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Tech Bunker


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Idea for new content to Battle Pirates

Published in: Technology, Business
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Tech Bunker

  1. 1. Tech bunker<br />The purpose of this building is to add more diversity to weapon and armour setups and increase the depth of the game, for more fun and surprising battles.<br />All weapon and armour stats are merely as an example I have not worked out the most balanced and correct values.<br />The Tech Bunker allows the combining of weapons and storage of ship parts and weapon and armour specials. <br />If this building is destroyed, the remains look like a set of metal plating, the research continues but the parts shop is disabled so you cannot build new ships with custom parts until it is repaired.<br />The building size and shape is a 2 x 1 tile area shown in the image below:<br />The Tech lab can be upgraded to level 5:<br />Level 1: Nothing available (like current labs).<br />Level 2: Tier 1 weapon slots open.<br />Level 3: Tier 1 armour slots open.<br />Level 4: Tier 2 weapon slots open.<br />Level 5: Tier 2 armour slots open.<br />Weapons<br />To create new weapons you have to have researched them. You select weapons to combine 2 of the tier that you have available. Weapons created here are placed in normal weapon slots.<br />Tier 1:<br /><ul><li>Thud Cannons
  2. 2. Rapier Missiles
  3. 3. Hydra Rockets
  4. 4. Diplomat Mortar</li></ul>Tier 2:<br /><ul><li>Ripper Cannons
  5. 5. Cutlass Missiles
  6. 6. Maelstrom Rockets
  7. 7. Peacemaker Mortar</li></ul>You can use any level of weapon (I-IV), however the weapon stats will be biased to the one with the highest level by 25%, if they match the flexible stats will be 50/50%.<br />The first time you combine weapons you will not know if they will make a successful combination, so if they are successful you unlock the ability to build the new weapon type, but the prototype is consumed in the process (so the discovery doesn't net a usable weapon)<br />Once you have a blueprint for a weapon you build them in the Tech Bunker in batches of 1-6.<br />Example Weapon Combinations<br />Thud Cannons + Rapier Missiles = Firefly Launcher [Penetrating]<br />The Firefly Launcher fires Thud Cannon type shells in a missile shaped arc which can go over walls. Higher accuracy than Thud Cannons but slower reload (in between Rapier Missiles and Thud Cannons). Since the damage type is set to penetrating these will not benefit from Hardened Barrels.(can be changed to balance).<br />Bias stats:<br />Thud Cannons: Range 49, 125% damage.50/50: 100%. Range 60, 100% damage.Rapier Missiles: Range 72, 75% damage.<br />Thud Cannons + Hydra Rockets = Spitfire Cannons [Ballistic]<br />Fires a burst of Thud Cannon rounds in a cone like a shotgun that do not splash. The spread means larger ships or ships with their broadside to the ship firing this weapon will get hit more.<br />Bias stats:<br />Thud Cannons: 4 rounds, 125% damage.50/50: 100%. 5 rounds, 100% damage.Hydra Rockets: 6 rounds, 75% damage.<br />Thud Cannons + Diplomat Mortar = Cerberus Cannons [Explosive]<br />These are big and heavy double barrelled cannons designed to fit on a large ship (Max 2) with lighter armour. They have an extreme range but low accuracy, small area of effect.<br />Bias stats:<br />Thud Cannons: 6 range area of effect, 125% damage.50/50: 100%. 9 range area of effect, 100% damage.Diplomat Mortar: 12 range area of effect, 75% damage.<br />Rapier Missiles + Hydra Rockets = Ember Mortar [Special]<br />Fires fat mortar shells with a fast and low arc that do very small damage but leave a burning fire with thick smoke that hinders ship crews and reduces accuracy/speed or both.<br />Bias stats:<br />Rapier Missiles: 1 round, 125% duration.50/50: 100%. 2 rounds, 100% duration.Hydra Rockets: 3 rounds, 75% duration.<br />Cutlass Missiles + Ripper Cannons = Steel Storm [Penetrating]<br />Fires a steel disk in a straight line at range 45 that travels for 60 range and penetrates through up to 3 boats with low damage.