Pink Parlour Philippines Brazilian Waxing FAQs


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For Brazilian waxing treatment in the Philippines, the newly opened Pink Parlour now caters to clients like you who are looking for high standard salon services. Our posh and pink salon is not hard to miss, located at SM North EDSA. Hope to see you there! And for more information visit today.

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Pink Parlour Philippines Brazilian Waxing FAQs

  1. 1. Pink ParlourMANILA, PHILIPPINESSMS: +639176252797Skin & Hair CareTips & GuidesThe Naked Truth aboutBrazilian Waxing TechniquePreparation Tips6 Tips in Choosing theRight Salon for You SM NORTH EDSA : 5th Floor, Unit 500a-500b ANE The Block A-VENUE MAL: G/F Unit 112A, A-Venue Event Mall Makati Ave., Makati City SM North » +632 709-7093 & +632 709-7155 | A. Venue » +632 621-9836 SMS/What’s Up Bookings: +639176252797
  2. 2. Skin & Hair Care Guide WHAT’S INSIDE? The Naked Truth about Brazilian Waxing Technique Getting Your First Brazilian Wax? Preparation Tips Is Brazilian Waxing Worth It? 6 Tips in Choosing the Right Salon for YouSALON’S PROFILEPink Parlour is the rebellious sister of beauty salons. One ofSingapores leading Hair Removal specialists offering AwardWinning treatments from manicure and pedicure, waxing, IPLHair Removal and Spray Tanning .Our commitment to high treatment standards and service levelshas won us much recognition and distinction within the industryand media including the following awards:2006 Harpers Bazaar Beauty Awards2007 Spa Crystal Awards Nominee - Best Spa in Southeast Asia2008 Cleo Singapore Beauty Directory for Top 20 Nail Salons2009 SWW Best Hydration Fix Facial2009 SWW Best Bikini Wax2009 SWW Best Specialty Wax (Designer Brazilian)2010/2011/2012 Singapore Tatler Best of Singapore for Grooming (Waxing)2011 SWW Best Waxing ParlourGet Smooth and Get Bronze at Pink Parlour!SURF US: US: US:
  3. 3. Skin & Hair Care Guide The Naked Truth about Brazilian Waxing Technique A lot of women today prefer going “all bare down there” through Brazilian waxing. They do this not only for aesthetic reasons but for comfort as well. However, to be able to get that smooth and sexy bikini lines, you have to brave the pain, which the technique is known for. If you have qualms over getting Brazilian waxing, listed here is useful information to help you reach an informed decision. J Sisters Portrait A BRIEF HISTORY… WHO ARE NOT ADVISED TO GET BRAZILIAN Brazilian waxing was first introduced in Brazil way back in WAXES? the 80’s when the string bikini was first introduced. In order to make the bikini area more sexy and appealing Clients with certain skin conditions such as eczema or the J sisters (dubbed as such because all their names psoriasis are advised against having a Brazilian wax. The started with J) thought that aside from having just the reason is that, this could aggravate their problem. Some usual and less dramatic bikini wax, why not have all the women dealing with serious chronic conditions like hairs removed! diabetes may have to think of other ways to remove hairs When the J sisters brought this idea to America, it received in the pubic region because this could put their health at a very enthusiastic welcome, especially when the ladies of risk. Their immune system is already compromised, Sex and the City talked about it. making them susceptible to infection. Pregnant women should also hold off on Brazilian waxing until after giving TYPES OF BRAZILIAN WAXING birth. PROCESS Aside from just having your pubic hairs removed entirely, there are also other types of Brazilian waxing techniques. Any waxing procedure follows pretty much the same The landing strip – This type of Brazilian waxing process; they only differ when it comes to their coverage. technique removes the pubic hairs, however the 1. Once you get inside waxing room, you will be asked to aesthetician leaves a small bit of hair, similar to a landing take your pants and underwear off and you will be given a strip, on the pubis. robe to cover yourself. The playboy Brazilian wax – The shape of a playboy 2. You are then led into a special chair in which you will wax is much thinner and smaller than the landing strip. position yourself. Once in place, the aesthetician willa. inspect the area and the pattern of hair growth, this way they can determine the right wax to be used for you. In The sphinx – This type of Brazilian waxing is like a total some salons one type of wax is enough, while there are overhaul. It includes the removal of all the hairs on the others who use up to four different waxes, to cater the pubic region. And it also extends way over to the different areas to be worked on. perineum, anus and buttocks.
  4. 4. Skin & Hair Care Guide 2. Using moisturizer will help prevent skin irritation, adding to that it can also make the area softer and smoother. 3. 24-48 hours after your Brazilian wax should also be cleared from any tanning sessions, saunas and steam room visits. 4. A cold compress can also be applied over the area to soothe it. 5. You should avoid sexual activities up to two days after your procedure because friction can irritate your skin causing it to become inflamed. 6. Salons also suggest that a week after your waxing appointment, you can already do some exfoliation with the use of mild liquid soap and loofah. This will unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells on the area. ADVANTAGES OF BRAZILIAN WAX Image source: 1. It allows you to have a clean and smooth pubic area, making you more confident when sporting your bikini3. If your hairs are too long, the aesthetician may have to and low cut denims.trim it first. 2. Although the procedure may make you wince a bit, it4. Then she pats on some loose powder over the entire is better than shaving. First of all it lasts longer thanarea to allow the hairs to stick to the wax better. shaving (winter months: 6-8 weeks; summer: 4-6 weeks). It also eliminates the chances of nicks and cuts resulting5. A hot or cold wax is then applied to different parts of to a smoother result.your pubic area and then it is covered with a piece ofcotton cloth that is jerked suddenly to remove the hairs. The 3. The process is quick and can be done in over half anremoval is done in the direction of the hair growth which hour.actually varies all over your pelvic region. DISADVANTAGES OF BRAZILIAN WAX7. After the entire area is finished, the aesthetician may haveto wipe it with an antiseptic. This is to prevent infection and 1. It can be uncomfortable especially if this is your firstto clean the area and clear it from hairs, which help the time.aesthetician to know which areas need to be redone. 2. It can be embarrassing for some having to expose8. Afterwards a moisturizer may be applied over the area themselves to a stranger.then you are good to go. 3. The procedure is relatively more expensive comparedAFTERCARE to the free shaving treatment you can give yourself.1. When you go home, you can take a normal shower to COSTclean the area. A hot shower may be relaxing but this maycause irritation on your already sensitive skin. The typical cost of a Brazilian wax runs around $50. Brazilian waxing in Manila, Philippines, is around P900-P1250.
  5. 5. Skin & Hair Care GuideGetting Your First BrazilianWax? Preparation TipsBrazilian waxing shot right up to fame when the sassy Experts say that your pubic hairs should be as long asladies of Sex and the City got their intimates the sexy you’re eyebrows or approximately a quarter of an inchmakeover. Today getting shaven all the way is just like for optimum results. Shaving and allowing it to grow forhaving your armpits waxed as well. It keeps the bikini at least three weeks will make the removal swift and lessline free from unruly hairs peeking out. But you just painful.don’t go and get yourself a “Brazilian” without reallypreparing yourself. It’s not like prancing into a salon and Take a Showerhave your nails done. In order for you to get thepleasing results that you want. This is a no brainer if you are one who is truly concerned about hygiene. It would also be decent to wash yourDo Your Homework and Prepare Yourself! intimates first with mild soap and water. Aside from keeping it clean and fresh, this will also stimulate theShould you decide to get a Brazilian wax, always come pores to open up making the process of hair removalin prepared with what it is all about and what you can much easier.expect about it. If you are reading this then you are onthe right track. Also, research will help you to find the Buy Numbing Creams and Prepare Painbest places where to get one and how you can make Medicationsyour experience less painful. It helps to have a numbing cream on hand and apply itThis will also allow you to schedule your appointment at an hour before you get your Brazilian wax. Apply it onthe right time of the month. It is advised that you get the inner portion of your thighs and over the pubicyour Brazilian wax done during the first week after your region. Taking a pain medication such as Advil will alsoperiod. Timing it around this time makes it less painful help make the procedure more bearable. It can also helpfor you because the skin will no longer be as sensitive. to control the swelling.Shave Wear Something ComfyYou might be raising eyebrows thinking why in the You don’t want to go for a Brazilian waxing treatment onworld you should shave your hairs down there when skinny jeans or leggings. This is a time doesnt really callyou want to have them waxed. The reason for this is for something fashionable, but comfortable. After yourthat the hairs should be at a certain length so that the treatment, the bikini area will be very sensitive and tightprocedure won’t be so painful, because if it is too long clothing won’t do any help. So put on your silk pantiesthe hairs could end up being dragged when removed. and opt for dresses or loose pants.
  6. 6. Skin & Hair Care GuideIs Brazilian Waxing Worth It?Brazilian Waxing shot right into the spotlight whenCarrie got the skinny in one episode of Sex and the City.Since then women are coming in regularly to have their“Brazilian” too like it was a much needed hot oil. Butwhat really is the deal with Brazilian Waxing comparedto the traditional bikini waxing method? And why is itstrongly preferred by many?You Get Completely Bare Down There!A bikini wax is fine; however it only removes the hairsthat run outside of your bikini line. Some women preferto have more taken at the sides and have some shavingat the top. So for those who want to go ultimately bare,a bikini wax would certainly make the best option. Some women even claim that this makes them feel more confident and sexy in bed. Some even bluntly say that itThe procedure can remove all the hairs in your pubic also improves sex. Adding to this, there are also men whoregion so you don’t have to worry about those unruly prefer woman going all skinny down there.pubic hairs embarrassingly peeking out of your bikini.You can go as skimpy as you want and put those It’s Fast and ThoroughVictoria Secret models to shame without a follicle of hairto betray you! Unlike your typical bikini wax where your pubic hair is only carefully fashioned to follow your bikini line, aYou Can Get Cool Designs Too Brazilian wax just removes everything. No fuss, no muss, it just leaves you totally hairless not unless you request toIf you want to go all creative and spontaneous, you can have a strip or a triangle daintily created on your pubicactually have the salon leave some hairs behind and them in a shape of your choice. You could haveyour initials, a butterfly of maybe keep it simple with a The procedure is fast because the removal is done in oneplain rectangular strip left behind. go whereas the bikini wax would have the aesthetician trim and remove the hairs on both sides.More HygienicSince a Brazilian wax removes every strand of hair inyour pubic area, it keeps it clean and fresh. Thepresence of hair can also be a good breeding ground ofIt Is SexierA lot of women get a Brazilian waxing treatment donebecause they want to feel better about themselves whenundressing.
  7. 7. Skin & Hair Care Guide6 Tips in Choosing the Right Salonfor YouIf you want to have stellar service on your next trip to Check the range of expertise of theirgetting yourself pampered, you should know how tochoose the right salon. Not everyone have the quality personnelservice and materials that is why you have to make theeffort to carefully choose the ones that you should trust. Before you get yourself listed for an appointment, whySee to it if this salon steps up to the plate with these six not ask the stylists or manicurists about a certaintips. concern that you have. Listen to their answers carefully. If they go straight directly to advising you with products without even delving deeper into theAlways Check their Sanitary Practices reasons why, and how it would best suit your case. This is a telling sign that these personnel are not well-If you want to guarantee not only your satisfaction but versed with their service. A good salon should be ableyour safety as well, check whether a salon practices strict to give their customer a personalized service and notsanitary practices. You have no idea what type of a one-package-fits-all kind of treatment.microorganisms can be passed along if a salon does notproperly sanitize their materials. Ask if they sterilize theseafter every customer, and see to it if the ones taking care Look for reasonable pricesof you are also practicing proper hygiene before theycome to your service. Do not be easily swayed by discounted prices, because chances are they could simply be just gimmicks to gain customers. But the problem here isGood customer service that this does not necessarily mean that you are getting quality treatment. Also, expensive pricing doesGoing to the salon should be a time of relaxation, and if not guarantee good results, some salons may do thisany personnel are taking that away from you with their to feign prestige or quality but don’t fall for this.bad customer relations, I suggest that you switch salons Always look on their work and don’t let the price beright away. You should not pay for half-hearted service, your biggest assurance. Instead, let the price bewhether it is from the way they manage your nails, your proportional to the service that they come up or your facials, but on the way they treat you as well.The staff should be appropriately trained Use the Internet You can pretty much look up anything on the net. SoIf you want professional service, choose a salon that only if you want to know the right places, Google it up,hires those who have professional training in hair care, read reviews or forums. Those salons that havenail care and skin care. They should have the expertise established a reputation will usually come up onand up-to-date training because this will assure you of searches. Adding to that, most salons now have theirthe latest trends, the safest techniques and the most websites up in which you can browse their list ofcurrent practices. Having professional care also means services, from manicures, pedicures, waxing to spraythat you don’t gamble for poor-grade service and this tanning.means that they know the best treatments that are mostappropriate for you.
  8. 8. Disclaimer / Resources DISCLAIMERAll content is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medicaladvice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. The Hair and Laser Clinic is not responsible orliable for any diagnosis made by a user based on the content of this post. RESOURCEIf you have questions about Brazilian waxing in Manila, please visit us here or contact us at:Enquiry Hotline: +632 709 7093Website: NORTH EDSA5th Floor, Unit 500a-500b ANE The BlockA-VENUE MALLG/F Unit 112A, A-Venue Event Mall Makati Ave., Makati City