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QCon London - How to build observable distributed systems


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Being able to observe the state of a running application is key to understanding a system's behaviour and essential if you want to fix production problems quickly and efficiently. Like a lot of other things, this is harder to do in distributed systems than it is with a monolith. At Poppulo we've been running a distributed system of hundreds of microservices in production for more than 4 years and we got to understand how critical this visibility is. If you want to succeed with operating a distributed system, observability should be an integral part of system design. I'll cover key techniques to build a clearer picture of distributed applications in production, including details on useful health checks, best practices for instrumentation with metrics, logging and tracing.

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QCon London - How to build observable distributed systems

  1. 1. @PierreVincent How to build observable distributed systems March 8th, 2018 – QCon London @PierreVincent
  2. 2. @PierreVincent
  3. 3. @PierreVincent Pierre Vincent SRE Manager at Poppulo @PierreVincent
  4. 4. @PierreVincent Reaching production is only the beginning
  5. 5. @PierreVincent No system is immune to failure Be ready to recover
  6. 6. @PierreVincent When distributing a system, we’re also distributing the places where things might go wrong
  7. 7. @PierreVincent Monitoring only applies to known failure modes. What about everything else?
  8. 8. @PierreVincent Monitoring tells you whether the system works. Observability lets you ask why it's not working. “ ”– Baron Schwarz
  9. 9. @PierreVincent Healthchecks Metrics Logging Tracing
  10. 10. @PierreVincent Healthchecks
  11. 11. @PierreVincent Is it running? Can it perform its task? Can it accept more work? Healthchecks
  12. 12. @PierreVincent Broadcast Register Expose Healthchecks
  13. 13. @PierreVincent Healthchecks /health { "service": "registration-service", "healthy": true, "workload": { "healthy": true }, "dependencies": [ { "name": "cassandra", "healthy": true }, { "name": "billing-svc", "healthy": true }, ] } GET 200 OK
  14. 14. @PierreVincent Source: HTTP Healthchecks for a Resilient Platform - Chris O’Dell Overzealous Healthchecks can be counter-productive
  15. 15. @PierreVincent Metrics
  16. 16. @PierreVincent System metrics Application metrics Business metrics CPU usage Error rates Customer conversions Metrics
  17. 17. @PierreVincent Servers / VMs Appliances/Infra Services Metrics collector Metrics query engine Dashboards Alerts Metrics
  18. 18. @PierreVincent Servers / VMs Appliances/Infra Services /metrics /metrics /metrics Prometheus Metrics
  19. 19. @PierreVincent Watch out for over-reliance on metrics Limitations at high-cardinality Not every metric deserves an alert Real-time querying means some trade-offs on retention Limit alerting to user-impacting symptoms Poor fine-grained debugging e.g. CustomerId Not suitable for long-term trend analysis
  20. 20. @PierreVincent Logging
  21. 21. @PierreVincent Searchable Correlated Logging Making sense of (a lot of) logs Centralised
  22. 22. @PierreVincent A F H D J B E C G a1b2c3 a1b2c3 a1b2c3 ERROR [svc=H][trace=a1b2c3] Failed to save order Cause: Cassandra timeout exception ERROR [svc=F][trace=a1b2c3] Failed to complete order Cause: Shipping service responded with 500 ERROR [svc=A][trace=a1b2c3] Failed to process order Cause: Order process manager responded with 500 a1b2c3 INFO [svc=G][trace=a1b2c3] Items verified in stock Log Correlation
  23. 23. @PierreVincent JSON 2018-02-20T16:38:23+00:00 ERROR Read timed out timestamp 2018-02-20T16:38:23+00:00 requestID ec667cb45 level ERROR team eventsservice registration-service commit 542a8b8e build 542a8b8e.7 node node_e79f3e52 log Read timed out region europe-west2 runtime java-1.8.0_161 When did it happen? Can I trace it? What is it? What is it running? Where is it? What is the message? customerID 55123Who caused it? userID 458 ... ...Any other info? Hmmm thanks… ?
  24. 24. @PierreVincent Structured logs unleash high-cardinality exploration Error rate spike isolated by build version Activity spike isolated for single customer
  25. 25. @PierreVincent Tracing
  26. 26. @PierreVincent Tracing get_confirmed_attendees get_attendees get_confirm_status cassandra/select mysql/select event-mgt-api attendees-service registration-service Trace Spans 0ms 50ms 100ms 150ms 172ms 172ms 73ms 54ms 78ms 41ms
  27. 27. @PierreVincent
  28. 28. @PierreVincent Unknown Unknowns Known Unknowns Healthchecks Metrics (Alerting) Logs Metrics (Queries) Tracing Events Monitoring & Resiliency Debugging & Exploration
  29. 29. @PierreVincent Cheap to instrument Easy to explore Reliable & Trustworthy Usability of tooling is key to adoption
  30. 30. @PierreVincent Visibility builds trust but requires safety
  31. 31. @PierreVincent Visibility helps justify decisions
  32. 32. @PierreVincent Visibility enables operability
  33. 33. @PierreVincent Test (a little bit*) lessTest (a little bit*) lessDon’t spend all your time testing ...keep some for instrumenting Thank you! @PierreVincent
  34. 34. @PierreVincent Thank you! Pierre Vincent SRE Manager at Poppulo @PierreVincent