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Too Many Logins. Too Little Time.


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Too Many Logins. Too Little Time.

Every day clinical researchers participate in trials where they have to recall various logins and passwords, sometimes for 15 or more vital technologies in a single day. This effort wastes time and energy and leads to dangerous practices. A December 2012 report by Johns Hopkins University and The Washington Post uncovered a culture in which healthcare workers sidestep basic security measures, such as passwords, in favor of convenience http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2012-12-25/news/36015727_1_health-care-medical-devices-patient-care

Minimizing this chore not only improves productivity and increases security, it can also be the key to your company’s success.

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Too Many Logins. Too Little Time.

  1. 1. **** TOO MANY LOGINS, TOO LITTLE TIME THE PROBLEM FACING CLINICAL RESEARCHERS oday, many clinical researchers are participating in complex trials. For every clinical trial they conduct, researchers must remember many separate passwords and logins, each unique to the system or organization with which they’re working. Remembering these multiple logins is not only inconvenient and frustrating, but it wastes valuable time, energy, and brain space. Here, we take a look the current problems facing researchers and the way they can focus on finding the right cure instead of the right code. MOST OF THE TECHNOLOGIES INVESTIGATIVE SITES USE REQUIRE A LOGIN AND PASSWORD. PERSISTENT PROBLEM A clinical researcher may need to access 15 or more vital technologies in a single day. including... ELECTRONIC DATA CAPTURE (EDC) PATIENT RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CLINICAL WEB PORTALS EMAIL 89% 35% of respondents report working with at least 3 or more organizations over the course of the average single clinical study. of respondents report conducting 20 or more studies on an annual basis. WITH THE MAJORITY OF RESPONDENTS REPORT HAVING AT LEAST 6 OR MORE LOGINS AND PASSWORDS, 34% of respondents managing 20 or more logins and passwords. 1/2 of respondents said they write logins/passwords in notebooks. NEGATIVE IMPACT 86% MORE THAN CURRENT ORGANIZATION METHODS 1/3 THIS OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF PASSWORDS AND LOGINS LEADS TO CLINICAL RESEARCHERS STORING THEIR INFORMATION IN CONVENIENT—BUT INSECURE—PLACES. said they store logins/passwords on their computers at work. 1/3 said they use the same login/password across systems. CLINICAL RESEARCHERS WHO USE MULTIPLE PASSWORDS/LOGINS ARE MORE LIKELY TO FORGET THEM, LEADING TO UNNECESSARY TIME AND ENERGY SPENT ON TRACKING DOWN THE RIGHT INFORMATION. OF RESPONDENTS PERCEIVE THESE MULTIPLE LOGINS AND PASSWORDS TO SOMEWHAT OR STRONGLY HINDER WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY. WAYS IT HINDERS PRODUCTIVITY **** Wasting time looking up multiple logins/passwords Having to reset passwords on a regular basis IT “unlocking” accounts after failed login attempts Managing password registration processes across the systems GAINING THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE WITH THE WINNING FORMULA EQUIPPING YOUR RESEARCHERS WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS ALLOWS THEM TO DO THEIR BEST JOB POSSIBLE. 82% OF RESPONDENTS WOULD SOMEWHAT TO STRONGLY PREFER TO WORK WITH A SPONSOR/CRO THAT WOULD MINIMIZE LOGINS/PASSWORDS AND OFFER SECURE ACCESS AT THE SAME TIME. RECRUIT AND RETAIN Recruit and retain the best investigative sites in your clinical research community. Become a preferred partner by addressing your stakeholder needs. IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY Gain efficiency and provide seamless, secure single sign-on access to the clinical research community. Deliver a user experience that lives up to your brand. HEIGHTENED SECURITY Maintain security and control; improve flexibility without cost. M aking your investigators’ jobs easier by listening to them and eliminating their day-to-day problems is the key to your company’s success. Providing easy, secure access to necessary technologies is the simple solution that can improve work, save time, encourage loyalty, and gain a valuable competitive advantage. SOURCE 2013 survey of 600 professional researchers worldwide conducted by CenterWatch in conjunction with Ping Identity