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Universal McCann Wave 2


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The second wave of the ongoing report of “Power to the People”, surveys almost 9500 regular Internet users in 21 markets worldwide, and was conducted in May 2007. The study measures consumer usage, attitudes and interest in adopting the possibilities of the changing and socially orientated Internet.

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Universal McCann Wave 2

  1. 1. May.07 POWER TO What is the demand for consumer gener- THE PEOPLE ated media and social media platforms? What types of content do users want How can advertisers get involved Impact of Web 2.0 brands How do these emerging channels rank versus traditional media on value and trust TRACKING THEofIMPACT Recall and perception advertising initia- v tives OF SOCIAL MEDIA .2
  2. 2. POWER TO THE PEOPLE TRACKING THE IMPACT • SERS NOW LEAD CONTENT CREATION U – logging grows to 170m creators worldwide thanks to rapidly B OF SOCIAL MEDIA expanding Internet universes in the emerging Internet markets – 21% have uploaded a video clip online – 46% of all blog readers have started their own blog – 41% upload and shared photos online MAY 2007: • SOCIAL MEDIA DRIVING ENGAGEMENT – atching video clips online has doubled in 9 months; 31% to 62% W penetration. Estimated global universe of 330m – stimated 340m blog readers worldwide. The largest audience E in the world is the USA where 64m read blogs – ocial Networking is used by an estimated 194m 16–54’s worldwide S • UTURE INTERNET USE DRIVEN BY ASIA AND F THE EMERGING MARKETS – hina is the world’s leading market for the adoption of social C media thanks to a personal drive for self expression and consumer generated media – sian Internet markets are the most active in content creation A 02
  3. 3. troduction WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? in Online applications, platforms and media that allow users to interact, connect and contribute to. Social media enables a SOCIAL INFLUENCE two-way dialogue and orientates the Internet around users. IPTV g The social media platforms, applications eatinng Welcome to the second wave of Consumers the world over were creating 1. cr shari and media the research tracks: our ongoing report of “Power to the and sharing content, connecting online and consuming web based multimedia in People”, surveying almost 9500 and ntent unprecedented numbers. Blogs, social networks, regular Internet users in 21 markets video sharing sites, photo sharing and the many co worldwide. The study measures other applications and services associated with COLLABORATION consumer usage, attitudes and interest in adopting the possibilities of the changing Internet were being adopted the world over regardless of any local economic and VIDEOCASTS the changing and socially orientated cultural factors. Internet. The other striking fact was the extent to which 2 . Con PHOTO SHARING PODCASTS VOIP social suming Thanks to the proliferation of broadband Asia was driving adoption, with China and and new web technology, the Internet has South Korea leading the way in terms of actively media RSS VIDEO SHARING transformed to one that is orientated around creating content and socialising online. It was creating and sharing your own content, developing social groups online and consuming clear that the changes had big consequences. Consumers were creating more content than WIKIS multi-media content from anywhere in the established media organisations, consumption had become more global and the relationship to world. This shift to a social Internet driven by the consumer promises to fundamentally brands, advertising and marketing had shifted. USER GENERATED CONTENT PERSONALISED HOMEPAGES change the media, advertising and The global tracker aims to assess this ongoing, BLOGGING SOCIAL NETWORKING 3. social marketing environment. providing a perspective on the ever changing digital landscape. interaction AGGREGATORS The tracker follows an initial in-depth study; Web 2.0 the Global Impact, which explored this much Three core themes make up this hyped evolution. The results were astounding. research programme: INSTANT MESSENGER 04
  4. 4. Research The research was conducted via self completion online surveys among a representative sample of 16–54 regular (use everyday/ every other day) Internet Internet use is becoming more frequent, users. This sample was based on the fact that the vast majority of adopters of these technologies will be frequent users. It is also the case in every market that making up the majority of the universe. Internet use is becoming more frequent, making up the majority of the universe. France, Russia South Korea Germany, USA Greece, Italy, Japan Spain, UK, Pakistan China Mexico Taiwan India Thailand Philippines Malaysia Brazil Singapore . Australia 500 were sampled in each of the following Universe Size 16-54 Frequent Internet Users markets: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Greece, Russia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, 250 Pakistan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand 200 and Australia. The total sample was 9460. The 21 MARKET UNIVERSE 400m fieldwork took place in January and February 150 GLOBAL ESTIMATE 532m 2007. Wave 1 took place April to June 2006. 100 This selection of countries provided a universe of 400m frequent users, 75% of the global 50 frequent Internet population. The mix of mature and emerging markets from 4 continents allowed 0 for in-depth and robust assessment of the TAIWAN PAKISTAN SPAIN JAPAN CHINA PHILLIPINES SINGAPORE GREECE FRANCE BRAZIL MEXICO RUSSIA INDIA THAILAND USA SOUTH KOREA UK MALAYSIA ITALY GERMANY AUSTRALIA current and future global position. The universe sizes are important. Some markets which lead adoption are relatively small. 06 Source: Internet World Stats, TGI Europa, simmons & Local market surveys