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Presentation by Mr. Satish Kumar, Schneider Electric at India Interior Summit 2012, Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi, India

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  • So the energy equation is very simple and very complex to solve. At minimum, energy consumption, including electricity and other sources, will double in the next 40 years. Electricity use itself will double by 2030. At the same time, climate specialists tell us we should divide emissions by 2 to avoid serious climatic changes. In other terms, the world needs to improve its carbon intensity by a factor of 4. This means the developed world, the US, Europe, the Eastern seaboard of China will have to save energy or implement large scale EE measures. Mobilization on climate change world wide By 2030, ~3/4 of energy sources will remain CO2-related Grave consequences expected if global temperature rises by 3°c (based on International Energy Agency quotes and studies Important need for reliable energy Cost of 1 hour downtime = up to $10 million (depending on the industries) Green energy is a must and an opportunity Share of renewable in energy mix could double in the next 20 years ( based on both IEA and Department of Energy (DOE), USA)
  • Not only are energy prices increasing every year but the rate of growth is rapidly increasing. We are all very familiar with the impact of increasing demand and decreasing availability but speculation can also play a role energy prices. Since electricity is traded as a commodity, it can be influenced by trends in legislation, politics and world events. This makes energy prices very difficult to predict but it makes sense that these trends will continue for many years.
  • Energy efficiency at the point of use makes sense, because so much energy is lost during transmission.
  • require Green products and want to reduce the environmental impact of their activity (e.g. primarily the carbon footprint).
  • For reference: The above numbers are coming from Mckinsey Analysis In 2005, China’s cement production capacity was approx. 1.3 billion tons (source: www.
  • If India’s per capita GHG emission increases to around 5 Tonnes of CO2, India will become the world’s second largest contributor to Greenhouse gas emission. Therefore, it is imperative that we development that will NOT take place at the cost of the environment.
  • ) First, renewable energies are mandatory. It is a must in the future carbon free world. We need to make their implementation easier and faster. But, fossil-based production will remain dominant in the coming decades. Even in 20 years, Renewables share will not be more than 15 to 20% globally Renewables also are volatile ( there is not always wind or sun). The energy grid needs to adapt to variations. Renewables are mandatory, but they are absolutely not the solution to a low carbon economy. 2) More important, we need to be more energy efficient. The international energy agency says that half of CO2 emissions reduction will come from energy savings. This is the biggest part of the solution. It is not expensive. Pay back is short. Implementation time is short. The best way to generate clean energy is to save energy. Every kwh saved in a building saves three kwh of pollution and carbon emission. It is because there are many losses in the electricity generation and transmission chain. Speaking about energy efficiency, we need to focus on the biggest energy consumers: buildings. Infrastructure, Industrial, tertiary and residential buildings account for almost 75% of world’s final energy consumption (SURE, it is not the SE buildings scope but for energy infrastructure, industry, buildings and residential ) With Active energy efficiency solutions. On new buildings you can cut your consumption by four. In existing buildings, you can save 30% at least. Same technologies do apply to Industry and infrastructure applications. Nevertheless, energy management is not only energy efficiency. It is about making energy safe, reliable and also green. The energy equation needs to be performing in all four directions. Technologies do exist. They just need to be implemented now. And we need also the specialists and trained people to make it happen. 3) Electric Vehicles (EV) are no longer a fantasy and Schneider Electric is determined to lead this promising market. This will definitely be one of the biggest opportunity and challenge of the Smart Grid. (le mot chinois pour danger here?) An opportunity, as we expect at least 50% of the car market to be electric in the next 10 to 15 years. A challenge, because it will put a huge pressure on energy demand. If we have to start 3 coal-plants to support the fact that everyone is plugging-in its electric car at 6pm, the environmental breakthrough of EV will be lost. There are two main challenges: - First, the battery: it is today the most expensive part of EV. The business model and the performance of batteries are still to improve and invent. - Second, the charging poles need to be technologically irreproachable, safe and affordable. Communication will also be key. Technology design, simplicity and affordability will be critical. Consumer adoption and education will be key. This requires an holistic approach and a complete integration to the smart grid. 4) Eventually, this electrical network will need real time connection at every stage of the smart grid For utilities and Transmission Operators to know the load and need of the network For the network to manage volatility of renewables. For consumers to know what is their consumption and where it comes from Demand response. For the grid to manage the variations of consumptions of intelligent buildings, industry and infrastructure. For electric vehicles drivers to know where the closest charging pole is to charge their car. Smart grid must be a transparent way to have visibility on energy at every stage. Smart grid must connect all the intelligent systems at all levels. Smart grid must optimize the energy supply and the energy demand.
