Spicy SWAN concepts


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The concepts behind the most powerful circuital simulation tool on the market.

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Spicy SWAN concepts

  1. 1. 1 Copyright Piero Belforte 2013Piero Belforte 20/02/2013Leonardo Da Vinci, Leda and the SWAN (1510)
  2. 2. 2 Copyright Piero Belforte 2013Spicy SWAN conceptsThe new concept behind Spicy SWAN is that the user can choosebetween two FULLY COMPLEMENTARY simulation engines(Spice,DWS), like it happens for HYBRID ENGINE cars.SWAN/DWS maps the circuit/system under analysis on anequivalent DIGITAL WAVE NETWORK, so that no Nodal Analysisequations solution is required as happens for Spice.It is enough to apply the samples of voltage/current sources tothis DSP equivalent to get the samples of results (voltages,currents, powers, waves etc,) in the desired points of the networkWITHOUT SOLVING any equation.DWN (Digital Wave Network) algorithms are extremely fast,accurate and stable with respect classical NA and open a BRANDNEW WORLD of simulation and modeling possibilities to the user.As known, NA-based simulation engines suffer of poor modelingcapability of signal propagation effects because NA assumes nosignal propagation in the circuit under analysis. This lastassumption is no more valid for dealing with modern high-speedcircuitry when signal transition times are comparable to physical propagation delays. DWS Trasmission Line model is extremelyfast and accurate, while NA (Spice) TL models are slow andinaccurate. Time delays are also accurately modeled in most DWSprimitives (like controlled resistors and sources) allowing theuser to model very accurately timing issues.
  3. 3. 3 Copyright Piero Belforte 2013DWN algorithms are fully compliant to NYQUIST criterion ofsampled systems with all the advantages of this feature.Very simple modeling methods are available in SWAN modein addition to classical circuital models, including Behavioral TimeModeling (BTM), Transmission Line Modeling (TLM), s-plane andz-plane transfer functions, time-domain S-parameters in additionto classical circuital models. 2D propagation effects can be alsoeasily taken into account.Many circuits/systems out of reach of Spice can be modeledand simulated with high accuracy and speed.PWL (PieceWise Linear) behaviors and abrupt time varyingresistors are dealt with no iterations , so that tough situationslike CHAOTIC circuits can be also easily handled.Time-domain S-parameters blocks dont suffer of the PASSIVITYand CAUSALITY requirements of Spice, allowing the user to dealwith MULTIGIGABIT-speed circuits /systems in a very simple wayWhen the comparison is possible, SWAN is more accurate andfaster (typically 50-100X speed up factor) than Spice even whenno propagation effects are taken into account (lumped circuits).Thanks to DWS calculation speed, lumped/distributed circuitswith hundred thousand elements (RLC,TL,BTM, switches,controlled sources, pwl non linearities ) can be simulated inminutes at very low time steps.Several Million samples (Megasamples or even Gigasamples) aretypically available as outputs of SWAN simulations leading to HD(High Definition) plots (versus time, XY, Eye diagrams,FFT).
  4. 4. 4 Copyright Piero Belforte 2013Behind SWAN/DWS there has been a research & applicationeffort of about HALF-MILLENNIUM MAN YEARS spent in a FOUR-DECADE timeline. Most of real world applications are in the fieldof advanced digital systems design, SI (Signal Integrity) , EMC,FI (Fault Insertion) and are shown in the following links.Spice still remain a good choice for simulating semiconductordevices (.model cards) when propagation effects are negligible,To get more info about SWAN/DWS , I suggest the followinglinks:http://www.facebook.com/SpicySchematicshttps://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxZqV10CSiNaHlLaFFnUHlFMUE/edithttps://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxZqV10CSiNX3lDMmtiT0RpZ0E/editHere the link to DWS user manual:https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxZqV10CSiNQjAycHFtY1V4OEk/editTo try Spicy SWAN for free , it is enough to download the SpicySWAN free app on the Ipad or to go to the following linkhttps://www.ischematics.com/webspicy/portal.py# on the WEB.
  5. 5. 5 Copyright Piero Belforte 2013For more info and applications go to:https://www.ischematics.comFernando Botero, Leda and the Swan