve. The biggest holiday of Christmas is the first Christmas Day (December 25) - the day of Christ's Birth.
  8. 8. Senten season • On Christmas Eve we use to eat nothing till the end of the day. The children believe that if they are able not to eat during this day, they will see a gold star or a golden pig in the evening.
  9. 9. Traditions • While children decorate the Christmas tree, mothers bake, and prepare variety of meals fov Christmas Eve table. Gingerbreads and other cakes are prepared a few days berore. Foods are served by different customs and traditions in different regions of Slovakia. Generally, on the table on Christmas Eve we don’t miss the bread, garlic, honey, wafers, cabbage soup, fish, potatoe salad, cakes, fruits. After the dinner we use to sing carols, and we unpack our Christmas gifts and children are very happy.
  10. 10. • The Christmas table is special too. Dinner is associated with many traditions that are adhered. At first people eat waffles with honey, a coinis put under the table cloth to have enagh money during the whole year. The apples, legumes and nuts are on each Christmas table. • An apple symbolizes health, wisdom, nuts, small ornaments for girls beauty and future happiness, and coin meand success.
  11. 11. Midnight Mass • Many people take part in midnight mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus and sing the most beautiful Christmas song "Silent Night, Holy Night." On 25 and 26 December families often stay together, go to churches or visit their relatives and friends.