  • Là encore, SE apporte son expertise dans 5 grands domaines : (lister) ainsi que nos capacités d’intégration, d’interconnexion des systèmes, et enfin notre état d’esprit collaboratif.
  • Whilst we have responsibility for the technology leadership of White Space Management, we must also bring the full system approach to the markets we serve (IT & Finance), from components, through control applications, to supervisory and enterprise level software.
  • Human analogy: human body manages and changes automatically all of the time (touch hot stove); same with a building nervous system…can make better and better automatic decisions with converged solutions…intelligent buildings. Our frontal lobe—more intelligent decisions over time; this can become the promise of a bright green building. This description is designed to give people a quick, general overview of what we do. It is designed to be clear and accessible, and is recommended only for audiences who do not know us well. A building is the best example, as it offers the broadest presentation of our portfolio how we integrate our different areas of expertise. Safe Energy in general, and electrical energy in particular, can be dangerous. We make it safe, in order to protect people and assets. SE provides circuit breakers, surge protectors, wiring devices, and other systems designed to ensure your safety. Reliable An unreliable energy supply can cause huge losses. Depending on the industry, the cost of 1 hour downtime can reach $10 million. The power gird is not always reliable, whether in terms of continuity or of quality. In the digital world of today, a “pure energy” supply without variations in intensity or cuts is a must. Efficient and productive Few people realise that a mere click on a computer mouse consumes a considerable amount of energy. Consider this: one day’s worth of Google searches generates the same amount of CO2 emissions as 200 return flights between Paris and New York. Note for the speaker 1 Google search = 1g of CO2 (between 0. 2 & 7g depending on the sources) 1 NYC-Paris return flight = 1T of CO2 200 millions Google searches every day Because energy is the source of all activity, we help our customers to manage it so as to boost their productivity. How? By developing automation and connectivity to make life easier for them. Our lifecycle services bring further peace of mind to our customers throughout the entire lifespan of their installations. Energy efficiency can give a remarkable boost to your finances by enabling you… -…to save on your energy bills, and… -…to optimise total cost of ownership of real estate or production facilities. This applies to individuals, and even more so to factory or business owners. The rising price of energy as well as growing environmental concerns mean that energy efficiency is not only the right way; it is the only way. Green Green energy is both a need and an opportunity The share of renewable in the world’s energy mix could double over the next 20 years ( according to both IEA and the US Department of Energy) SE will be part of this green transition, by providing easy ways to install and connect renewable energy sources. In renewable energy, SE provides connection systems and products like inverters, etc. EcostruXure: Simple software integration The biggest source of efficiency is integration. Simply connecting the different spaces of the building (Facility management system, security system, IT system, power monitoring system) through software systems can yield great benefits. It enables you to: Achieve more while using less Making instant documented decisions based on accurate data (consolidation is key to reduce waste and optimize the whole) Save time and energy through remote monitoring. EcoStruXure is a framework for creating simple Intelligent Energy management systems that save money and, more importantly, reduce waste. This agile, “architectural” approach makes optimised systems accessible to a wider audience thanks to its compatible product designs and open-platform software. It provides end-users with the tools they need to reduce their time to design and integrate, as well as their capex and opex. As consumers, businesses, and entire economies become increasingly reliant on technology, devices must become more intuitive, efficient, and intelligent. With EcoStruXure, Schneider Electric is helping energy to evolve in the same direction.
