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  1. 1. Netherlands Netherlands is a country of tulips and colors, is the destination we all associate with the windmills.
  2. 2. The flag of Netherlands The colors of the Netherlands flag are red, white, and blue.
  3. 3. Map from Netherlands The capital city is Amsterdam.
  4. 4. Curiosities of HollandOne of the most curious things in Netherlands are theMuseums, flowers, windmills, bridges and Bikes tour THROUGH Netherlands.
  5. 5. How to study in Netherlands Most of children complete primaryschool at the age oftwelve, but are still forced to stay in school.
  6. 6. ClimateClimate: The climate of Holland  is maritime temperate with cold winds and low temperatures. In summer it is hot and sunny but cold in winter.
  7. 7. Typical foods of the NetherlandsThese photos are some of thetypical food of the Netherlands
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