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Import Presentation


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Import export seminar in pune M 9890037505

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Import Presentation

  1. 1. Import export seminar in & around Pune <br />Prior appointment; Mobile: 9890037505 <br />( Min 5 participants at one time ) <br />OVERVIEW Import & Export Documentation & Procedures; Letters of Credit; Using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule; Air & Ocean Transportation: Logistics Management for the International Supply Chain; Import Documents & Procedures; Latest changes in Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600). BENEFITS OF ATTENDING Learning Export-Import Procedures Ensuring safety of company investments by better know-how of International banking operations. Eliminating documentation pitfalls Solving logistics Problems Legal Requirements of Export & Import Learn the key changes that will take place when the UCP600 replaces the UCP500 on July 1, 2007 Using Free Trade Zones to cut down duties Knowledge of Tariff Classification under the Harmonized System Learn Exporting and Importing intricacies from experts Network and Interact with speakers and attendees to share experiences and learn about opportunities  WHO SHOULD ATTEND BUSINESS EXECUTIVES, Purchase MANAGERS and STRATEGIC PLANNERS whose companies already trade internationally or are contemplating trading; PROFESSIONALS, LAWYERS, IN-HOUSE COUNSELS, CONSULTANTS, ACCOUNTS, whose career path involves export-import; Import Exprt Controllers TOPICS & SCHEDULE OF THE CONFERENCEINCOTERMS & International Sales of Goods Act • Terms used in international trade and sales• International Rules Applicable to International Exports and ImportsLetters of Credit and Alternative International Payment Methods • Cost and risks of the various letter of credit options• Opening of a letter of credit and limiting discrepancies under it• Payment under the terms of the Letter of Credit • Upcoming changes in the rules governing letters of credit (from UCP500 to UCP600)• Alternatives to letters of credit in financing international transactionsIImport Documentation & Procedures • Declaring proper tariff classification & value to Customs • Country of origin declaration & marking• Import quotas and visas• Preparing proper import documents • Duty reduction programs and regimes• Developing a Customs compliance program• Record-keeping requirements Practical Import Duty Saving Tips That Can Enhance Profitability• Foreign Trade Zones• Duty Drawback• Bonded Warehouses• Temporary Importations Under Bond Custom Clearance & procedure Export Documentation & Procedures • Export Administration Regulations – Product or Technology’s Classification and Country of End Use • Preparing Proper Export Documents and Shipper’s Export Declaration in compliance with Trade Regulations Global Logistics: Issues of Air & Ocean Transportation • The Export Process Overview & Global Shipping• The Role of the International Freight Forwarder• Licensing for Freight Forwarders• Third Party Logistics Provider Overview• Carrier Liability & Cargo InsuranceNegotiating & Drafting International Sales Agreements• Negotiating International Sales Agreements with customers in other jurisdictions• Resolving disputes relating to International Sales• Common mistakes companies make and avoidance strategiesEXIM Bank & Export Finance• EXIM Bank Export Financing• Financing for export sales through the U.S. Export Import Bank Practical Tips on Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights• Record Your Copyrights and Trademarks with Customs & Border Protection• Let Customs & Border Protection Help You Enforce Your Rights Trade Security• Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)• Container Security Initiative (CSI)What To Do When You Are Assessed A Penalty By Customs & Border Protection• Types of Penalties• Prior DisclosuresExport Risk Mitigation Techniques• Identifying risks in cross-border sales• Risk Mitigation when selling on letter-of-credit terms• Risk mitigation using bank guarantees • Risk mitigation when selling on draft-collection terms • Risk mitigation when selling on open account terms • Managing foreign exchange rate fluctuation riskExport Assistance for Exporters from the U.S. Department of Commerce• Identifying the most promising markets• Procuring customized international market research• Making contacts and arranging appointment schedules for overseas visits• Facilitating participation in trade shows, trade missions, and catalog shows• Investigating potential international partners• Financing for export sales through the SBA• Locating overseas agents, distributors, and importersInternational Trade Finance• Post-Export Financing• Pre-Export Financing• Pre-Import FinancingNAFTA and Other Bi-Lateral Agreements Product Qualifying Rules• Benefits to U.S. Importers and Exporters• Rules of Origin • Eligibility under Bi-Lateral Trade Agreements Tariff Classification Under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule• Overview of Tariff Classification Principles• Schedule B and Harmonized Tariff ScheduleExport Controls & Embargoes• US Export Controls• Trade Embargoes / Country Sanctions• Anti-boycott Compliance • Enforcement of Export Controls - Criminal and CivilCorporate Experience in Exporting Importing: Practical Tips• How we imported from Canada, China & India• Getting documentation right• Choosing right codes & Customs Procedures• Payment terms: thinking out of the box• Building Personal Relationships: solving quality, paperwork & communication problems• Quality issues: remedies in international importing SPEAKERS ON THE FACULTYLeading experts in their area who have expertise in export and import All the seminars will be conducted with mutual discussion  DATE OF THE CONFERENCE :8:30 AM to 4:30 PMLOCATION OF THE CONFERENCE : will be decided mutuallyPhone- : 9890037505<br />