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Sia Partners Infographic Smart airport


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Sia Partners' infographic on Smart Airports

Published in: Travel
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Sia Partners Infographic Smart airport

  1. 1. The website allows me to reserve a parking spot in advance: I am guaranteed availability and I enjoy reduced prices. Seen at : Los Angeles, Atlanta, Brussels or Rome In the parking lot, my car is parked by a fully independent robot. Seen at: Roissy, Brussels, Chicago 2 I check in Check-in is fully automated: in the terminal, I print my boarding pass (if it isn’t already downloaded on my smartphone) and I leave my luggage at the ‘self service drop off’. Seen at: more than 60% of the studied airports already offer this service 3 I go through border control and security The waiting times at the security gates are estimated: I go directly to the fastest security desk. Seen at: Toulouse, Atlanta Border control is fully automated: I no longer wait for a border control officer to be available. Seen at: more than 80% of the studied airports offer this service The security check is fully automated and simplified: • I no longer need to remove liquids from my hand luggage at security. Seen at : Dubai • Fully equipped body scanners improve the flow of passengers (i.e. less mistakes due to manual instructions such as belt and shoe removal…). Seen at: Singapore, Brussels, Chicago 4 I enjoy available airport services I receive current offers and promotions: I can find them directly on my smartphone when I pass shops with designated beacons and thanks to the airport’s loyalty program. Seen at: Nice, Hong Kong Click and collect: I can go immediately to the relevant shop to pick up the products that I have ordered online before my arrival at the airport. Seen at: London, Singapore, Paris Maintenance and cleanliness of the airport: is continuously monitored and performed by robots Seen at: Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore 5I board I’m notified when it is time to board: based on my location, I receive a personalized route to go to the relevant gate thanks to beacons around the airport. Seen at: Helsinki, Hong Kong, Brussels, Paris The boarding passage way is fully automated: I simply need to scan my boarding pass. Seen at: More than 60% of the studied airports already offers this service 6 I take off The newest technologies (drones, radars…) constantly monitor the security and detect any obstacles on the runway. Seen at: Hong Kong, Los Angeles Collaborative airport decision making…: ensures the improvement of the punctuality of flight times (reduction of taxiing times), and globally ensures a better operational performance by airports. Seen at: Paris, Lyon, Singapore, Hong Kong The interactive kiosks at the terminal allow me to choose my preferred mode of transport: At my destination, based on the current situation (traffic, availability of public transport…) I choose the transport option which suits me best. Seen at: London The embedded technologies of ‘smart airports’ also permit airports to reduce their ecological footprints, for instance: • Escalators automatically stop when there is no activity and lights are also switched off when there is no one in the room • Installation of photovoltaic panels, taking advantage of large areas (roofs) which are currently not utilized by airports • Current ‘light trails’ across the airport can be replaced with LED technologies • Disposed food can be recycled and turned it into water to irrigate plants • Green roofs can naturally reduce the temperature in the terminals Benchmark includes 29 airports of which 16 airports are in Europe, 5 in Asia, 4 in the Middle east and 4 in the United States. 1I arrive at the airport I arrive at my destination 7 Smart Airport How will it impact passenger experience and the overall airport performance?