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It’s Time to Finally End it

Isaac Pheto                                                Chanda Kabelo

She fell asleep dur...
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Two Voice Poem


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Two Voice Poem

  1. 1. It’s Time to Finally End it Isaac Pheto Chanda Kabelo She fell asleep during the party. I fell asleep during the celebration I told Lilian that I would take Chanda to her room. and couldn’t remember what happened afterwards. I placed her on the bed and felt so tempted. I woke up to the dark and felt someone touching me all over. It’s just me Chanda. Isaac? What was he doing to me? Relax, I’m just tucking you in. I froze, laying there silently. Good girl. Just stay quiet. Why is he doing this to me? I love you, too. He loves Mama, doesn’t he? Lilian, Shh. I’m tucking her in. Mama just came in. The next few days, I went to her room again. He was touching me again in the next few days. Lilian, I wasn’t doing what you think I was. Mama finally caught him in the act. She asked me for it. He’s a lair. He forced himself on me. Don’t lie. Why don’t you two sluts leave this place! We are not sluts! Don’t ever come back! We’ll be leaving for good! My mother and I are taking back our Don’t think that you’ll survive. lives. You’ll need me. It’s time to end it.