  • Clicking on any pin shows the status of the site in terms of kWh consumption and kg CO2
  • Customer Profile TNT Express is a global transportation company operating in 200 countries and employing over 80,000 people. With 50 aircraft and over 30,000 vehicles, the company provides businesses and consumers with a range of express delivery services around the world. TNT Centre, located in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, is a five story, 17,000 m2 building with a car park. Schneider Electric has a strategic alliance with the property developer OVG, Europe’s priemier sustainable property developer. This made it possible for us to partner directly with the property developer from the very beginning of the project. We were full participants in the integrative design/build process, which allowed us to contribute our systems design, specification and technology expertise throughout the entire process. Our energy management expertise—and our ability to understand and plan for life cycle energy consumption to help the customer achieve sustained building performance overtime—was something that no other vendor could provide. Customer benefits CO2 neutral building demonstrates TNT's commitment to corporate social responsibility goals 60% more energy efficient than required by current building codes Among top 5% of sustainable buildings in the Netherlands 10% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership 1.5% improved workforce productivity due to healthy indoor climate Green certifications —LEED Platinum and GreenCalc+ 1006 EcoStruxure Solution Power measurement Power quality mitigation Local LV/MV protection & control Renewable energy conversion HVAC control Lighting control Pump & fan control Video surveillance Reference on public website: Customer quote As a supplier of installation and control techniques, "In our opinion Schneider Electric is the world's number one in innovations. They really observe the market. That is obvious.... in their tender they even looked ten years ahead; that is what their quality was based on. They were the only company to do so." Coen van Oostrom, CEO & Founder, OVG
  • The world’s largest positive energy building represents a radical transformation of commercial buildings Bouygues Immobilier developer Exprimm operator SSII Steria occupant This first of its kind, 23,000 m2 office building was leased out in June 2011, and incorporates comprehensive Schneider Electric solutions. Located in Meudon, France, just outside of Paris, it is the world’s largest positive energy building, producing more energy than it consumes. Schneider Electric collaborated extensively with key project stakeholders throughout the integrative design/build process. The building was designed to reduce energy consumption, guarantee user comfort and produce enough energy to surpass consumption. High performance insulation, natural ventilation, an intelligent Building Management System, a biomas CHP (combined heat and power) boiler, and photovoltaic energy, all contribute to the positive energy achievement. Schneider Electric supplied a solution based on EcoStruxure architecture, integrating building and energy management, power management and security management. EcoStruxure acts as a solution ecosystem, delivering guaranteed compatibility across key application areas and leveraging open standards—including Ethernet, TCP/IP, BACnet®, LON®, and Modbus®—across both Schneider Electric and third-party offers. EcoStruxure Solution intelligent Building Management System (iBMS) • electrical distribution equipment (MV/LV boards, transformers) • structured cabling network • heating & ventilation control • lighting control • sunblind control • motorized window control • security (intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance) • alarm management • space management Personal comfort control In order to optimize the comfort and user-friendliness of the building, work areas were divided into 2.70 m sections, with the following in each: • 2 dimmable light fixtures • 2 motorized blinds • 2 motorized windows • 1 controllable ceiling fan • 1 occupancy and luminosity sensor A single device, the STIBIL® room controller, manages this equipment in each area. Individual occupants can control their own environment by accessing a “personal comfort” control panel via their PC or a remote control device.
  • The SIMI, a French real estate forum, has awarded Schneider Electric with it’s “Grand Prix SIMI 2011” in the category “Business & Research Building " for its new building "Horizon" located in Carros, France Project Overview The project comprises 3 floors housing R&D laboratories and an office floor for the product line-up creation centre, 5,436 m² of usable floor space and has capacity for 350 people. It had an €8 million overall budget for unfitted floors, including photovoltaic electricity generation. It represents a design that minimizes environmental impacts and optimizes the geographical setting. It is a model of energy efficiency with a binding undertaking, backed by the design-build contractor with guaranteed 40kWh /m² /year of total energy consumption, excluding solar production, with continuous performance level monitoring. It uses 1,400 m² of photovoltaic panels to meet its low energy needs and is a certified Low-Energy Building. Challenges Met by the Project • A building that structures and optimizes closer ties between R&D and production. • A co-design process in which Schneider and its staff, architect and builder were all closely involved. • Flexible, future-forward architecture. • Genuine energy performance with long-lasting undertakings guaranteed as part of the contract. • A