Picasso Returns


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Picasso Journey In his life to becoming an icon in the Art History.

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Picasso Returns

  1. 1. ART HISTORY: Pablo Picasso Trainee Teachers’ names: (i) Grace Cheng (ii) Farasidah Rohmat (iii) Ghazrizal Azry Ghazali Nor Level: Secondary 2 Express / Normal with average ability. Students are given a total of 60mins (2 periods), while working in pairs in a computer lab. The main objective for this project is to identify Picasso’s signature style: Blue Period, Rose Period and Cubism. Students will learn to relate Picasso’s artwork based on his timeline and further analyze and visually interpret any of Picasso’s artwork. ICT tools: Miscrosoft Power-Point and Macromedia Flash
  2. 2. Instructions Students will role-play as time travelers and travel back in time. They will work in pairs and begin the ICT activity together to learn more on Picasso’s artworks as well as his history. The activity is divided into 5 parts: Story, Research Links, Maze Game, Presentation and Individual Reflection. They have to do their research (15mins) from the links and take down pointers on the scaffolds given to them prior to the activity. ICT activity includes a maze game (15 mins). On each obstruction, they need to answer a question on Picasso art / life story. Failure to answer correctly will result in Picasso’s change career or interest in art and they will not succeed in completing the mission. For presentation, they have to choose one of Picasso’s artworks and visually describe it based on what they have learnt.(10mins) In the reflection, they have to complete an individual reflection (20 mins) from the template given.
  3. 3. S.O.S PICASSO! You wake up one morning to find MTV playing classical music. Fashion takes a turn for the worse with everyone wearing boring designs on the streets… Somehow, no one is inspired for the progression of design!!
  4. 4. The news reports on the mysterious disappearance of Picasso’s masterpieces from major museums all over. You wonder if this could be the reason for the sudden drudgery of life. After all, he is one of the pioneers for progression and modernism in art and design.
  5. 5. You decide to go back in time to visit Picasso and find out what is going on via a time-travelling machine in your science lab…
  6. 6. Through a parallel dimension of time, you arrived in a Spanish school in 1860… BACK TO THE PAST
  7. 7. 14 year old Picasso’s attempt at exploring Cubism has been criticized by his art teacher!
  8. 8. Feeling dejected, he is on the brink of losing interest in art, and contemplates another occupation, something more realistic in the future… maybe a doctor? Or a lawyer?... Or a Wayang Singer?
  9. 9. Time is ticking away, you’ve got to get back to the portal before it closes! REMEMBER!
  10. 10. To save your favourite popstars and funky clothes from vanishing from the Earth, you need to convince Picasso that he is appreciated in our modern time…HOW? YOUR MISSION
  11. 11. By gathering EVIDENCE from the future back to the past and talk about his WORKS , & YOUR FAVOURITE ART PIECE to convince him that he is a major influence to the progression of modern design! YOUR MISSION Cubism Picasso's Timeline Picasso's Works RESOURCES Check it out!
  13. 13. <ul><li>Present your favourite Picasso Artwork, and explain why! 2) Reflection Worksheet (Clue: Find answers in THE MAZE ) </li></ul>YOUR FAVOURITE PICK Reflection Worksheet
  14. 14. Because of your efforts, Picasso is now convinced. You have saved modernity! You now bid the Master farewell, as you jump back into the time portal and go back into your world! BACK TO THE FUTURE
  15. 15. Faizal Hussain for programming Mrs Leong for consultation Acknowledgments
  16. 16. Done by: Farasidah Bte Rohmat Ghazrizal Azry Bin Ghazali Nor Grace Cheng Leng Tuan DipAr0607