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Digital Transformation Journey


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Ping Identity surveyed 200 IT decision makers across four countries to learn where they are in their digital transformation journey.

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Digital Transformation Journey

  1. 1. Digital transformation drives business results and engages customers, partners and employees Ping Identity conducted a survey of IT decision makers in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany who are responsible for overseeing technology deployments. Survey respondents come from enterprises with at least 500 employees in the United States, and at least 200 employees in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The survey of 200 IT decision makers was conducted by Regina Corso Consulting online between August 26 and September 8, 2016. METHODOLOGY For more information or to access the report, visit: adj: dig·i·tal n: trans·for·ma·tion engaging customers via smart, connected devices (IoT); using cloud services (SaaS) rather than on-premises servers or VPNs; and migrating to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). According to the majority of IT decision makers... THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY are anxious about digital transformation at their company, suggesting that they perceive there to be both challenges and opportunities associated with these initiatives. of IT Leaders say Cloud Fully Deployed FEWER THAN 10% use mix of on-premises technology with public or private/hybrid cloud 38% Half have started migrating to cloud infrastructure (either private or public) do not use cloud at all 7% WHAT IS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? HOW FAR ALONG ARE BUSINESSES IN THEIR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY? Digital transformation is a top priority, but we are in the early days WHAT IS SECURITY’S ROLE IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? Security is viewed as the top success factor and greatest obstacle HOW DOES IDENTITY ENABLE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? Identity and Access Management: personal, convenient and trusted DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION BY COUNTRY Digital transformation is a top priority for enterprises: nearly every company is going digital, whether it is apps in the cloud, creating mobile experiences for customers or getting rid of servers in favor of cloud infrastructure. We surveyed 200 IT decision makers across four countries to learn where they are in their digital transformation journey. Digital transformation 64% of IT Leader say Security is Key to Digital Transformation Ranked as greatest barrier to cloud migration say security is more challenging as we’ve moved to the cloud 90% 82% UNITED STATES Most likely to say partner onboarding is more difficult on-premises 58%(vs 44% globally) 93%(vs 86% globally) IT decision makers credit identity access management technologies as a key enabler of digital transformation, 90% agree it is important to their company’s success in digital transformation. 84% of senior leadership view Identity and Access management as critical to cloud adoption Most likely to agree that identity and access management technologies (i.e. SSO, MFA) have helped secure customer experiences are in process of deploying employee mobile apps 65% 80%(vs 58% globally) Feel more secure about moving to cloud over counterparts Least likely to believe that security is more challenging in moving to cloud 68%(vs 82% globally) Ranked cloud adoption as second most important to success in digital transformation Leads in replacing legacy employee software with SaaS 88%(vs 71% globally) have either fully implemented SaaS apps or are in progress UNITED KINGDOM GERMANY FRANCE