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  • A website or part of a website.
    They're known for being incredibly flexible
    Time relevant information is able to be shared in an easy scalable format
    Makes it easy to update your website
    Many people get a website, but don't update it or update it frequently.
    If you don't update people don't want to visit frequently
    We'll talk later about how this effect search engines
    Blogs are an excellent way to keep your website up to date simply and fresh for readers
    You can easily share information
    This makes it easier for you to let people read your sites through email, or a blog reader
    It also makes it easier to sign your blog up to different services
    Put your posts as notes on Facebook
    Auto-publish them to Twitter
  • There are several parts to a blog
  • Why blog?
    Blogging creates authenticity
    It shows your business in a new light
    It helps your customers better understand your business
    It can also show how to better use your products
    Blogging can create better search opportunities.
  • History
    Developed in 2002 opened to the public in 2003 as a professional social network.
    It has 80,000,000 members
    Half are in the US
    How the site works
    It is probably the most true social networking site on the web
    It allows you to see how people are connected to you.
    It will even allow you to pay an extra fee to see more levels of connections
    The idea being that people could share their networks online.
    So if you needed a lawyer and I knew one you could search for a local lawyer and see the one's I know.
    It took what we do everyday in business and put it online.
  • ach post is unique and its own page and therefore can be indexed by search engines.
    Long-tail Keywords
    Long-Tail Keywords
    They aren't long keywords or key phrases, but when you look at a graph of your search hits from most searched for terms to least searched for terms the smaller ones you'll find a Long-Tail in the graph.
    If you develop a strategy to attack keywords that people are looking for you can become an authority on greater search terms
    If a post gets two search hits per month and you have a 1000 blog posts you now have 2,000 extra hits per month.
    Eventually the pages that get a few hits in total bring in more traffic than your main couple of pages
    Consistent addition of content
    Websites are not brochures or posters
    Many sites sit and don't change
    Search engines will rank you lower if you site stays stagnate for long periods of time
    A blogging strategy allows your site to stay fresh and current
  • Consistent writing can create consistent readers
    Many consistent readers can create a community.
    Consistent readers count you as an authority.
    Consistent readers will share your content.
    Engage with commenters
    Be ready to answer questions
    Respond to negative comments appropriately
    Don't be afraid to add to a conversation that's happening
  • Develop a blogging strategy
    Who will post?
    How often will you post?
    Who is in charge of editing?
  • Design a blog
    Keep it similar to your current webpage
    Put in on your webpage
    i.e. www.example.com/blog
    This is better for SEO
    Stay consistent
    Develop a plan for vacations and holidays
    Get a head by a couple of weeks
  • 110910 blogging

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