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  • History
    Developed in 2002 opened to the public in 2003 as a professional social network.
    It has 80,000,000 members
    Half are in the US
    How the site works
    It is probably the most true social networking site on the web
    It allows you to see how people are connected to you.
    It will even allow you to pay an extra fee to see more levels of connections
    The idea being that people could share their networks online.
    So if you needed a lawyer and I knew one you could search for a local lawyer and see the one's I know.
    It took what we do everyday in business and put it online.
  • LinkedIn Profile
    Every individual who signs up receives a profile page and is encouraged to fill it out.
    Profile pages looks like a resume
    Allows you to connect a blog, twitter account to the page.
  • Company Profiles
    Each company has the ability to create a maintain a company profile.
    People can Follow your company on LinkedIn and get specific updates
    As a measure of standing you want people to follow your company profile on LinkedIn
    It will notify them with news about you company.
    Product and service release s and such.
    The first person the make the profile is the executer of the company profile.
    They must add you for you to make edits to the page.
    Possible to get around this, but it is a lengthy process.
    You can show open jobs
    You can now show Products and Services
  • LinkedIn Groups
    Thousands of groups exist on LinkedIn
    With just about as many topics.
    You could easily join one and follow the topics and conversations through email or any other way you wish.
    These are great ways to develop relationships among people in your field.
    You will have competitors in there, but if you are focused on the soft sell and are building relationships you'll fare much better.
    If a group doesn't exist in your field or you would like to create a group on a more specific topic you can do that as well.
    This is nice because you can once per week you have the ability to send out a message to all the people in the group.
    Again soft sells only people will flee very fast if they smell an agenda
    You could showcase some topics that are going on to increase participation
    You could invite people to an event that you'll be attending that's related to the group topic
  • LinkedIn Answers
    People have the ability to ask questions on LinkedIn - it's really a great place to find answer from professionals.
    Users who ask questions can select the best answers.
    The user whose answer is selected gets listed as having 1 Best answered question
    This is a great way to improve your professional and business's reputation.
  • Strategy
    Develop a Facebook page
    Consider adding a custom tab (Ryan will talk about this soon)
    Develop a posting strategy
    What types of things will you post here?
    How often will you post?
    Engage on a very regular basis
    "Like" community pages so that you will see when some talks about your business across Facebook
    Suggest a Wikipedia article for your community pages
    Suggest your Official Facebook page for your community page
  • 110910 linked in

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