low-energy-consumption building dedicated to improving the quality of working life The Business Case Enhance Schneider Automation’s global knowledge center by bringing together its Sophia-Antonopolis R&D and its Carros production units under one roof. Main Reasons • Intensify and improve ties between R&D and production, to increase responsiveness and performance. • Create much stronger synergies, to promote creativity. • Reduce operating costs. The Eco Valley Extending over 10,000 hectares where land meets sea, the Plaine du Var Eco Valley symbolises the Mediterranean of tomorrow. A vast area devoted to innovation, creation and blue-sky thinking, it’s firmly focused on sustainability and green technologies. The project’s importance is reflected in its status as an official Operation of National Interest. The Site On a 4.9 hectare site on the banks of the river Var, with a built surface area of 19,400 m² (13,900 m² existing, 5,500 m² new), 40% office, 60% industrial. EcoStruxure solution: > Heating and cooling generation Groundwater pumping and reinjection combined with water-to-water heat exchangers and a high yield heat pump. > Heating and cooling distribution and air conditioning . using a system of 4-tube ceiling-mounted chiller beams. . air conditioning via 4-tube air handling units with energy extraction from the vented air. . free-cooling night-time additional ventilation system to enhance overall energy performance. . motorised ventilation openings controlled by the BMS. Meeting rooms are fitted with variable output air distribution linked to movement sensors and controlled by the BMS >On-site photovoltaic energy generation >Security (access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, fire detection >Intelligent Building and Energy Management System >Lighting & sun blind control Green & Energy Certifications: HPE QA (high-performance energy and associated qualities) delivered by Certivea, a subsidiary of the CSTB. HPE QA certification makes this a building ahead of its time, whose performance exceeds even the requirements of the new RT2012 thermal regulations as well as current comfort standards. Effinergie BBC (low-energy building) certified : one of the most demanding classifications, this describes a building that consumes at least 50% less energy than the conventional regulatory standard. More information:
  • Design & Construction Owned by private investor Built by BNP Paribas Real Estate & Bouygues Immobilier Designed by famous architect JM Wilmotte Schneider Electric technology and expertise deployed throughout design/build process Project start: January 2006 Project complete: November 2008 One of the 1 st buildings in France to earn HQE certification for new construction Operations Energy audits were conducted once the building was occupied EN 16001 and ISO 14001 energy performance projects were undertaken immediately 2010: first building in France to earn HQE Exploitation Certification, Operation & Maintenance EN 16001 — European energy management standard ISO 14001 — international energy management standard 2011: first building in the world to earn ISO 50001 — international standard for energy management systems 2012, Uses 78 kWh/m2/year—compared to 320 kWh/m2/year used in previous buildings (before site consolidation) EcoStruxure Solution Intelligent Building Management System (iBMS) HVAC, Lighting & Sunblind Control, energy data collection Energy Management Energy Management Information System Energy dashboards for visitors, facility managers, etc. Energy metering by zone by usage in each zone by energy type Security Management Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance Solar PV on-site generation Electric vehicle charging stations Alarm management (elevators, UPS) More info on the HIVE:
  • Genzyme’s goals were to lower energy and operational cost and to champion sustainability. Schneider Electric collaborated extensively with key project stakeholders throughout the integrative design/build process. Our solution includes an intelligent building management system (Andover Continuum) to control the main building systems and to measure and report energy trends. EcoStruxure Solution Our intelliegent Buidling Management System (iBMS) integrates and manages 40,000 points of control Super sophisticated HVAC, includes fresh air intake, 3rd party steam plant, pressure reducing stations, heat exchangers, radiant & trench heat Lighting control, including daylight harvesting 7 roof-mounted heliostats 900 stainless steel sun blinds Storm-water runoff CO2 fire alarm monitoring As a result, Genzyme Center earned a LEED Platinum certification, the highest rating issued by the U.S Green Building Council and is now able to work more efficiently--operating the building with two less technicians. (Facility staff went from 6 to 4). Intelligent, integrative planning & design, along with EcoStruxureTM system architecture helped reduce overall energy cost by 42% reduce water usage by 34% below standard established by 1992 Energy Policy Act Environmental features like natural daylighting, access to outdoor views, collaborative work spaces, fresh air and operable windows have made employees happier and more productive: Sick time reduced by 5% 88% employees report improved well-being 72% employees report improved alertness & productivity Other points of interest 15% on-site renewable energy generation Fresh air is circulated into the building every day Outdoor views from every seat 800 operable windows individual lighting & temp control Indoor gardens 6,000 sq.ft. green roof plant life provides insulation, absorbs water and slows the amount of water going down the building’s drains. Much of that rainwater is filtered, captured and stored in four 200-gallon tanks on the roof, and is used to water plants in the summer. “ We provided Schneider Electric with our requirements and they came up with a great plan.” “ The Schneider Electric building management system takes care of 40 000 points of control. It is the brain that monitors everything in the building.” “ Schneider Electric supports us and backs us up any time we have an issue. TAC has been a great partner.” Lou Capozzi, Facilities Manager, Genzyme Center
