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Greek wedding crowns


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Wedding crowns are an integral part in every wedding. But how many of you do you know what they really stand for? Read this article to find out what they symbolize along with some Greek traditions.

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Greek wedding crowns

  1. 1. Greek Wedding Crowns
  2. 2. Greek wedding crowns are an integral part of any Greek wedding. One of the mostsignificant parts of a Greek wedding ceremony is indeed, the crowning of the couple.Just like most things in the Greek Orthodox Church, the crowning is very symbolic innature.It takes place right after the betrothal, when the groom and bride exchange theirwedding rings.Let’s take a look at what the wedding crowns (stefana) really stand for, how themystery originated and why they are important accessories in the sacrament ofmarriage.At the beginning of the crowning ceremony, the priest holds the crowns in the form ofa cross and places them on the forehead of both the groom and bride. He thenplaces the wedding crowns on their heads while reading from the Holy Gospel. Thebest man or maid of honor (koubaros or koubara) symbolically switches the crownsbetween the groom and the bride a total of 3 times. The crowns are connected with awhite ribbon. This ribbon symbolizes the union of the couple. After that, the priestalong with the couple and the best man or maid of honor, circle around the altar 3times while the Dance of Isaiah is chanted.
  3. 3. The wedding crowns or stefana in Greek, are royal symbols and they symbolize theKingdom of Heaven. With their marriage, the bride and groom now enter into theirown little kingdom where they will be the King and Queen of their household. Theyare expected to rule their kingdom, their newly created family, with honor, respect,love, faith and devotion to each other. The Greek wedding crowns also serve as avisible reminder of the crowns that await them in the Kingdom of God.In addition, it is also believed that the wedding crowns refer to the Christian martyrswho endured many hardships and made many sacrifices. Similarly, marriage alsoinvolves sacrifices and problems which the married couple need to work throughtogether in order to reach happiness.In Ancient Greece, the winners used to receive crowns in honor of their victory. TheOrthodox Church crowns the couple in advance for the battle they will endure to letgo of their personal egos and start acting as one body and soul.Traditionally, Greeks wear crowns which look like wreaths or olive leaves. Flowers,either fresh or dry, are also a very common design characteristic.
  4. 4. Greek wedding crowns can range from the most simple to the most ornate.Some of these crown designs include semi-precious stones, pearls, andcrystals and are typically made out of silver or gold.After the ceremony has ended, the crowns are kept in a special crowncase. In the past, women used to hang this case above their bed next tothe image of Mother Mary. Nowadays, this case is usually displayed insidecrystal cabinets or on-top of the dining table. Want to find out where to get the perfect Greek wedding crowns (stefana) for your wedding? Email me at or call me at (847) 701-5079. I have lots of information, samples and pricing details to share with you.