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Idea to Production - with Gitlab and Kubernetes


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Setting up a continuous delivery pipeline form scratch with and Kubernetes (Google Container Service GKE) on Google Cloud Platform.

The entire source code is available at
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Idea to Production - with Gitlab and Kubernetes

  1. 1. …with Gitlab and Kubernetes
  2. 2. Simon Dittlmann Saving the world from toil since 1998 Developer/Ops, technology nerd #IoT, #docker, #js, #frontend, #infrastructure, #kubernetes Contact SimonDittlmann
  3. 3. Gitlab CI Kubernetes Google Cloud Platform One review app per feature branch
  4. 4. Code Push to Gitlab Build / Test Deploy to Kubernetes / GKE Push to Google Container Registry
  5. 5. Master Feature Branch deployed to own namespace Master is always deployed to staging Tagged commits can be deployed to production v1.0.3
  6. 6. ☁ 1. Create your Google Cloud Platform Account 2. Create project and enable billing 3. Create GKE (Kubernetes) cluster and a service account
  7. 7. 1. Configure »Secret Variables« 2. Configure »Specific Runners« 3. Run pipeline
  8. 8. 1. Get ingress IP kubectl --namespace=production get ing and update your DNS ;; ANSWER 119 IN A 130.211.45.XXX 2. Check your staging and production URL
  9. 9.
  10. 10.