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Knowmads sheffield2013pdf


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Knowmads sheffield2013pdf

  1. 1. Welcome Home
  2. 2. Why is this important for us?
  3. 3. We see a future emerge, which looks scary
  4. 4. To us it also looks exciting
  5. 5. Do we have the tools to cope with the future?
  6. 6. Educo: I lead, I take out, I raise up, I conduct
  7. 7. Education is about cooperation
  8. 8. Education is about giving a feeling of trust
  9. 9. Education is about the power of diversity: how to value difference, and adaptability
  10. 10. Education is about mobility, creativity and innovation
  11. 11. How to take people on a journey and inspire them?
  12. 12. Where and when and how to step in?
  13. 13. .   • 1 year program, starting every half year • International students • Action Learning • Teamsetting • Personal development • Real life assignments and projects
  14. 14. At Knowmads we are learning to ride the highs & lows of the entrepreneurial process
  15. 15. “ If there is no mistake….. that’s a mistake “
  16. 16. The 4 questions we ask ourselves during the year:
  17. 17. 1. In what world do we (want to) live?
  18. 18. 2. What do I want to contribute/change?
  19. 19. 3. How do I create the organisation to get it done?
  20. 20. 4. How do I bring it in the world?
  21. 21. Tools & Skillset
  22. 22. Move that body!
  23. 23. Business   Self   World   The  journey  of  one  year  
  24. 24. Platform
  25. 25. PlatformOur Partners
  26. 26. “From  the  ancient  Greek   ‘<me  held  for  yourself’:   leisure  <me  to  use  for   learning  important  life   insights,  not  job  skills,  but   insights  that  help  you   understand  who  you  are   and  who  you  might   become  in  an  examined   life”       Knowmads  School  
  27. 27. “All  businesses  are   created  by  and  run  by   people.  Therefore  being   able  to  connect,  to   effec<vely  communicate,   to  inspire,  and  to     collaborate  with  others  is   what  we  see  as  the  core   of  business.”       Knowmads  Business  
  28. 28. “Knowmads  are   nomadic   knowledge   workers  –  crea<ve,   imagina<ve,  and   Innova<ve  people   who  can  work     with  almost   anybody,   anywhere,     any<me.”   A  Knowmad  
  29. 29. Re-­‐design  Educa<on  Prac<<oners     Thieu Besselink – founder Learning Lab NL Matthew Abrams - founder Mycellium School USA John Moravec - founder Education Futures USA Sarah Denie - founder Spring College NL Martin Cadee - founder KaosPilot NL Edwin de Bree - founder Sudbury Valley NL Alette Baartmans - founder No School NL Pieter Spinder - founder Knowmads NL
  30. 30. Twitter: @knowmadsNL Welcome Home! Facebook: Knowmads Business School