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Global Aid Trust


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Global Aid Trust has come forward to help poor people and manage education for them. They are giving free eye care and medical treatment for poor people. Global Aid has been working to improve the female education across the world. They collect donation from UK , USA and many more developed country. You can also be a donor if you want to help poor people or a part of Global Aid Trust.

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Global Aid Trust

  1. 1. Email: Website:
  2. 2. Global Aid Trust  For helping underprivileged people a charity has come forward with the aim of making the globe better named Global Aid Trust.They have started their work for helping poor people and they have some life long programs(Education Programs , Orphan Donation , ICT).
  3. 3. Aim Of Global Aid Trust “Working For A Better Globe“ Give Education Support to all Nations Lifelong Orphan Donation Give Health , ICT , Women Education support to all Nations
  4. 4. Donation Programs  Education Donation  Orphan Donation  Women Education Donation  Free Health Treatment  ICT Projects Donation  Home Rebuild Donation  Widow Empowerment Sponsorship  Marriage Sponsorship
  5. 5. Recent Project Of Global Aid Trust Worldwide Water Project Water and Sanitation Project Livelihood Project Shelter and Housing Project
  6. 6. World Wide Water Project
  7. 7. Livelihood Project
  8. 8. Water and Sanitation Project
  9. 9. Shelter And Housing Project
  10. 10. Contact Us Global Aid Trust Charity Registration No: 1123560 London, UK Email: Website: