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Agile transformation model toward Enterprise Scrum


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Agile transformation model toward Enterprise Scrum

  1. 1. agile transformation model towards enterprise scrum
  2. 2. Phase 1 focus on the outcome • Delivering on each occasion helps focus on the essentials and create conversation among stakeholders • Deliver reassures everyone
  3. 3. Phase 2 Focus on entry - Entry is managed by a single person to ensure a constant flow - this strengthen the position of the Product Owner - and Involve stakeholders
  4. 4. Phase 3 Focus on sink - reduce the water line to avoid deep diving capacity - 100% is a myth, 70-80% is coherent - Sink = capacity
  5. 5. Phase 5 Focus on the whole system - accept variability but keep the flow (values, communication, organisation) - distille quality in the whole system - manage the system not the people
  6. 6. Avoid
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  8. 8. “Welcome Feedback.” –Pierre E. Neis - agile²