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About me


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My about me slideshare presentation that I can use for my personal website.

Published in: Career, Design, Business
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About me

  1. 1. Pieter Buijs Pieter Buijs
  2. 2. 26 Dutch From Eindhoven Looking for work Creative
  3. 3. Streetart Dotpaintings Guerilla Art Stencil Art Design Guerilla Advertising Light Art You? To make slogans Advertising To expose my work
  4. 4. I @ Expo Eindhoven de mooiste! @ Dutch Designweek Eindhoven My Work
  5. 5. I thought up slogans an won prices for
  6. 6. I won the designcontest for making a new poststamp for Eindhoven 2011 Amount of poststamps in circulation: 12.000 Number of sended in designs For designcontest: 326 My design was chosen by the jury Design is alo made in silver by Wijen Goudsmeden in Eindhoven
  7. 7. Contact me E-mail
  8. 8. Perhaps we could be friends!