PimpJuice Cocktails


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Over 50 different drink mixes that can be made with PimpJuice

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PimpJuice Cocktails

  1. 1. Muddled fresh raspberries topped with 15ml Caprhina rum, 15ml Bacardi 151, Pimpjuice, fresh raspberries & a sprig of mint. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  2. 2. Double shot vodka to a can of PimpJuice poured over crushed ice. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  3. 3. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  4. 4. 15ml Finladia Vodka, 15ml Bombay Sapphire Gin, Can Pimpjuice shaken with ice & served with a flamed Orange Zest. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  5. 5. Used Submitted Scott – Reno, NV Pour 3 parts Budweiser and 1 part Pimpjuice together. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  6. 6. User Submitted Ken – Sparks, NV Mix 3 parts Pimpjuice with, 1 part Captain Morgan www.pimpjuice.com.au
  7. 7. User Submitted Kitty Kat Meow – Sydney, Australia Havana Club Rum & PimpJuice www.pimpjuice.com.au
  8. 8. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  9. 9. Fresh watermelon muddled with 15ml Stoli Orange 15ml Stoli Vanilla topped with a can Pimpjuice & finished with a watermelon wedge dipped in vanilla sugar www.pimpjuice.com.au
  10. 10. User submitted. Walter - Reno, NV Mix 30ml part dry gin with a can Pimpjuice and let it loose! www.pimpjuice.com.au
  11. 11. User Submitted Danielle , El Cortez Lounge, Reno, NV Mix 1 part Pimpjuice, 1 Part Stoli vanilla & 1 part orange juice over ice. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  12. 12. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  13. 13. User Submitted Triality – Carson City, NV www.pimpjuice.com.au
  14. 14. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  15. 15. Crushed fresh pineapple, 10ml Bacardi Spice rum, 10ml Malibu, 10ml Cointreau, Pimpjuice blended with ice & served in a hollowed out pineapple. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  16. 16. 7.5ml Stoli Vodka, 7.5ml Bombay Sapphire Gin 7.5ml Triple Sec 7.5ml Bacardi Rum topped with a can of Pimpjuice served over ice. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  17. 17. *User submitted. Ken - Sparks, NV User Submitted Ken – Sparks, NV Pimpjuice mixed with 30ml Hennessey served over ice. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  18. 18. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  19. 19. User Submitted pimpin Horus - Adelaide, SA a shot of gin with the carbonated pimp juice mixer over ice, with a splash of blackcurrant   www.pimpjuice.com.au
  20. 20. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  21. 21. Cranberry juice 15ml Cranberry liqueur 15ml Lime Finladia vodka topped with Pimpjuice & a sugared lime wedge. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  22. 22. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  23. 23. User Submitted Bram – reno, NV Pour 1 shot Mad Melon 1 shot Apple Pucker 1 shot Cherry Pucker & Pimpjuice together in a glass and serve. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  24. 24. User Submitted Charley – Sparks, NV Mix 30ml Malibu Rum with your Pimpjuice www.pimpjuice.com.au
  25. 25. 15ml Tuaca, 15ml Island Breeze Pucker, pineapple juice, 7-Up, Pimpjuice served over ice. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  26. 26. Start with a 2 gallon igloo water cooler add 1/2 large can of frozen lemonade and frozen limeade pour in 1/2 5th of bottom-shelf gin add crushed mint leaves fill bucket with 7-up and ice sip and get CRUNKED!!! www.pimpjuice.com.au
  27. 27. User submitted George from Omega Foods SA 1 shot Johnny Walker Red and PimpJuice www.pimpjuice.com.au
  28. 28. Passion fruit puree, 30ml Passoa liqueur shaken with Pimpjuice & garnished with a ripped ripe Passion fruit. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  29. 29. User Submitted DJ Ken Tot – Reno, NV www.pimpjuice.com.au
