Developer's Got Talent Keynote


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Developer's Got Talent Keynote

  1. 1. Speed up when things slow down
  2. 2. Talent is intelligence, confidence and natural ability to be able todo something. Yahoo answersKnowledge and skills can be learned, but talent is enduring by KathieSorensen and Steve Crabtree ‫المىهبت‬ ‫“ٟ٘ عط١خ ِٓ هللا. لكه البد أن يبـذل صبدجٙـــب جٙـــذاً فٟ اٌذساصـــخ‬ ‫(فٟ ِجبٌٙب) أٚ فٟ اٌصمً أٚ اٌزّش٠ٓ ٌىٟ رجذٚ ٚاضذخ ألٞ ِززٚق ٌىً ِب‬ ٝ‫٘ٛ جّ١ً” األصزـبر اٌــذوزـٛس ٠ٛصف عز اٌذ٠ٓ ع١ض‬
  3. 3. Vs.Talent vs. Skill =Passion vs. Knowledge Skill is:Talent is • The ability, coming from ones• A special natural ability or aptitude knowledge, practice, aptitude, to do something. etc.• Something a person is born with. • Something that can be learned, honed and improved.• Something you cannot teach. • You can only teach new Skills. • Skills are not a substitute for Talent.
  4. 4. +• Talent Without Skill Is Nothing.“ Talent without skill means that you are like a rough diamond and you may beable to produce some things that look good but without skill you can’t makesomething professional.” Potential Area Talent Skills
  5. 5. Talent skills Talent + skillsMark Elliot Zuckerberg, 14 May 1984, American citizen
  6. 6. • Objective (Output).• Resources (Input).• Tasks. • Miscellaneous. • Sequential. • Progressive. • Real Time. •… •…
  7. 7. Business Principles :• 3 business cycles annually The income annually shall be 3 times business capital “Capital shall be 1/3 the estimated income” Capital = 1000 LE Income = 3000
  8. 8. If you are developer, Your capital is your mind Talent and Skills
  9. 9. Market Needs To be Talenteddeveloper WithinYou need to Qualified Know Developer Web Development, The needed qualifications Mobile and Skills Process Innovative Applications Ideas Embedded Systems Not Market Expensive potentials ? Practical Environment Governmental Encouragement
  10. 10. Objective• Talented Developer can participate in ITO industry.• Talented Developer can think GLOBALLY.• Talented Developer can INNOVATIVE.• Talented Developer can be ENTREPRENEUR and can startup his own business
  11. 11. Resources• Science and technology.• Well prepared courses.• Alternative equipment and facilities • Amazon Cloud • Apple MAC• Innovative staff and Instructors.• Q.A. Process• Organizational customers.
  12. 12. Innovative ideasIdeas Verticals (ICT sector provides Non-ICT sector)• Tourism.• Traffic.• E-Voting• Ecommerce (Deals).• Mobile Payment and Mobile personal applications.
  13. 13. PartnersPublic Sector Governmental• MCIT • ITI – ITIDA - TIEC• MoHE • Cairo University – Ainshams University – Helwan University. • Alexandria University - Zagazig University – Tanta University.
  14. 14. Market Potential in Technologies• Mobile Applications for smart phones (Android – Black berry – iPhone).• Web development using Open source (PHP)• Embedded Systems (Automotive – Communications). Why?
  15. 15. Project based training process Innovative idea • Project idea and training objective Self study • Read a paper in 30 mins and answer the sheet. Course • Speaker and listeners.Interactive Experience • Real project – Real Hierarchy – Direct supervision. Transferring.
  16. 16. • It is a project by PiTechnologies, aiming to provide the ITO training tracks to CS, IT, and Engineering faculties.• Program was provided to Egyptian universities by PiTechnologies.• Developers Got Talent is the general model for all Egyptian universities for ITO training. “Developer’s Got Talent” Competition (soon…)
  17. 17. If you see talent in yourself.If you have an innovative idea.If you want to be in SW development.If you are looking forward to being another You shall join
  18. 18. Cairo University - FCI Ainshams University - FCI Helwan University - FCI 1 to 28 29 to 54 55 to 80Cairo University - FCI MCIT - ITI - Java Dept Who are the next ? 81 to 108 109 to 129
  19. 19. • Egyptian startup company founded in 2009.• Specialized in technical training and then became developing the educational process for Engineering and Computer science faculties.• Our development now is directed to improve Egypt international rank in Information Technology Outsourcing Industry.
