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YFN Georgia: INTA fertigation control systems


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Presentation on control software for general irrigation and fertigation, INTA CDN system

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YFN Georgia: INTA fertigation control systems

  1. 1. Crop Fertigation The goal of any agricultural company is to maximize its economical profits, which can be done through the efficient use of water and fertilizer. The following factors determine the productivity of the crops: Water Nutrients Soil / substrate Cultural work Genetic Environmental (Light, CO2, Humidity and Temperature)It is essential to have a fertigation plan which avoids any stress to theplants and at the same time improves yield and quality.
  2. 2. Crop Fertigation Fertigation is a term referring to the application of fertilizers dissolved in theirrigation water, which is applied directly to the roots of the plants via a dripirrigation system. Working with balanced fertilizer solution and pH, adjusted for each phenological stage of the crop, optimizes the efficiency of fertilizer application and improves the nutrients assimilation.
  3. 3. Optimum pH It has been clearlydemonstrated that apH around 6optimizes theapplication andabsorption offertilizers.
  4. 4. Our Systems In order to dosify water and fertilizers with the precision andefficiency required for any crop where maximum productionperformance and quality is wanted - a complete, well-designed andcorrectly installed irrigation system is the first step to achieve it.
  5. 5. Fertigation mixersFertigation equipment designed and built with the utmostprofessionalism. Within the available models you will always find theequipment, which can best be adapted to your needs. Compact andbuilt with the best components in the market ALLMIX-16 ALLMIX CDN
  6. 6. CDNThe CDN meets the highest expectations, it is equipped with a wholerange of professional features. The design is accurate, reliable andsturdy. Large and clear graphic display. Fully automatic control of EC and pH. Up to 8 different fertilizer tanks can be controlled. Fertilizer dosing by EC, absolute, relative to the row water EC, proportional to the flow or simply by time. Controls up to 320 irrigation valves. Control of 3 independent pumps and 4 extra outputs. Activations by external signal, weight, soil moisture sensors, flow, radiation, time and more. PC connection from any place through internet without the necessity of having a PC in the irrigation room. A unique and pioneer method of drainage control in hydroponic crops.
  7. 7. CDNControl of recycling and mixing of different sources ofwater, with different EC or/and temperatures.Control of fertilizer agitation and cleaning of filters.Can be installed “in-line” or “by-pass”.With incorporated SD memory card, the CDN storesall data and records water and fertilizer consumptionper valve and per sector, average EC andpH, irrigation time, etc.It is possible to prepare and programme irrigationschemes covering the entire growing cycle.With new software SYSINTA , it is possible toconnect to the mixer from anywhere in the world andfeel as if you are right in front of the mixer.
  8. 8. ALLMIXALLMIX fertigation is a compact, reliable and simple unit to use. It isproduced with the highest quality and heavy-duty components. lControls up to 24 irrigation valves. lStainless-steel structure is prepared to work in the most agressive environments. lVery simply in use. lReady for “by-pass” finstallations. lAutomatic control of EC and pH. lFertilizers are injected through circular multi-venturi system and dosing valves. lProportional dosing or EC control. lUp to 4 + pH fertilizer tanks. lControl of fertilizer agitation and cleaning of filters. lActivations by time, fixed intervals, solar radiation, external signal and drainage control. lIt is available in different configurations.
  9. 9. ALLMIX-16With a simple hydraulic structure, for growers who want to cover alltheir needs with the best possible price. lWith a hydraulic structure simpler than its brother ALLMIX . lVery simply in use. lControls up to 24 irrigation valves. lReady for “by-pass” installations. lAutomatic control of EC and pH. lFertilizers are injected through circular multi-venturi system and dosing valves lProportional dosing or EC control. lUp to 4+pH fertilizer tanks. lControl of fertilizer agitation and cleaning of filters. lActivation by time, fixed intervals, solar radiation, external signal and drainage control.
  10. 10. Drainage control in hydroponicsThe establishment of the right frequency ofirrigations and volume of irrigated water isessential for obtaining good results withhydroponics crops, both: in production andquality.Because of its efficiency and simplicity thedrainage control system is a great tool whichhelps with the proper management of irrigationof hydroponics crops.Up to 5 drainage trays can be connected to theCDN and in this way the irrigation of everysector can be controlled independently.Our drainage control system mixer adjustsperfectly the number of irrigations to dailyfluctuations in water needs. It makes referenceto solar radiation (an environmental variable)and to volume of drainage from the slab (avariable associated with plants).
  11. 11. Radio control valvesWe have incorporated in our mixers the possibility of wirelessirrigation valves activation, and we have achieved this withoutlosing reliability! It is done by replacing the hydraulic micro-pipesand electrical cables with electronic field receivers which allowremote control of 2 or 4 irrigation valves each.It can be used in anywhere, it is a practical and reliablesolution, and when the distances are long, it also becomes verycompetitive in reference to price when comparing it to standardsolutions.
  12. 12. Automatic control of soil moistureThe integration of soil moisture probes in our CDN fertigation system allows us tocontrol the volume of water automatically in each irrigation which in turn allows us tooptimize its efficiency.By monitoring the readings from moisture probes we can establish an irrigationstrategy, which is optimized to obtain the exact moisture necessary for the properdevelopment of the plant.Resuming, with such a system we can easily establish an irrigation strategy thatoptimizes the efficiency of every irrigation, being sure that plants are always at theoptimal level of moisture needed for their development, which will directly affect thequality and performance of the production.
