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How to diversify yourself for any market!


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OptionsMD is LIVE: I wish to share with you the launching of the new OptionsMD Program and how it could it could influence your income

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How to diversify yourself for any market!

  1. 1. Resources for the Independent Trader BlogHow to Diversify Yourself for AnyMarket!"Lifestyle" trading - best trading tool for wealthDear Reader,I wish to share with you a letter I received from Todd Mitchell regarding the newOptionsMD Program and how it could it could influence your income, as well as the salespage of the launch of OptionsMD:I use Options for GREAT monthly income and as one of the BEST tools for diversifyingand multiplying your wealth!... but, thats only because we trade options differently than they way most peopleteach...
  2. 2. ... and, we approach diversification much, MUCH differently than they way youveprobably been told!In fact, each time theres a dip in the markets, financial advisors get slammed withclients complaining that their "diversified" portfolios got hammered...While my students know how to protect their portfolios while making money in a crash!Thats because many financial advisors are foolishly diversifying themselves by investingin a number of different stocks ... and across different markets ... just like they weretaught in some overpriced MBA program or snazzy Ivy League education....But, if the 2008 crash taught these folks of one thing - its that the majority ofstocks will move in the direction of the prevailing market trend!And, whens theres a crash ... most other stocks will crash too!What kind of diversification is that?!?Proper diversification involves diversifying yourself on STRATEGY instead of being spreadacross many positions!!Its that easy but I still cant figure out why nobody is teaching it!! Its almost liketheyre hiding it from you...Thats why we teach our students a wealth building plan for making money inside of 3categories:1. Non-Directional Strategies2. Semi-Directional Strategies3. Directional StrategiesAnd, its all included in the Income Pyramid inside of the OptionsMD Mentoring andTrading Program.If youre interested in learning more, read below:.Sincerely,Todd MitchellFounder, Trading Concepts Inc.
  3. 3. OptionsMD is LIVE!Doc Severson finally opened the doors to his muchanticipated OptionsMD Mentoring Program!And you need to act quickly becauseit’s the LAST time this year he’s offering a bonuspackage this huge!Doc is so confident in his program, he’s giving youthe opportunity to try it out with a 1-Year, 100% Money-Back PLUS an Extra $500Performance Guarantee!!!As long as you take this course seriously, you can’t lose…Click here: OptionsMD is LIVE!Happy trading,P.S. I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you this…When you enroll today, Doc will make himself PERSONALLYavailable for an entire year, offering you unlimitedtrading support!If you’re still struggling as a trader, you simply cannotafford not to take advantage of this transformational program!Click here for detailsMore video’s and PDF’s for you1. “The Alternate Road to Investing”2. The NEW Iron Condor Strategy3. The Roadmap to Consistent Monthly IncomeOptions Trading Platform
  4. 4. GET A COMPETITIVE EDGE AT OPTIONSHOUSEActive traders who demand a competitive edge in the market are quick tochoose OptionsHouse. Why? Because they understand the tremendous value you getwhen you trade at OptionsHouse.As a recognized leader in value, OptionsHouse provides you with the rates, speed andcontrol you need to maintain a competitive edge in your trading. OptionsHouse deliversmore value by offering:Low pricing that gives you more power to actively trade without overpayingcommissions and sacrificing profitsDynamic back-end speed that delivers quality execution that allows you totake advantage of more opportunity as it happensA customizable platform and arsenal of mobile products designed specifically togive you more control over your tradingThere’s a reason active traders prefer to trade at OptionsHouse. It’s where they go toget a better value and a competitive edge in the market.Trade smart, not with GreedPierre A PienaarResources for the Independent Trader Blog
  5. 5. Pierre A Pienaar retired in 2011 from business.I would like to share my passion, my interests, knowledge & experiencesin Forex, Options, Gold Investments, Futures, Stocks, Binary Options,Economics, Stamp Collection, Sports, Gardening, Reading, Photography,and PoliticsSubstantial risk of lossThere is a substantial risk of loss of stocks, forex, commodities, futures, options,and foreign equities are substantial.You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for youin light of your financial condition. You should read, understand, and considerthe Risk Disclosure Statement that is provided by your broker before youconsider trading.