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  1. 1. RFEBReal SpanishBasketball Federation
  2. 2. REFB  The Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) is the agency that manages the basketball in Spain. It was founded on July, 1923 in Barcelona and its first president was Fidel Bricalle.
  3. 3.  Basketball in Spain is organized similarly to most European countries and most members of the FIBA. There is a league of professional clubs run by the CBA as first class and other divisions or tiers are organized by the FEB (LEB Gold, LEB Silver and EBA League) in addition to the categories of training of young players, along with territorial federations.
  4. 4. Internationally, the FEB is the sports institution holding the representation of Spain in basketball activities and competitions held international officials inside and outside of Spanish territory.
  5. 5.  Nowadays the FEB is directed by José Luis Sáez since 2004 and his secretary is Jesús BuenoThe headquarters of the Spanishbasketball federation is in Madrid
  6. 6. best players