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Secure Your Customers' Identity Data - They'll Love You For It


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For digital transformation success, end-to-end customer data security is a must.

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Secure Your Customers' Identity Data - They'll Love You For It

  1. 1. SECURE YOUR CUSTOMERS' IDENTITY DATA THEY'LL LOVE YOU FOR IT Today's digital customer has more choices than ever before. They can so easily switch from business to business if they're not satisfied. This is why customer experience has become the new brand differentiator. And it's why companies focus on digital transformation to drive customer loyalty. But great customer experience can't happen without secure identity data. Even the most innovative digital businesses make headlines with data breaches, and they're dropping customers and brand reputation as a result. The good news? The right customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform can deliver end-to-end data security and help you get the most out of digital transformation. BUSINESS LEADERS ARE FOCUSED ON DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION1 say it’s business critical 96% 86% 61% say they have two years to make strides or fall behind competitors say it’s THE #1 priority for next 12 months YET DATA SECURITY WORRIES CURB CONSUMER DIGITAL ACTIVITY AND THREATEN DIGITAL ADOPTION2 of households cite identity theft as the most pressing concern 63% don’t engage in online retail and financial services activities as a result 59% 29% increase in cost since 2013 AND THE NEGATIVE IMPACT OF BREACHES IS GROWING3 Approximate Cost of Data Breach per Customer Record by industry4 COMPANIES STILL LAG IN DATA SECURITY EFFORTS5 Many organizations don't prioritize security, which puts their innovation initiatives at risk. CIAM LEADS TO SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND HAPPY CUSTOMERS 1-877-898-2905 80%Organizations report being hacked 1 CENTRALIZED SECURITY CONTROLS AND ENFORCEMENT Uses best practices to ensure consistent application and efficient management of security parameters ADAPTIVE AUTHENTICATION Provides strong security and customer convenience with additional layers of security for higher risk transactionsEND-TO-END DATA ENCRYPTION Encrypts data at all stages including at rest and in motion FINE-GRAINED, POLICY-BASED DATA ACCESS GOVERNANCE Controls who can access data according to multiple industry, geographic, regulatory and corporate policies MANY ADDITIONAL SECURITY BEST PRACTICES Delivers active alerts, robust logging for data access, and best practices for separation of duties BIGGEST DATA SECURITY MISTAKES COMPANIES MAKE6 1 2 3 4 5 6 HOSPITALITY $139 RETAIL $172 FINANCIAL $221 EDUCATION $246 HEALTHCARE $355 Inconsistent security enforcement across all endpoints Non-existent or inadequate data encryption Lack of data access governance controls 2 Weak/vulnerable customer authentication methods 4 Security focus too limited to network perimeter security 3 5 © 2016 Ping Identity ABOUT PING IDENTITY: Ping Identity leads a new era of digital enterprise freedom, ensuring seamless, secure access for every user to all applications across the hyper-connected, open digital enterprise. Protecting over one billion identities worldwide, more than half of the Fortune 100, including Boeing, Cisco, Disney, GE, Kraft Foods, TIAA-CREF and Walgreens trust Ping Identity to solve modern enterprise security challenges created by their use of cloud, mobile, APIs and IoT. Visit #3151 | 10.13 | V001