  30. 30. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  31. 31. User Submitted Abdul, Sparks, NV Mix a can of Pimpjuice with 30ml Bacardi 151. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  32. 32. User Submitted Lala – Sparks, NV Combine 1 part Watermelon Smirnoff with 1 part Pimpjuice (or PJ Tight). It is truly "pimp-a-licious"! www.pimpjuice.com.au
  33. 33. Sweet & sour mix 15ml Gold Tequila 15ml Triple Sec shaken with Pimpjuice & ice served in a sugar rimmed glass www.pimpjuice.com.au
  34. 34. *User submitted. Charley - Sparks, NV 3 parts Corona, and 1 part Pimpjuice mixed together in the bottle (no lime) www.pimpjuice.com.au
  35. 35. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  36. 36. 3/4 glass of champagne with 1/4 Pimpjuice. Pop the bottle, let's celebrate - make it green, and let it loose! www.pimpjuice.com.au
  37. 37. *User submitted. Little Waldorf Saloon - Reno, NV User Submitted Little Wardorf Saloon – Reno, NV 30ml Pour vodka over ice, add Pimp Juice, and top with cranberry juice www.pimpjuice.com.au
  38. 38. Midoiri, PimpJuice splash lemon juice www.pimpjuice.com.au
  39. 39. User Submitted Annabelle – Sparks, NV Mix one can of Pimpjuice 2.5 shots Bacardi Silver & crushed ice in a blender. Pour into glasses, top with whipped cream and enjoy! www.pimpjuice.com.au
  40. 40. *User submitted. Jordan, Sparks, NV User Submitted Jordan – Sparks, NV 15ml Southern Comfort 15ml Blue Island Pucker Pimpjuice served over ice. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  41. 41. User Submitted Kris – Carson City, NV One shot of vodka, one shot of Tuaca, filled the rest of the way with Pimpjuice. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  42. 42. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  43. 43. User Submitted DJ Tot – Reno, NV 3/4 part Miller Genuine Draft, pour in 1/4 part Pimpjuice. (also try Miller Light with PJ Tight). www.pimpjuice.com.au
  44. 44. *User submitted. Ken - Sparks, NV User Submitted Ken – Sparks, NV Mix a can of Pimpjuice with 30ml Hpnotiq. Serve as a shot or on the rocks www.pimpjuice.com.au
  45. 45. Chilled Tuaca 30ml, Pimpjuice shaken served in a shot glass. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  46. 46. Chilled Pimpjuice & Jagermister mixed and served as a shot. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  47. 47. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  48. 48. User Submitted Kelley – Reno, NV One shot of Parrot Bay Captain Morgan topped with Pimpjuice. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  49. 49. One shot of Bombay gin, splash of lime juice, splash of Welch's grape juice, and one shot of Pimpjuice. When poured the colors and flavors will separate in the glass! www.pimpjuice.com.au
  50. 50. User Submitted Tommy – Reno, NV Classic 'Sex On The Beach' recipe, add Pimpjuice or PJ Tight, and let it loose! www.pimpjuice.com.au
  51. 51. 15ml Dry Vermouth 15ml Bombay Sapphire Gin shaken with Pimpjuice & served over strained ice & topped with a frozen lime zest twist. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  52. 52. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  53. 53. 10ml Stoli Crystal vodka 10ml Jose Cuervo 1800, Pimpjuice topped with Loui Roederer Cristal Champagne garnished with a chocolate covered strawberry. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  54. 54. 30ml Strawberry liqueur topped with Pimpjuice served in a shot glass. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  55. 55. Sunken 10ml Chambord liqueur topped with 10ml Midori liqueur 10ml Grey Goose vodka & Pimpjuice topped with a pineapple & blackberry spear. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  56. 56. User Submitted Charley – Sparks, NV Mix 3 parts PJ Tight with 1 part Bacardi Silver. www.pimpjuice.com.au
  57. 57. *User submitted Hannah - Victory Hotel, Aldinga,SA 1 shot of contreiu and PimpJuice www.pimpjuice.com.au
  58. 58. www.pimpjuice.com.au