  • The Earth Rangers Centre is an advanced green building, certified Gold under LEED® for New Construction and LEED Platinum for Existing Buildings. Through school shows, community events, and online programs, Earth Rangers makes children aware of the impact that humans have on the environment, inspiring them with a lasting passion to build a green future. Located on the Kortright Living City Campus in Woodbridge Ontario, Canada, the Centre is a showcase of cutting edge building technology such as energy metering, smart automation and controls, innovative water and wastewater management, solar generation, green roofs, and geothermal heating and cooling. EcoStruxure Solution     HVAC Controls (Andover Continuum Building Management) —1000+ sensors     Lighting Controls (PowerLink/ Clipsal)     Power Monitoring (PowerLogic Meters/ ION-Enterprise) —84 metering points     Lighting Fixtures (Juno)     UPS (APC)     Security (Pelco Cameras)     Dual EV Charging Stations     EMIS (StruxureWare Energy Operation) In the initial phase of the project, Schneider Electric donated equipment and systems worth $375,000 to help Earth Rangers make their facility both energy and carbon neutral, and to complement their LEED Gold for New Construction certification with a LEED Platinum for Existing Buildings certification. This first installation included Schneider Electric building automation hardware and software, power monitoring and energy management tools, Juno lighting, Pelco cameras, and PowerLink/Clipsal lighting controls. An electrical vehicle charging system was eventually added to the overall solution. Though the initial project enabled significant energy savings, the customer wanted to achieve higher levels of building performance. This was accomplished in July of 2011, when Schneider Electric installed its StruxureWare Energy Operation EMIS at Earth Rangers Centre. By adding Energy Operation as part of the overall energy management solution, Earth Rangers now has the tools to easily and efficiently turn energy data into actionable information. This system leverages the downstream real-time monitoring and control systems and offers: ● facility operations personnel the tools to identify, analyze, and report on energy savings and sustainability initiatives ● managers the ability to validate the effectiveness of their energy savings initiatives and investments, helping document the true return on investment in dollars, kWh and CO2 saved ● an attractive, easy to understand public facing display kiosk to help communicate the Earth Rangers' mission and energy achievements to visitors of the centre and corporate website Customer benefits Schneider Electric's integrated energy management solution delivers the following benefits to Earth Rangers: • centralized key energy data into a single view for energy monitoring, analysis, and reporting • early detection of poor energy performance • effective performance reporting • auditing of historical operations • identification and justification of energy projects • evidence of success of energy initiatives • support for energy budgeting and management accounting • year-over-year energy reductions of 20% • In 2010, the 60,000 square foot Earth Ranger facility was operated 83% more efficient than the original Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB) base design case • On-site generation through solar PV arrays installed on the roof and in the parking lot have helped ERC become revenue neutral due to the subsidies provided through the Ontario FIT contract for on-site generation • 2011 year-to-date savings (vs. prior year):      o GHG savings: 444.2 tons CO2      o water recycling savings equal to 0.5 Olympic sized pools • The energy monitoring system has also allowed Earth Rangers to target multiple credits under LEED Existing Building, namely Energy and Atmosphere Credits 3.2 and 3.3 (system level metering), along with Water Efficiency Credit 1.1 (sub-metering and reporting) • Additional spill off credits resulting from the system can be seen in an estimated Energy Star rating of 97
  • Sustainability is visible through our self-guided interactive display. Green Building Council of Australia awards first rating (full six star rating) to an education facility 20 year relationship at Bond University with both building management and access control Data captured and smart decisions are made based on weather conditions Renewable energy produced by solar, wind, biodiesel generator, and regenerative drive lift 82% reduction in carbon footprint EcoStruxure Solution Intelligent Building Management system HVAC Lighting Renewable Energy Conversion We help the university showcase its world-class Mirvac School of Sustainable Development, a facility aimed at the advancement of teaching sustainability principles and practices. Advanced energy efficiency offer The Schneider Electric computer-based control system limits energy consumption by regulating building operations such as motion-activated lighting and air conditioning. The Building Management System is the data collection repository and main information source for the Living Lab interactive display.
  • Installations: • 24.000 Physical Data Points • 2.800 Lighting Circuits • 1.400 TAC Xenta® Controllers • 1,280 Room Axes • 1,200 Controlled Sun-Blinds • 320 Floor-Mounted Distributors • 250 Motion Detectors • 150 Room Control Elements • 36 LON-Routers Applications: • HVAC Control • Lighting Control • Sun Blind Control • Sun Tracking • Modern Room Control Concept • Highly Flexible Room Axis Solution • Energy Management / FM
  • Schneider Electric was involved in the design phase of this project to understand full client needs and support goal of achieving highest level of green building certification Customer Needs Design, Engineering & Integration support to achieve highest Green Building rating, ensuring ….. Minimize waste & emissions Minimize energy and water use Safe & pleasant work environment Employee productivity & satisfaction Flexibility Experienced company to “design for performance” and execute project EcoStruxure Solution Integrated Building Management and Energy Management Systems Energy Dashboard Access control & CCTV VESDA for server room MV/LV power Distribution Lighting Control Customer Benefits Integrated Building Management System with embedded Energy Management to achieve Energy Efficiency Safety of the people & asset with well coordinated Electrical distribution system Employee comfort with effective lighting & HVAC control Enhanced Security with Access control & CCTV
  • We help people make the most of their energy. What does it mean? between energy generation (coal, nuclear, Hydro, etc.) and energy usage (what we all do with energy everyday), it is our play ground: energy management. It consists in making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. Let’s go a little bit more into detail (next slide)
  • Mr. satish kumar, schnieder electric

    1. 1. Next Generation EnergyManagementDr. Satish KumarSchneider ElectricNovember 2012
    2. 2. The Energy Dilemma: Opportunity or Threat? The facts The need vs Energy demand CO2 emissions to By 2050 avoid dramatic climate Electricity by 2030 changes by 2050 Source: IEA 2007 Source: IPCC 2007, figure (vs. 1990 level) Conflicts for Frequent Rising Climate change resource access power outages energy prices & control Schneider Electric © 2
    3. 3. Energy costs are not just rising,they are accelerating● Energy prices are increasing because of ● Increased demand ● Declining energy availability ● Looming threat of energy legislation● In the European Union, energy costs have increased 47%1 since 2003 and are projected to grow 30%2 in the next 5 years● In the US, electricity costs have increased 20%3 since 1995 and are projected to grow 10%4 in the next year 1 Eurostat,, Includes average of EU 27 2 2009 Electric Market Forecasting Conference, Dr Stephan Sharma Schneidercost per kWh in United States from Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings, Pike Research, 2009 3 Average Electric © 4 Energy Information Administration 3
    4. 4. 1 unit saved in the home, office or factory saves 4.2 units at a typical Indian power plant.Schneider Electric © 4
    5. 5. Energy Efficiency is a Must● Cheaper ● Each energy unit saved avoids 4.2 energy units used for generation ● DR programs cost about half of the cost of generation● Faster ● Technology is available today with short term results ● Shorter Lead Time than New Supply● Cleaner ● “Negawatt” produces no environmental footprint● Energy Security ● EE is homegrown and a national asset ● Reduces reliance on imported fossil fuel sources (coal, natural gas, and oil) Schneider Electric © 5
    6. 6. Sustainability is a global, mainstreamissue Schneider Electric ©
    7. 7. Sustainable Growth Conundrum - I Total Floor Space (Billion m2) Vehicle Fleet (Millions)Includes Commercial and Residential Includes 2 and 3 wheelers, Passenger Vehicles, Buses and Trucks 377 5 7 41 X X 8 51Total Power Demand (Terawatt hours) Cement Demand (Million tonnes) Includes both Utilities and Captive 860 3870 X 5 700 X 7 127 Source: McKinsey analysis Schneider Electric ©
    8. 8. Sustainable Growth Conundrum - II World 29,381 China 6,550; 22% USA 5,595; 19%Russian federation 1,593; 5.4% India could become the India 1,427; 4.9% SECOND largest Japan 1,151; 3.9% emitter of GHG emissions in the world Latin America 1,068; 3.6% at a per capita Africa 889; 3% emission of 5 tonnes of CO2 Germany 804; 2.7% France 368; 1.3% UAE 147; 0.5% 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 Source: CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion IEA (2010) Schneider Electric © Million Tonnes of CO2
    9. 9. Technology as an EnablerSchneider Electric ©
    10. 10. The Jurassic Grid: Old-style PowerDistribution Centralised Generation Residential Industry Building Datacenter Transmission Distribution Commercial & Industrial • Central production adapting to demand • Production / consumption balance done by variation integrated utility companies • Top-down energy flow • Rather passive users Schneider Electric ©
