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Web development tools

  1. 1. OnePiece Solution Helpful Web Development Tools
  2. 2. Web development tools  are now very important especially in this day and age when internet marketing and online presence give businesses leverage in their respective industries. Certainly, it is important to have the web designer extremely proficient in coding languages. However, the web designer also needs the necessary support or tools to further polish, enhance and develop the web development projects that they have.
  3. 3. W3 Schools and Browser Statistics Web site development  covers evaluating the functionality of a website against different types of internet browsers. Browser statistics assist website developers in finding out which browsers the website still needs optimizing for. As of the moment, the most prominent browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Thus, there is emphasis on optimizing website for these browsers.
  4. 4. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Markup Validation Service and W3C CSS Validation Service The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) refers to the organization that provides the standards and guidelines concerning contemporary web development, design and other related practice. The validation services of W3C are very important tools for every web development endeavor because they provide guarantee that all codes are in compliance with the latest standards. Valid codes help the appearance of the website and make it better organized. This also enhances the visibility of websites to search engines.
  5. 5. Browser Shots Browser shot refers to a website that is very useful for optimizing web development projects for a variety of browsers. From time to time, the developer will not get access to a full range of different viewing platforms of browsers. Thus, it is very beneficial to use resources that can simulate a  website suitable for a variety of viewing modes. Resolution can also be tested using such.
  6. 6. Password Verification There are various password validation apps available on the web for free to use in web development projects that save the developer the trouble of building a secure password validation system from scratch. Many of these will give the user a valuation of their chosen password based on its security value. These are just some of the ways marketers and  web developers  can enhance their online marketing endeavors and similar projects. The web development market is always changing and faced with countless developments.