<br />Bias stats:<br />Ripper: Total ship penetration = 3, 75% damage.50/50: Total ship penetration = 2, 100% damage.Cutlass Missiles: Total ship penetration = 1, 125% damage.<br /> towards ripper cannons, total ship penetration = 3, 50/50 = 2 and - 25% = 1. The bias towards Cutlass Missiles increases damage.<br />Ripper Cannons + Peacemaker Mortar = Meteor Shot [Ballistic]<br />Fires a single shot of ripper style ballistic round with up to 81 range and a reload time of 8 seconds. To bridge the gap to hardened barrels slightly.<br />Bias stats:<br />Ripper: Range= 61, 75% reload time.50/50: Range= 70, 100% reload time.Peacemaker Mortar: Range= 81, 125% reload time.<br />Maelstrom Rockets + Peacemaker Mortar = Landslide [Explosive]<br />Fires a fan of mortar bomblets with up to 55 range starting from left to right with the center bomblet being fired directly at the enemy ship.<br />Bias stats:<br />Maelstrom Rockets: 45 range, 6 bomblets.50/50: 50 range, 5 bomblets.Peacemaker Mortar: 55 range, 4 bomblets.<br />Cutlass Missiles + Maelstrom Rockets = Twin Hydra [Special]<br />Fires 2 Cutlass Missiles with a range of 45 that randomly target the closest 2 enemy ships. Note that the damage of the Twin Hydra missiles is less (just over half) than that of a cutlass missiles.<br />Bias stats:<br />Maelstrom Rockets: 72 range, 75% damage.50/50: 60 range, 100% damage.Peacemaker Mortar: 49 range, 125% damage.<br />Example Armour Combinations<br />Armour specials are created by combining missiles with armour types. you only need the research available you do not need the armour type on the boat or the missile ready in the silo.<br />Unlike the weapon combinations, armour specials are consumables that are triggered upon being struck or proximity and have to be rebuilt in the Tech Bunker then refitted into an Armour Special slot.<br />Bias can change charges, range, damage and all other stats..<br />Tier 1:<br /><ul><li>Iron
  8. 8. Steel
  9. 9. Daisy Cutter
  10. 10. Widow Maker</li></ul>Tier 2:<br /><ul><li>Titanium
  11. 11. Depleted Uranium
  12. 12. Bunker Buster
  13. 13. Pinch</li></ul>Example Armour Combinations<br />Iron + Daisy Cutter = Urchin [Ballistic] Cooldown 2 seconds after being hit. 3 charges.<br />When struck by ballistic type weapons the Urchin explodes firing up to 3 bullets that look like ripper rounds at nearby enemy ships.<br />Bias stats:<br />Iron: 50 range, 75% damage.50/50: 45 range, 100% damage.Daisy Cutter: 40 range, 125% damage.<br />Steel + Widow Maker = Stinger [Explosive] Cooldown 2 seconds after being hit. 3 charges.<br />When hit by ballistic weapons a stinger charge will ignite firing a wave of corrosive acid from the front and back of the ship that has a cone shaped area of effect. 3 Charges<br />Bias stats:<br />Steel: 150% Cone Width, 75% damage.50/50: 100% Cone Width, 100% damage.Widow Maker: 50% Cone Width, 125% damage.<br />Titanium + Pinch = Nova [Special] Cooldown 3 seconds after being fired. Charges 1-3.<br />When an enemy boat gets within a range of 40 a small spherical mine is dropped into the water. After 4 seconds, the mine will activate and explode if a boat gets within a range of 15 firing a EMP nova in an expanding sphere stunning all ships for up to 3 seconds.<br />Bias stats:<br />Titanium: 1 charge, 3 second stun.50/50: 2 charges, 2 second stun.Pinch: 3 charges, 1 second stun.<br />Depleted Uranium + Bunker Buster = Hawk [Penetrating] Cooldown 4 seconds after being hit. Charges 1-3.<br />When hit by [Explosive] type weapons the hawk fires a tiny supersonic rocket with 100% accuracy and range 86 at the ships current target.<br />Bias stats:<br />Depleted Uranium: 1 charge, 3 second stun.50/50: 2 charges, 2 second stun.Bunker Buster: 3 charges, 1 second stun.<br />Depleted Uranium + Orion = Lobster [Ballistic] Cooldown 2 seconds after being hit. 3 charges.<br />When struck by ballistic type weapons the Lobster explodes firing up to 3 rounds that look like Thud Cannon rounds at nearby enemy ships.<br />Bias stats:<br />Depleted Uranium: 50 range, 75% damage.50/50: 45 range, 100% damage.Orion: 40 range, 125% damage.<br />