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  • Implement Too Much Too Fast
  • Types of BI - Actionable
  • Its about Proactively and Exception Management for your computers and peripherals.
  • We’d probably all agree that we’re inundated by information throughout the day that impacts how we make decisions, steers our individual goals, our work across our teams, even impacting the overall results our company is able to achieve.

    Whereas a few years back the challenge was that we didn’t have the capability to get to the information—the tools were rudimentary, there were not enough data connections, the bandwidth was not there, etc., today’s challenge is that it’s everywhere you look, we have too much access, it’s in too many places, and now it’s hard to corral it all in time to help us in our jobs.

    The challenge for organizations, teams, and individuals today is to find a way to harness the power of this information to make it work our advantage. And that’s where BI comes into play. When you use BI you get better results throughout your organization.
  • CFO-Summit-Pinnacle

    1. 1. Coming Up for Air: Financial Management in Turbulent Waters
    2. 2. Craig C. Sroda CEO / Partner Mark J. Meyer COO
    3. 3.  5 Key Roles ◦ Data Visibility ◦ Staying Ahead of Curves ◦ Quick Wins ◦ Empower the Organization ◦ Design the Right Roadmap **
    4. 4. Assess Brainstorm Align PlanPropose Approve Implement
    5. 5.  IT Spend – Up 1.1% from 2009 and growing  49% Finalize IT Budgets in Q4  26% Finalize IT Budgets in Q1  11% Never Get Finalized
    6. 6. 0 Basic Standardized Rationalized Dynamic Uncoordinated, manual infrastructure Managed IT infrastructure with limited automation Managed and consolidated IT infrastructure with maximum automation Fully automated management, dynamic resource usage, business- linked SLAs People  Process  Technology Cost Center More Efficient Cost Center Business Enabler Strategic Asset 100
    7. 7. 1. ERP 2. CRM 3. Outlook 4. Sales Systems 5. Web Sites 6. Portals 7. Service 8. Warranty 9. More…..
    8. 8. 1. Ignore your Company Technology Score 2. Not Assign an Internal Champion 3. Technology for Technology Sake 4. Penny Pinch 5. Force Phases and Culture Change (Maturity Example)
    9. 9. 1. Dual/Multiple Monitors 2. Understand Key Numbers for Leaders/Teams 3. Electronic Emailing of Invoicing/Statements 4. Quick Automated Reports (Accounting & Sales) 5. Training on What you Own 6. Email Filtering 7. Share Point (free with Windows Server) 8. AP Invoicing w/Document Imaging 9. …
    10. 10. 20% New 80% Maintenance Business Results & New Value End-User Productivity Customer Connection Cost Reduction Competition Technology Change Regulatory Compliance Security Keep Business Up & Running More pressure than ever to reduce costs More pressure than ever to deliver business value
    11. 11. all  Reports  Automated Delivery of Reports  Excel Lists and Pivot Tables  Data Mining / Data Centralization  Dashboards
    12. 12. Approve proposed response CRM ERP Create Invoice Retire Lead Complete Sale Closed? Create Quote Create Oppt’y Qualified? Create Lead Unstructured Assemble proposed response Decide discount strategy Cost out the solution Estimate custom design Validate specs with Tech Sales Get specs from customer
    13. 13. Feature Function Benefit to You 24 x 7 Monitoring and Alerting Real time monitoring and alerting covers all systems, network devices, and corporate website activity. Proactive responses enable technicians to Identify, track and report on issues affecting security, performance and reliability of your IT infrastructure. Asset Management Generate hardware and software inventories on demand. Efficiently tracks all organizational resources for a complete inventory assessment. Security Assurance Security assurance includes security scanning to detect security risks. This includes real-time monitoring for viruses, worms, spam ware, and other malware. Significantly reduces security risk with comprehensive reporting on unauthorized software and security breaches. Remote Control Secure with no requirements for open inbound ports or firewall changes within your network Provides a scalable and flexible solution. Reporting Engine SQL Reporting Services technology increases flexibility for generating custom reports that can be exported into multiple file formats. Facilitates increased communication and understanding of network management. Patch Management Provides automatic patch scanning, identity and deployment. Helps you proactively defend against network threats and outdated software versions. Proactive Device Monitoring
    14. 14. Scorecards Slide decks Meetings Analytic applications Presentations Financial reports Dashboard Webcasts Internet Project plans Documents preadsheets Blogs Portals RSS feeds Business b Magazines Newspape IM/ch Email Scorecards Slide decks Meetings Analytic applications Presentations Financial reports Dashboards Webcasts Charts and graphs Internet Project plans Documents Spreadsheets Intranet Blogs Portals RSS feeds Business books Television reports Magazines Newspapers IM/chat Email
    15. 15.  Web Site ◦  Blog Site ◦