The many life insurance options: Term Life Insurance and More


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The many life insurance options: Term Life Insurance and More

  1. 1. + The Many Life Insurance Options: Term Life Insurance and More PRESENTED BY:
  2. 2. + What Kind Of Life Insurance Do You Need? Buying the right type of life insurance is key to your family's well being. Whether you are the primary breadwinner, a stay at home parent, or an unmarried and childless partner in a growing business, you need good life insurance. A solid policy will keep everyone in your life supported if they ever lose you.
  3. 3. + Comprehensive Coverage Policies Finding the right type of life insurance can be difficult because there are so many good policy options. These include term life insurance, high risk life insurance, and permanent life insurance. Each one appeals to a particular type of individual, and together they can provide quite comprehensive coverage for virtually any need.
  4. 4. + Term Life Insurance: Term life insurance is the most popular type of coverage. It is known for being low cost, and provides great benefit per dollar spent. Term life insurance is unique because it only applies over a particular period of time, and will expire afterward if it is not renewed. During that time period it is simple and no fuss, requiring no attention from the policyholder.
  5. 5. + Who Can Use Term Life Insurance? Term life insurance is a great choice for any number of situations. For the working breadwinner, it provides a good return on money invested. It's not too expensive, yet it provides what is needed. It is also good for a stay at home parent because it can provide some coverage with almost no expense and it comes with great peace of mind.
  6. 6. + Term Life Insurance For Business Partners The same is true for business owners or partners. If your co-owners are counting on you, they will be hard pressed to replace you, particularly if you are suddenly unavailable. They may be forced to suspend operation or even close down the business because they don't have you. Term life insurance provides a low-cost way to help run the business if tragedy strikes.
  7. 7. + Understanding High Risk Life Insurance High risk life insurance is not a type of insurance, at least not in the same sense as term life insurance. Instead of being defined by the time span it covers, high risk life insurance is defined by the type of individual that it would insure. Individuals with a threatening illness or an adventurous lifestyle often find it hard or impossible to get quality life insurance. They are the people who need high risk coverage.
  8. 8. + Higher Risk Means Higher Premiums In a high-risk plan, the premiums will always be higher. There is no way for the company to do anything else – they have to cover themselves and ensure they can pay out the benefits when demanded. Paying a higher premium may seem unfair, but it is certainly better than going without life insurance entirely.
  9. 9. + Declare Conditions or You Risk Denial Of Benefits If you do have any conditions that are high risk, you need to declare them when applying for life insurance. There is a reason why they are considered more dangerous – they do increase your likelihood of mortality. If you do not declare a condition or participation in a particular lifestyle and your death occurs due to that condition or while participating in that sport, your family will be denied the benefits they would otherwise receive, but only if it occurs within the first two years of coverage.
  10. 10. + Permanent Life Insurance Permanent life insurance is another time-based option. This type of policy will cover an individual throughout his or her life, beginning as soon as coverage is started and ending only with the insured individual's death. Although having one policy throughout life is convenient, the cost tends to be much higher than with term life insurance. There is a cash value to permanent life insurance which can offset that somewhat, but it can be difficult to redeem. In addition, the account may require the policyholder to actively manage it, which can be tedious and complex.
  11. 11. + Protecting Your Family With Life Insurance You may imagine yourself to be independent with no one depending on you, but that is almost certainly a false perception. Your family needs you, even if you're not the breadwinner. Your business associates need you, even if you are not the primary managing director. You owe it to all of them to ensure that they are protected if they lose you. PRESENTED BY: