The M@K!Ng$ Of Me.....


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The M@K!Ng$ Of Me.....

  1. 1. Other times I can be very serious, focused, responsible, and mature. I’m a college a current College Student at Montclair State University majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations.
  2. 2. After I graduate my goal is to excel In my career, and become very successful in the Public Relations field. Hard work and determination is the key in maintaining a responsible professional standing. This is true for many things in life, and I believe this. Which is why I constantly remind myself of that when completing tasks and assignments now as a student.
  3. 3. I am very into astrology and  believe that I am very in tune with my sign. My sign is Gemini. I was Born  May 29. The symbol for Gemini is  commonly recognized as the roman numeral “II” or the “twins” Many people feel that the  reasons for gemini’s being twins is, because there are two sides to them. I’m not sure if there are two sides to me. I do, however, know that I’m  very creative, easy to confide in, and very good under stress.
  4. 4. When I’m not in school I’m spending time with my family as much as I can. Here is a picture of my younger cousin Zoriana and my mother at a restaurant. I spend most of my free time with these two ladies. I love them, and we’re extremely close to each other.
  5. 5. very good at drawing what I see, and even what •I’m I imagine. is something I am very passionate about. I’m •Music currently in the process of learning how to play the guitar. and fashion are two main industries that I •Modeling am highly interested in. also love to dance, and had been a member of an •I organization for about six years before I enrolled into college.
  6. 6. The most important thing There are many words  which can describe my to remember is that I am personality. Energetic  willing to adapt to any Creative  Responsible  situation I’m in rather it Hardworking  Relatable  be comfortable or Trustworthy  Friendly uncomfortable.  Outgoing  I feel with this quality,  and way of thinking in terms of goal setting, I will be able to face many challenges I face throughout my future career.