    11. 11. Active Energy Management Through Smart Grid Demand / supply mgt : Active Energy Efficiency Energy visibility Energy control & optimisationCentralised 2Generation Electric Vehicles & 3 Energy Storage Residential Industry Building Datacenter Transmission Distribution Commercial & Industrial Renewable Energy Decentralised Plants Generation1 Communication and software at all levels of the Schneider Electric © 4 “Smart Grid”
    12. 12. Smart buildings can interact with the smartgrid to bring value to owners & occupants Schneider Electric ©
    13. 13. Smart buildings play a key role in tomorrow’sSmart Cities City Challenges SmartCity Solutions Smart Grid Managing the growing demand in electricity while improving customer service Smart Cities Smart Mobility Facilitating resident 5 domains of expertise mobility through better information & interoperability Integrated for performance Smart Water In a collaborative model Managing water hazards and growing water demand Smart Public Services Efficiently managing public safety, healthcare, and govt. administration Smart Buildings & Homes Optimizing resource consumption & comfort for buildings & homes Schneider Electric ©
    14. 14. Integration is key to optimise efficiency Energy Supervision managementEnergy data access Enterprise portal services at low cost POWER PROCESS & MACHINES WHITE SPACE Supervision BUILDING CONTROL SECURITY Supervision Schneider Electric ©
    15. 15. Smarter, converged solutions designed forhigh performance Interoperability and opennessConvergence to third party systems HVAC control Efficient & Productive Lighting control • Measure and control energy, automate, provide relevant diagnosis Access control • Manage processes • Make all the utilities of any Video security Infrastructure more efficient Electrical distribution Reliable Prevent from power outage & quality Energy monitoring variance Safe Motor control •Protect people and assets •Transform and distribute power safely Critical power Green IT data Make the connection of renewable energy sources easy, reliable and cost-effective Renewable energies Schneider Electric ©
    16. 16. StruxureWare Energy Identify your Energy Savings potential and prove itSchneider Electric © 16
    17. 17. StruxureWare Energy VideoSchneider Electric © 17
    18. 18. Remote monitoring through cloud Ener gy Onl i ne Cust om er Por t al St r uxur eW e ar Ener gy Si t e 1 Si t e 2 Si t e NData from Software (BMS,EMS, Data from Software (BMS,EMS, Data from Software (BMS,EMS, SCADA, Other) or Energy SCADA, Other) or Energy SCADA, Other) or Energy Meters Meters Meters Schneider Electric © 18
    19. 19. A True Energy Management Information System Data Data Multi-site Multi-site All Stakeholders All Stakeholders Aggregation Aggregation Electricity Offices Offices Corporate Corporate Cooling Heating Plants Plants Management Management Steam Water Facilities/Buildings Facilities/Buildings Gas Data centers Data centers Occupancy Public Kiosk Public KioskSchneider Electric © 19
    20. 20. Energy Advanced Single pane of Single pane of Validate the Validate the Communicate Communicate glass for energy glass for energy effectiveness of effectiveness of energy efficiency and energy efficiency and performance performance your energy your energy sustainability sustainability analysis, reporting analysis, reporting efficiency efficiency achievements via an achievements via an and presentation and presentation investments investments attractive Energy attractive EnergySchneider Electric © Kiosk Kiosk 20
    21. 21. Energy Performance - BenchmarkingSchneider Electric © 21 21
    22. 22. Energy Usage Intensity Metrics Schneider Electric © 22
    23. 23. Tracking savings Track your energy efficiency project ROISchneider Electric © 23 23
    24. 24. Calculate Equivalents …convey technical data in non-technical termsSchneider Electric © 24
    25. 25. Energy Analysis ViewsSchneider Electric © 25
    26. 26. Expert analysis: Retail OutletPerformance Comparison Observation: High Operating cost and Energy Consumption at 2 Retail outlets Schneider Electric © 26
    27. 27. Expert Analysis: PUE disturbance tracker for smooth operationObservation: Disturbance of PUE or Server Load can cause huge Down time losses andpenalties in Dollars. Need to check Harmonics and Voltage levels, if repeated frequentlySchneider Electric © 27
    28. 28. Interactive Map – Multi-site performance Schneider Electric © 28
    29. 29. ISO 50001: Energy Management System StandardSchneider Electric ©
    30. 30. ISO 50001 ●ISO 50001 is intended to Improve Energy Performance through activities like: ● Creation and achievement of energy performance goals ● Tracking key performance indicators ●ISO 50001 officially launched in June of 2011 with Schneider Electric’s World Headquarters “The Hive” as the first certified site, globally. Schneider Electric © 30
    31. 31. ISO 50001 – Framework Energy Management system (EnMS) must – be initiated by Top Management – have an identified person in charge – be communicated at all levels – comprise a detailed Energy policy – supported by solid measurement – include a Continuous Improvement process Schneider Electric © 31
