Topic 11 meeting challenges of the 21st century by pefianco


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Topic 11 meeting challenges of the 21st century by pefianco

  1. 1. The last decade of the 20th century was spenton stock taking and envisioning futuredevelopment at an international scale. Closelyfollowing the International Conference oneducation for All convened in Jomtien was theinternational commission on education for the21st century. The Commission’s report, Learning:the Treasure Within set the scenario for thefuture world of learning as envisioned by theeminent educators and thinkers of our time.
  2. 2. The Future Education Scenario
  3. 3. ISSUES AND CHALLENGES FOR TEACHER EDUCATIONThe foregoing macro-level factors indeed help shape the over-all environment in which education operates. The main theaters of actions are:• the classrooms• the learners• the teachers
  4. 4. Who are Teaching our Teachers? In the Philippines, the TEIs are the soleproviders of pre-service education andtraining for teachers. Consequently, what istaught in the colleges and universities willeventually find their way into the classroom.
  5. 5. Content Mastery vs. Pedagogy Mastery of the subject matter or contentand competence in teaching instructionalmanagement need not be mutually exclusive.It has been demonstrated that these can gohand in hand. With the current emphasis onmathematics, science, communication artsand technology, however, the main argumentin the ongoing debate should be revisited andcarefully re-examined.
  6. 6. Teacher Preparation and the Changing Role of Teachers The future world of learning is one wherethe forces of globalization, pervasivetechnology and changing demands on thelearning environment combine to form adynamic setting that is both challingi9ng anddaunting for teachers.
  7. 7. Some Innovations and Strategies1. Reforms in policy and governance. With the greater management autonomy and accountability provided in the law, the preparation for school administrators in-service training and skills retooling for education practitioners are brought to the fore.
  8. 8. 2. Providing technological options and tools. A number of models of technology support for teacher upgrading are available. The Ohio State University’s TELR or Technology Enhance Teaching and Learning system and PT3 Program or Preparing Tomorrow’s Teacher to use Technology are but two of the viable systems that are operational from which we can draw some fresh ideas for technology based teachers support.
  9. 9. -THE END-THANK YOU! :’)