Peoria chiropractor – tuttle chiropractic discusses causes of low back pain


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Peoria chiropractor – tuttle chiropractic discusses causes of low back pain

  1. 1. Peoria Chiropractor – Tuttle Chiropracticdiscusses causes of Low Back PainLow back pain is the most common condition we see in our Peoria Chiropractic office. Thequestion is what causes back pain and why do so many people suffer with it. The truth is thatthere are many different causes that can lead to back pain. This post is going to discuss some ofthe most common.1. Degenerative Process - Every one of us whether we like it or not has a natural degenerativeprocess that goes on in our body. This usually begins at a younger age than you might think. Itis not uncommon to start seeing degenerative changes in someone in there late 20s or early 30s.It can depend on how rough you are on your body. Making sure you are under regularChiropractic care from your Peoria Chiropractor can help the joints to function normally andmake sure this process takes a long time. If joints are misaligned and do not move normally thiswill accelerate a degenerative process leading to early onset of arthritic conditions. When aspinal joint is degenerated or arthritic it also is more prone to getting bulged or herniated. If youhave ever had this problem you know how painful it can be.2. Swelling, Slipped,Bulging, or Herniating a Disc - Between each vertebrae there is a naturalshock absorber known as a disc. This discs are a very strong jelly like structure that allowperipheral nerves a hole to branch out from the spinal cord. As long as this disc is healthy thespace for the nerve to come out and transfer information to the body is intact. These discs areunder constant stress from simple things like body weight and gravity. If the two bones aboveand below the disc are misaligned this causes friction on the disc and can cause it to becomeirritated. At times these discs have to much stress or irritation on them and they can swell up oreven burst causing the jelly like substance of the disc to pinch directly on the nerve it is supposedto make a hole for. This can be a very painful condition and depending on how severe candetermine how long the symptoms stick around. Chiropractic adjustments are a very safe andeffective way to treat a bulged or herniated disc. Adjustments to the misaligned joint causing theextra pressure on the disc can restore normal motion to the joint relieve pressure form the nerveand reduce symptoms. It is important to remember this is not an overnight fix. Many times itwill require a series of repetitious adjustments to restore proper movement to the injured joint.3. Subluxation - Subluxation is simply when spinal bones get misaligned for whatever reason.Repetitive stress, being active, being sedentary, and spending time in unusual positions to ourbody are just some of the things that can cause subluxations. Uncorrected Subluxations are whatcauses our body to degenerate prematurely. As a Peoria Chiropractor this is what we detect andtreat on a daily basis. Finding and correcting these subluxations leads to a pain free and healthybody.
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