Topic 1 virtual university by nona ricafort


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Topic 1 virtual university by nona ricafort

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines Mindanao State University General Santos City College Of EducationVirtual University-When Higher Education Goes to Cyberspace By Nona Ricafort Presented By: Presented To:Reniel G. Veniegas Dr. Maria Theresa P. PelonesKrylle E. Enesario CITE 3S Adviser Jonna T. Ado
  2. 2. A sage once said “whether we are conscious or not, education is the force that will, more than any other, shape the world’s future.
  3. 3. What is Virtual University? A virtual university provides higher education programs through electronic media, typically the Internet. They are regarded as a form of distance education. Thegoal of virtual universities is to provide accessto the part of the population who would not be able to attend a physical campus, for reasons such as distance.
  4. 4. The 21st century has aptly been called “century of inventions”, technological developments and globalization. There has been an incessant bombardment of new terminology, like internet ware, group ware, body neta, hyper- organizer, digital libraries, virtual classrooms, chatrooms, automated tutors, cookies, portals, cyber cafes, e- commerce and cyber schools.
  5. 5. The world as we know it today, came about because of the advances and innovations in science and technology, the fast changing requirements of communication technology, the advances in computer, internet highway and virtual campuses.
  6. 6. Higher Education has always had an important international dimension, and all of these scientific advances ushered in new modes of learning, greater mobility, and global competition creating a new world for learning and teaching.
  7. 7. The great challenge to mankind, who are sharing one globe, critical for its survival and prosperity, is to think and work globally, as we are facing a global world where people are interdependent and where various origins, societies and cultures are bound to meet, to mix and to compete.
  8. 8. Paradigm ShiftIt is calling for a revolutionary and fresh approach.Requires fundamental changes in 3P’s-persons-processes-products
  9. 9. The 21st century is called the age of 3 C’s• Competition• Change• Costumer
  10. 10. • The Call Centre Industry • The Call Centre Industry is basically a service industry that serves as a vital bridge in between callers and business clients of the centres. In short it is a service that is critically dependent on effective communication, and in the case of Philippines, communication in English.
  11. 11. • The call Centre Industry is an emerging industry in the Philippines and is regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in the world led by the demand for offshore call centres. The information and communications technology division of BOI reported that the call centre industry experienced a growth rate of 70 percent in 2005 making it the most dynamic of all sectors in the Philippine information technology Industry.
  12. 12. • The Importance Of Effective communication in English For call centre PersonnelIn order to ensure that the call centre industryin the Philippines achieve and Maintain alevel of excellence and continue to grow at itsimpressive pace, we must ensure that thecommunication skills of our call centrepersonnel are adequate, if not exceptional.English is the medium of communication incall centre industry, so the acquisition andcommunication skills are important to ensureeffective communication.
  13. 13. • Effective CommunicationEffective communication is not just being able to speak or write English. It depends on how English is spoken or written. There can be effective communication only if callers understands what center personnel trying to convey, whether written or spoken over the phone.
  14. 14. • In summary, education now and in the future, should strive to produce people who have all the principles and values that will empower them to be themselves, to design their own destiny, to make their own choices, to safeguard diversity and to live. In harmony altogether. More than the skills and abilities of how to make a living, a special effort should be made to teach them how to live as a truly global citizens.
  15. 15. End....