    32. 32. On the Path to Net Zero Energy
    33. 33. TNT Centre • Hoofddorp, The NetherlandsOne of Europe’s most sustainable buildings ● Certified LEED Platinum ● 100% renewable energy ● GreenCalc+ 1006 ● 10% reduced total cost of ownership ● Positive energy ● 1.5% increase in workforce productivity Schneider Electric © ● Carbon neutral 33
    34. 34. Green Office Meudon • France ® The largest positive energy building in the world ● Energy production: 62 kWh/m2/yr ● Energy consumption: 39 kWh/m2/yr ● 10 years ahead of regulations ● Collaboration between developer, property manager, occupant, & Schneider ElectricSchneider Electric © 34
    35. 35. Horizon • Carros, FranceSchneider Electric zero energy R&D and manufacturing facility ● 40 kWh/m2/year ● 100% renewable energy ● Low Energy Certified ● Optimized space utilization (Effinergie BBC) ● Promotes synergies between R&D ● HPE QA Certified and production Schneider Electric © ● Grand Prix SIMI 2011 Winner ● Improved occupant well being 35
    36. 36. High-Performance Green Buildings Schneider Electric © 36
    37. 37. The HIVE • Paris, FranceFirst building in the world to earn ISO 50001 certification ● Corporate headquarters ● 35,000 m2 ● 1,850 employees ● 78 kWh/m2/year ● EN 16001, ISO 14001, & HQE certification (for both new construction & operations) Schneider Electric © 37
    38. 38. Genzyme Center • Cambridge, USAA landmark green building ● LEED Platinum ● 40,000 points of control ● 900 blinds, 7 heliostats & indoor chandeliers reflect natural light ● Reduced energy by 42% ● Reduced water usage by 34% ● Reduced sick time by 5% Schneider Electric © 38
    39. 39. Earth Rangers Centre • Ontario, CanadaA demonstration site for new and emerging sustainability technologies● LEED Gold for New Construction● LEED Platinum for Existing Buildings● Greenest building in Canada● StruxureWare Energy Operation for real-time energy management● 83% more efficient than national energy code (MNECB)● Schneider Electric Foundation investment Schneider Electric © 39
    40. 40. Bond University • Robina, AustraliaThe Mirvac School of Sustainable Development,a “Living Lab” for environmental studies● 82% reduced carbon emissions● 75% reduced energy use● 85% renewable energy sources● Greywater treatment & reuse reduces wastewater by 52%● 6-Star Green Star Design Rating Schneider Electric © 40
    41. 41. Capricorn Haus • Düsseldorf, GermanyA quintessential marriage of aesthetics and sustainability● Energy consumption 42 kWh/m2/yr —25% below EnEV requirements (Germany’s Energy Conservation Ordinance)● Personal environmental controls● Highly flexible space utilization● 24,000 points of control Schneider Electric © 41
    42. 42. Delta India Electronics • Gurgaon, India LEED Platinum flagship headquarters ● Intelligent Building Management System (iBMS) ● 35% reduced energy use ● 40% reduced water use ● renewable energy generation Schneider Electric © 42
    43. 43. About Schneider ElectricSchneider Electric © 43
    44. 44. Schneider Electric – the global specialistin energy management Balanced geographies – FY 2011salesbillion € sales Western North Europe(last twelve months) 32% America 23% Asia Pacificof sales in new economies Rest of 27%(last twelve months) World 18%people in 100+ countries Diversified end markets – FY 2011 sales Utilities & Infrastructure 24% Industrial & machines 22% Data centres 16% Non-residential buildings 29% Residential 9%of sales devoted to R&D Schneider Electric © 44
    45. 45. The Global Specialistin Energy Management Energy production Energy Energy & transmission Management Usage ●Wind energy Making energy… ●Appliances ●Safe ●Solar energy ●Climate control ●Reliable ●Hydro ●Efficient ●Security ●Biofuels ●Productive ●Lighting ●Green ●Hydrocarbons ●Machines ●Nuclear ●IT servers …with 30-70% savings everywhere Schneider Electric © 45
    46. 46. Schneider Electric India footprint 17,000+ 6 People AcquisitionsEmployee Inorganic strength (in past 24 months) growth 31 30,000+ Point of salesIndustrial Factories footprint Channel strength 2,000+ 1,000+ Partners R&D Staff R&D (based in India) focus Electric © Schneider 46
    47. 47. Our businesses in India Partner business Power LifeSpace LV power distribution Final power distribution • Circuit Breakers in buildings (ACB, RCD, SPD etc) • Wiring devices • Power monitoring & • Lighting controls correction systems •Cable management • Renewables systems • Energy consulting •Network connectivity servicesInfrastructure Buildings Industry ITMV power distribution Building management Industrial automation Back up Power and • Ring Main Units • Cameras • Process automation cooling solutions•MV Circuit Breakers • Fire panels • Machine automation • Back up inverters & • Scada DMS • security monitoring • Production UPS management • Batteries • Protection relays • Access control • Integrated building • Sensors & RFID •Surge protectors •Transformers management system • AC drives • Server Racks • Automation • Motor starters • Cooling solutions for•Maintenance service data centers Schneider Electric © 47