  13. 13. CDN connection with PC and remote control from any locationWith our CDN-PC software one or more CDN controllers can beconnected to a PC via cable, radio or wifi and as such, thesefertigation parameters can be easily managed. Up to 10 CDN controllers can be l connected to one PC. Through cable or via radio or wifi. We can also communicate with the PC l located at the farm through our CDN Client application, simply by having a GPRS modem. And if access to Internet is available at the site - a remote desktop application can be used .
  14. 14. Fertigation management program CDN-PC With this software and a PC connected to the fertigation equipment, you can handle all fertigation parameters in a much easier and quicker way.It is possible to program in a very user-friendly way all irrigation settings from allfertigation mixers installed, and ofcourse, in a much quicker way than bydoing it manually. In addition, we can storeall settings from the mixer and access itwhen needed.The software creates various records andinforms about performed irrigations, theconsumption of irrigation water andfertilizers, readings and charts ofEC, pH, temperature, solar radiation and allexternal devices which are connected tothe system.Furthermore, it is possible to export data totext files or to Excel and use them to
  15. 15. CropsOur accumulated experience throughout the years has permitted usto develop specific applications for a wide range of crops, coveringthe requirements of the most demanding growers in each of theircrops. Following our motto “equipment adapted to your crop” it is aprinciple which we permanently apply through the continuousimprovement of our equipment. Hydroponics Ornamental plants Plant nurseries Citrus, fruits, viney Vegetable crops Golf Courses ards , olive
  16. 16. Hydroponics lHydroponics crops or crops without soil require the adequate supply of all essential elements for the growth of the plant. lThe volume of substrate limits the amount of water available for the plant, as such it requires frequent irrigations at the right time. lThis growing technology needs a reliable control as it is very important to apply accurate amounts of fertilizers and water to avoid stress or lack of fertilizer.Our fertigation mixers provide the accurate dosing systems and the most efficient control procedures.
  17. 17. HydroponicslRecycling of nutrient solutions:We have developed the most efficient systems for recycling solutions with the possibility of"premix" which will achieve a programmed EC level in the water. After this, we can adjust thefinal EC and pH of irrigation water with fertilizers. Preparing a new irrigation solution withclear water prevents the accumulation of certain salts.High precision fertigation:With fertilizer flow-meters, the self adjustingdosefying system, which is continuouslychecking the dosed volume of each fertilizerand adjusting the possible deviations in order toguarantee the maximum precision at any time.Automatic irrigation:The adjustment of irrigation frequency andvolume of water according to the needs of thecrop is essential to reach the productionpotential.Drainage Control:Drain control, special devices such as WCM(Grodan), special applications developed byIFAPA and based on VPD combined with draintray (exclusive system of INTA) .
  18. 18. Ornamental plantsIn this demanding sector we have accumulated a lot of experiencein the 20 years of INTA existence. Systems with mobile benches and recycling of nutrient solution. Also with sidewalk systems and flood irrigation. Control of different water sources mixing and disinfection systems. Irrigation of benches with irrigation booms. Fogging systems: high pressure, air-water type, low pressure, or any other which fits into the needs of your crop.
  19. 19. Plant nurseriesPlant nurseries require different irrigation strategies than the rest ofthe crops. Because of that, we have introduced specificfunctions, which make the nursery’s irrigation management easierOur fertigation equipment has the capabilityto control up to 320 solenoid valves and hasthe versatility to organize the valves in whichever way you want, allowing you to programup to 10 different fertilizer solutions.We can program the irrigation by fixed timeor just by opening a valve manually, and thecontroller will choose automatically thefertilizer solution you have previouslyassigned.The fertigation mixer is ready to controlirrigation booms.The fertilizer dosing in proportion to the mainflow, gives the maximum precision even atvery low concentrations.
  20. 20. Citrus, fruits, vineyards, olive treesWith the objective to improve the use of water and fertilizer, we havedeveloped systems, which permit to optimize the fertigationmanagement of this crops. Dosage of fertilizer in proportion to the irrigation flow from 5 fertilizer tanks (N, P, K, special treatments and pH). Reports including consumption of fertilizer and water for each irrigation. Solenoid valves controlled via radio, is a reliable and cost competitive system. Using soil moisture probes we can exactly control the volume of water needed and assure maximum efficiency in water use. It is also possible to use our software PC-CDN to set fertigation strategies.
  21. 21. Vegetable cropsUsing our fertigation systems you will be able to manage the fertigation and irrigationin your vegetable farms with the highest efficiency, saving water and fertilizer throughcomplete irrigation strategies.With radio controlled solenoid valves system you can solve the problems of brokencables and microtubes, so common in so many crops due to intensive machinerywork, and this can be done at a very competitive cost.With INTA fertigation systems, based on circular multi-venturis and electronic fertilizercounters, you can produce higher yields, improving the quality and as a result gethigh profitability on your production.
  22. 22. Golf CoursesThe dosage of fertilizer incorporated into the irrigation water(fertigation) and control of pH are tools that improve considerablythe results of traditional technologies.lBy controlling the pH in the irrigation solutionwe improve the uptake of nutrients by plants.Our mixers are equipped with dosing pumpsthat are resistant to corrosive solutions.lBetter control of fertilizer dosing, due to it’sability to adapt to the circumstances of themoment.lWith fertigation the use of heavy machineryfor the distribution of fertilizers is no longernecessary.lBetter grass growth, faster recovering anduniform color, more evident when the waterquality is not the desired.
  23. 23. Visit our