Tasteful PR Your Brand is Taking Off


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  • Tasteful PR Your Brand is Taking Off

    1. 1. Your Brand is Taking Off, With or Without You Presented by Brian I. Block, Social Media Strategist
    2. 2. You’re having difficulty evaluating new trends to utilize.
    3. 3. You went online and researched hashtag campaigns, reddit and memes.
    4. 4. You saw some amazing marketing campaigns and discovered fantastic research.
    5. 5. However, you also found something shocking…
    6. 6. The people (online users) are playing a HUGE role in developing the brands.
    7. 7. Every campaign you create should be an opportunity for anyone to engage your brand.
    8. 8. Hashtag Campaigns Reddit AMAs Internet Memes
    9. 9. Hashtags are Magic…
    10. 10. #But #only #when #used #strategicly.
    11. 11. Benefits of Hashtags • Increases engagement • Increases clickthroughs • Trackable • Best when branded • Invites creativity
    12. 12. Hashtag Campaigns Create Hashtag Provide Incentive Promote and Engage Track and Reward Demonstrate Results
    13. 13. The price for around £16 pizzas dropped to about £8 Over 1,000 Offshore Technology Conference related hashtags used during the conference
    14. 14. When Hashtags Go Bad AskJPM MyNYPD McDStories NotGuilty Jell-Os FML (Fun My Life) Susan Boyle’s Album Party BlackBerry
    15. 15. Be prepared Research previous hashtag use Identify misspellings and trends Be familiar with modern txt speak and slang Have a real world understanding of your brand’s perception
    16. 16. AMA – Ask Me Anything
    17. 17. AMA – Ask Me Anything I am Barack Obama, President of the United States -- AMA We are engineers and scientists on the Mars Curiosity Rover Mission, Ask us Anything! IamA Vacuum Repair Technician, and I can't believe people really wanted it, but, AMA! I am Alan Rusbridger, editor in chief of the Guardian - the news org that broke the story of NSA surveillance of US citizens - AMAA We're the staff of Newsweek. Ask us anything! I’m Jesse Eisinger, a Pulitzer-winning financial reporter. AMA about why only one person is in jail for the financial crisis. I am David Belk. I'm a doctor who has spent years trying to untangle the mysteries of health care costs in the US and wrote a website exposing much of what I've discovered AMA!
    18. 18. I am an oilfield worker in West Texas with probably a good 8 hours left to kill. Ask me anything! IamA former Sales Professional at Tiffany & Co. AMA! IAMA Myspace employee about to be laid off today IAMA best buy employee for 3 years, and was forced to quit today. AMA I am a recently retired investment banker and senior executive of Bank of America Merrill Lynch who feels that ethics is the problem on Wall Street. AMA! AMA – Ask Me Anything
    19. 19. The Plan • Research your demographics on Reddit • Research successful AMAs • Identify your goals for an AMA • Plan for what you will and won’t answer • Be as honest and transparent as possible • Make a strategy for promotion • Monitor, monitor, monitor
    20. 20. Prevention and Action • Provide guidance on non-disclosure agreements and social media policies • Inform employees who engages the media and public and for what situations • Provide examples of positive social media use • Review guidelines and situations with HR/Legal • Monitor, monitor, monitor
    21. 21. Internet MEME (pronounced – meem)
    22. 22. Internet MEME (pronounced – meem) (not mee-mee)
    23. 23. You’re thinking of…
    24. 24. Should you be using memes? • Unique way to get attention • Spread good humor • They engage an audience • Creative way to share information
    25. 25. Internet Meme Process Internet Culture
    26. 26. Internet Meme Process Absorb, Edit and Share Internet Culture Internet Users
    27. 27. Internet Meme Process Absorb, Edit and Share Internet Users Resulting Content
    28. 28. Internet Meme Process Absorb, Edit and Share Marketers
    29. 29. Meme Making • Have a sense of humor • Set expectations on how it’s received • Track it • Measure it • Promote results
    30. 30. I’m Brian Block, Social Media Strategist for Pierpont Communications who presented at #TastefulPR, AMA! Thank you for listening. #TastefulPR @PierpontCom @BriguyBlock bblock@piercom.com