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Facebook Promotions: They're This Easy


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With Pinpoint Social, creating powerful, high-performance Facebook Page campaigns just got easier.

» Get more Facebook Fans
» Reward your customers
» Generate leads

Now any brand or business can create powerful Facebook Page coupons, contests and giveaways with Pinpoint Social, the smart marketer’s platform for high-performing Facebook promotions.

Benefits of Pinpoint Social include:

» More likes and fans. Faster.

Acquire more fans at a lower cost with promotions that reward your customers.

» No coding skills required

Build and publish a great-looking, conversion-popping campaign in just 10 minutes or less.

» Off-load the hassles

Streamline your marketing efforts by using our tried and tested self-service platform.

» Sell it as your own

White-label and rebrand Pinpoint Social as your own and charge your clients whatever you like.

» Professional templates, robust CSS

Simple and clean templates that fit your brand and are fully customisable with CSS.

» Powerful & practical reporting

Track the metrics that matter and tweak performance with reports designed with the marketer in mind.

Launch your first campaign today - no credit card required.

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Facebook Promotions: They're This Easy

  1. 1. With Facebook Promotions, you can… Get more Fans, leads and customers – faster and at a lower cost Learn more about your Fans so you can convert them into buyers Let your Fans do the marketing for you - give them a reason to share your Page with their friends & social networks •  Fan/”Like” Gate •  Can Edit Post-Launch •  Fits Your Brand •  Builds Your Email List •  High Conversion •  Makes Promotion Easy •  Enables Sharing •  Facebook Compliant •  Provides Metrics •  Support Available
  2. 2. First, log into yourAccount on theAdmin Dashboard Advanced Tip You can have one active campaign per account. More accounts can easily be set up – simply contact your administrator.
  3. 3. This is your Admin Dashboard…The “Campaigns” tabdisplays your campaigns(live, drafts and archived).You can edit yourcampaign anytime!To start building a newcampaign, click the greenbutton in the corner. Advanced Tip As a marketer, you need to be able to edit your campaign after launching it. What if you need to tweak your messaging, or you want to provide fresh content regularly? Make sure your Admin Dashboard includes an “Edit” feature.
  4. 4. Name your campaign (foryour reference).Choose how Fans willenter – classic (enter theirinfo) or ask a question. Advanced Tip All campaigns include “Fan Gates” so that Facebook users are required to “Like” your Page before they can enter.
  5. 5. The Setup Page, continued…You can offer Fans a prizeor a coupon – it dependson your objectives.Choose whether you willpublish your campaign toFacebook or a website. Advanced Tip When selecting a prize, it’s important to think about the objectives of your campaign. For example, to boost Fan numbers, a prize that appeals to a large demographic is best.
  6. 6. This is where you designyour campaign.Choose a colour – it willbe used in several places(e.g. on the Fan Gate).Replace the image withone of your own – 500pxwide for best results! Advanced Tip The default template looks great but if you need more, you can further customize using the Custom Design option.
  7. 7. This is where you addyour content.First, edit the “Fan Gate”copy – examples havebeen provided. Advanced Tip Once you publish, be sure to activate your Fan Gate by setting your Page’s default landing tab to your promotion – this will significantly increase the number of conversions.
  8. 8. Next, edit the copy on theConversion page. This is also the pagewhere Fans enter theirname and email address.You can even change thebutton label! Advanced Tip Note that what you write in “Tell Them About the Contest” will also be the message used when people share the contest with followers and friends – more about this in a moment.
  9. 9. Finally, edit the copy onthe Sharing Page.Give Fans a compellingreason to share with theirfriends! Advanced Tip When Fans click the Twitter or Facebook icons, a pre-populated message with a link will open in a new window. See the last “Advanced Tip” for where that message is pulled from.
  10. 10. Just a few more details…When will your campaignlaunch and end?How often can Fans enter?There are pros and consto each of these choices.Copy and paste yourPromotion’s terms andconditions here. Advanced Tip Make sure to familiarize yourself with Facebook’s Promotions guidelines ( 
 so you can be sure your campaign is compliant.
  11. 11. Ready to publish yourcampaign?Click that blue button,and then select your Pagefrom the dropdown menu. Advanced Tip Once you publish your campaign, be sure to visit your Page and set your default landing tab to your promotion. You can also change the promotion tab name via the “Apps” section!
  12. 12. Time to promote yourcampaign! Use this shortlink or download your QR code to share your promotion. You can export your campaign creative to Mailchimp as an email! Advanced Tip Sending an email about your promotion to your email list is a great way to kickstart your campaign.
  13. 13. This is where you’ll see alist of everyone’s who’sentered your campaign.Now that your campaign’slive, it’s time to explorethe “Customers” tab.You can choose a winnerautomatically, and youcan export your list ofentries to Mailchimp.“Social Shares” are tracked, so you can identify your influencers. Advanced Tip Imagine you knew which of your customers were acting as evangelists of your brand by spreading your message for you? By tracking “social shares” – you will.
  14. 14. Fan Gate – this iswhat Facebook userssee before they “like”your Page. Advanced Tip The Fan Gate creates some mystery and exclusivity around your Page. Just by including a Fan Gate like this one, the number of conversions via organic traffic will increase dramatically. That means more Fans, faster.
  15. 15. This is the Conversion page – it’s where Fans enter their first name, last name and provide an opt-in email address. 
 If you’re asking your Fans a question, they’ll answer here.Advanced TipAvoid video contests and use photo contests with caution – they only appeal to asubset of the population. Focus on what works best: simple campaign entrymechanics that convert non-Fans to Fans so you can convert them into customers.
  16. 16. Your Fans will shareyour contest – youjust need to make iteasy for them. Advanced Tip The most important thing when you’re running a Facebook promotion is that it just “works”. Using a software product that has been proven is the best way to avoid dealing with “it’s not working” comments on your Page’s wall.
  17. 17. Ask about ourintegration with Mailchimp!