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Professional employee [PiTechnologies] v1.0


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Professional employee [PiTechnologies] v1.0

  1. 1. By Mahmoud AbdelWahabPiTechnologies, CTO
  2. 2. Gear in machine (Material, Size, Speed, Torque, and life time)
  3. 3. Just because you got a degree, it doesn’t entitle you to• A job with full benefits,• A one month paid vacation to a company retreat,• 20 floating holidays,• A corner office,• A parking spot in front of the doors with your name on it.
  4. 4. • Do some personality profiling tests to find out about your personality.• Are you an introvert or extrovert?• Are you people oriented?• What are your interests?• What are you passionate about?
  5. 5. • How to do it? You do it by getting out your résumé properly done.• The basic idea is to give maximum information about you in clear terms, and without leaving out any worthwhile information.• It is your marketing tool, so spend considerable time on it.• Highlight the things that are necessary for a prospective employer, like your qualification, skills, and accomplishments.
  6. 6. • Get as much information as possible about the prospective employer.• Prepare with correct answers regarding your suitability for the job, your career expectations, your expected salary, etc.• Wear Suitable Attire It is advisable to wear formal dress always as it suits the atmosphere at the interview. Do not wear college student dress. “Wear what you want to be, not what you are”
  7. 7. When you start out in your new job, befocused and put in the hard work for the first5 to 10 years of your working career. This isthe crucial stage that will lay a solidfoundation for your career progress.
  8. 8. • Working life is very competitive as we all live in a global economy now and business functions at a very fast pace. In order to stay on top of things, we have to constantly equip ourselves with new knowledge, keep an open mind and be flexible to change so that we can successfully adapt to new environments.
  9. 9. • Your technical job the first priority “No. 1”• Additional Assignments are Zeros (but in right side of 1) 1 vs 1000
  10. 10. • Learn to make a habit of greeting people with a smile• Say “thank you, please, and I appreciate it”• Be social, Make small talk, get to know your co-workers, help them when they have a problem.• Eat lunch with them.• Learn to be positive.• Make people smile when they see you coming your way.
  11. 11. • Be nice to people regardless of their rank and designation.• Colleagues often like to work with nice talented people.• When you have this effective work habit you increase the chances of people wanting you to work on their team.
  12. 12. • We all love to start work on things that are close to our hearts.• However, often these may not be the most urgent and important in our list of tasks in the workplace.• When you select things you are more interested in rather than work that is more important or urgent, you lower your chances of success.• Have a list of things to do according to its strategic importance to your company.• Trace the problem before starting solution
  13. 13. • Simulation running down from 6 hours to 3 seconds
  14. 14. What you What you LOVE KNOW What Market NEED
  15. 15. Mahmoud Mohamed AbdelWahab +20100 2274842