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API Security Needs AI Now More Than Ever

API security is increasingly difficult for enterprise security teams to tackle. APIs are spreading fast and a tempting target for cyberattacks. Learn about the challenges overwhelming security teams today that can be overcome with an intelligent API security solution. Learn more:

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API Security Needs AI Now More Than Ever

  1. 1. A powerful API security problem needs a powerfully smart solution. PingIntelligence for APIs applies artificial intelligence (AI) for cyberattack detection and blocking, as well as deep API traffic insight. Despite its importance, API cybersecurity isn’t getting any easier. Here are some of the challenges overwhelming enterprise security teams today, proving that you need AI, now more than ever. By 2022, API abuses will be the most-frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications. - Gartner Research, “How to Build an Effective API Security Strategy” On average, companies manage of net new API integrations are built in under 30 days.2 of APIs are spec’d out without any input from IT security. DIFFERENT APIs.1 OVER APIs are Spreading like Wildfire API Developers Avoid Manual Security Practices API Security is a Time Suck Microservices Adoption is Increasing ...And So is Your Attack Surface APIs are Being Bombarded by Credential Abuse 363 30% of APIs also proceed through development without IT security. of IT and security professionals said they spend over 50 hours a month setting or monitoring API rate limits.4 API-based login attack campaigns will involve an almost 5x more than standard web form attacks.6 27% 44% 92% 19,000 of APIs go live without any input from security professionals.3 21% 50% UNIQUE IP ADDRESSES AVERAGE OF Learn how you can secure your API infrastructure to protect your sensitive data and mission-critical systems with intelligent API security. API CYBERSECURITY NEEDS AI, of senior development stakeholders expect to grow their use of microservices.5 “Microservices working as a system [via APIs] increase the attack surface that security professionals have to account for.” | @pingidentity 1 2017 API Security Survey, OnePoll, 2017. 2 State of API Integrations Report, Cloud Elements, 2018. 3 API Security: A Disjointed Affair, Ovum Consulting, April 2016. 4 API Security: A Disjointed Affair, Ovum Consulting, April 2016. 5 Global Microservices Trends, Dimensional Research, April 2018. 6 Ryan Barnett, “Part 2: The Dark Side of APIs,” Security Boulevard, April 2018.