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SharePoint Saturday Ottawa 2014 - Microsoft Azure : Central component of your SharePoint Online DevOps


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The Cloud can help you and your organization to maximize your investments and to simplify your business processes for all your SharePoint activities. Microsoft Azure can offer you a lot of services that can allow you to transform your infrastructures, your development paradigm and your IT teams to start thinking in terms of DevOps. In this session, our goal will be to show you how to use the Azure platform in an enterprise where SharePoint is used as an application platform. Subjects covered will be :

- Microsoft Azure as IaaS
- Microsoft Azure as CDN
- Microsoft Azure as hub for all your ALM with Visual Studio Online
- Microsoft Azure as an application layer for all your SharePoint Apps
- Microsoft Azure as a complex integration environment
- Microsoft Azure as a deployment framework

The cloud and Microsoft Azure to help the SharePoint platform, it's possible! By Sebastien Levert and Julien Stroheker - Twitter: @sebastienlevert and @Ju_Stroh

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SharePoint Saturday Ottawa 2014 - Microsoft Azure : Central component of your SharePoint Online DevOps

  1. 1. November 22nd, 2014 Microsoft Azure : Central component of your SharePoint Online DevOps? Sébastien Levert & Julien Stroheker Office 365 Architect / Azure Architect pollen group inc. @sebastienlevert / @Ju_Stroh
  2. 2. Thank you to all of our Sponsors!!
  3. 3. DevOps ?
  4. 4. DevOps According to Wikipedia “DevOps is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) operations professionals.”
  5. 5. Julien Stroheker Azure Architect Microsoft Azure MVP From Montréal, Canada 34/3a8/582 @Ju_Stroh / @pimpthecloud
  6. 6. Sébastien Levert Office 365 Architect & Developer Microsoft Office 365 MVP From Montréal, Canada @sebastienlevert / @pimpthecloud
  7. 7. Cloud Models
  8. 8. Cloud Models IaaS
  9. 9. Cloud Models
  10. 10. Our scenario
  11. 11. Scenario
  12. 12. The need
  13. 13. The business need Easy to deploy and instantiate Development VMs Provider-Hosted Weather App Part
  14. 14. A Weather App Part … On Steroids !
  15. 15. IaaS Prepare your deployments
  16. 16. The Nut Cracker syndrom
  17. 17. Why !?! Save your time Save your money Be flexible Easy and powerful !!
  18. 18. Infrastructure as a Service Virtual Network Cloud Services
  19. 19. Infrastructure as a Service 1 - Active Directory 2 - DirSync
  20. 20. Infrastructure as a Service 3 – Dev Template • Windows Server 2012 R2 Updated • Appliy your configurations • IE Enhanced • Firewall • Remote Desktop • .NET FrameWork • Sources • …
  21. 21. Infrastructure as a Service Prepare an imaged instance of SQL 2014
  22. 22. Infrastructure as a Service Install all SharePoint’s prerequisites with some rebootsss Install SharePoint’s binaries with SP1 (MSDN version) Do not run the « Configuration Wizard » Configure your scripts sequence
  23. 23. Infrastructure as a Service SysPrep your machine C:Windowssystem32sysprepsysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /quit started-after-guestinitiated-shutdown?forum=WAVirtualMachinesforWindows
  24. 24. Infrastructure as a Service Capture your machine to save as a template
  25. 25. Infrastructure as a Service
  26. 26. Infrastructure as a Service Install the Microsoft Azure PowerShell Cmdlets Get-AzureSubscription Set-AzureSubscription –SubscriptionName XX " -CurrentStorageAccountName YY
  27. 27. Infrastructure as a Service You are now able to create a VM based on your template $newVM= New-AzureVMConfig-Name "VMPMSPDev" -InstanceSize"Basic_A3" -ImageName"SharePoint_Dev" -HostCachingReadWrite -DiskLabel "VMPMSPDev _OS" -MediaLocation"" | Add-AzureProvisioningConfig -WindowsDomain-AdminUsername"Julien" -Password"pass@word1" -Domain"PMSP" -DomainUserName"Admin" -DomainPassword"pass@word1" -JoinDomain"pimpmysharepoint.lan" | Set-AzureSubnet -SubnetNames "PMSP« New-AzureVM -VMs $newVm -ServiceName "PMSPLabs"
  28. 28. PaaS Develop solutions
  29. 29. Weather Service Open Weather API (http) Web API (https)
  30. 30. Blob Storage JS CSS PNG Fonts
  31. 31. Content Delivery Network
  32. 32. SaaS Using services
  33. 33. Visual Studio Online
  34. 34. Visual Studio Online
  35. 35. Application Insights
  36. 36. DevOps Azure to the rescue
  37. 37. ALM & Azure Development Production
  38. 38. Builds & Continuous Integration
  39. 39. New Azure Portal
  40. 40. Questions
  41. 41. Montrealers’ sessions  Automating your SharePoint Deployments with TFS and Build Server ”  Vlad Catrinescu (130, 8h30)  Microsoft Azure: Central component of your SharePoint Online DevOps?”  Julien Stroheker, Sébastien Levert (130 9h45)  How to use SP2013, O365 and Yammer to create a knowledge network  Nicolas Georgeault (117 11h00)  SharePoint 2013: Managing access and security or sharing?”  Serge Tremblay (119, 1h15)  Build your business portal on office 365 : the social company  Fabrice Vaxelaire, Vincent Biret (119, 2h30)
  42. 42. Thank you to all of our Sponsors!!
  43. 43. Remember to fill out your evaluation forms to win some great prizes! & Join us for SharePint today! Date & Time: Immediately after prizes Location: Observatory Student Pub Address: On Algonquin Campus Parking: No need to move your car!* Site: *Please drive responsibly! We are happy to call you a cab 