  20. 20. 2011 ‫52 مايى‬ »‫«اول واس‬ ٍُ‫اٚي ٔبس ٠مٌٌٕٛٛب ثبٌزٛف١ك اْ شبء هللا ٌّب ٔض‬ • ْ‫ٚسلخ االِزذب‬• Really good exam, good staff• Great• One of the best courses ever in FCI-Cairo univ ‫جزاوُ هللا خ١شا‬ •
  21. 21. ‫4 يىويى 1102‬ ‫«شهادة تقديز»‬ ‫شٙبدح رمذ٠ش ِٓ اٌذفعخ ٌـ ‪PiTechnologies‬‬ ‫•‬‫دٌ١ً اٌـ ‪ Instructor‬اٌذش٠ف ٌزعٍ١ُ شجبة ٔض١ف.‬ ‫•‬
  22. 22. ‫6 يىويى 1102‬ ‫«ثالثت في واحد»‬ ‫«استمتاع ورفاهيت واستفادة»‬ ‫ِٓ اٌصعت جذا فٟ اٞ وٛسس اخذٔبٖ فٟ اٌىٍ١خ‬ ‫•‬ ‫أٗ ٠جّع ث١ٓ االصزّزبع ٚاٌشفب٘١خ ِع االصزفبدح‬ ‫ٌىٓ اٌىٛسس دٖ جّع ث١ُٕٙ‬ ‫دٖ ِش ثش اصزفبدح عٍّ١خ. أل اصزفذٔب ثّٙبساد‬ ‫•‬‫وز١شح جذا عٍٝ اٌّضزٜٛ اٌشخصٟ ٌىً ٚادذ ف١ٕب‬ ‫«اٌخٍك ٚو١ف١خ اٌزعبًِ ٚاٌزصشف ٚغ١ش٘ب»‬‫اِب اٌّعجزح اٌٍٟ دصٍذ فٟ اٌىٛسس دٖ اْ وٍٕب ثال‬ ‫•‬ ‫اصزثٕبء اجّعٕب أٗ ادٍٝ ٚافضً وٛسس ِش٠ٕب ث١ٗ‬ ‫ٚدٜ فعال عّش٘ب ِبدصٍذ إٔب ٔزجّع عٍٝ ساٞ‬ ‫ٚادذ‬ ‫ٚاخ١شا فٍىُ خبٌص اٌشىش ٚاٌزذ١بد حٔزّٕٝ ٌىُ‬ ‫•‬ ‫االصزّشاس ٚإٌجبح ٚاٌزمذَ اٌذائُ‬‫ٌىٓ اٌٍٟ أب ثضزغشثٗ اٚٞ اْ ث١ىْٛ فٟ دذ خذَٚ‬ ‫•‬ ‫وذح ٌىٓ ثصشادخ أب ربوذد اْ ‪ Pi‬ششوخ اٌفش٠ك‬‫ثزبعٙب ٘ب٠ً ِٓ رعبًِ إٌّٙذس ... ٚإٌّٙذس ...‬ ‫ٚثجذ دا٠ّب ٠بسة فٟ رّ١ز‬
  23. 23. ‫7 يىويى 1102‬ ‫«متميزيه عه غيزوا»‬‫•‬ ‫‪We are so glad we got to learn web‬‬ ‫.‪development‬‬‫•‬ ‫‪You helped in education us and giving us‬‬ ‫‪more and new knowledge‬‬ ‫ثجذ دٖ ادضٓ وٛسس خذٔبٖ فٟ اٌىٍ١خ آٖ وبْ ف١ٗ‬ ‫•‬ ‫ِشبوً فٟ إٌص ٚوذح ثش اٌذبجبد اٌىٛ٠ضخ‬ ‫غطذ عٍٝ اٌذبجبد اٌض١ئخ شىشا ٠ـب ‪Pi‬‬ ‫ثجذ ادٕب فعال ِجضٛط١ٓ اْ ادٕب دخٍٕب اٌزشان دٖ‬ ‫•‬‫ٚثجذ ثىْٛ فشدبٔخ فٟ اٌ١َٛ ثزبع اٌىٛسس ٚدض١ذ‬ ‫ثجذ ِزّ١ز عٓ ثم١ذ اٌىٛسصبد اٌزبٔ١خ ٚدض١ذ‬‫أُٙ دش٠ص١ٓ إٔب ٔىْٛ طبٌع١ٓ فبّ٘١ٓ اُ٘ ِٓ اٞ‬ ‫دبجخ‬
  24. 24. 2011 ‫7 يىويى‬ »Customer Loyalty«• I Love PiTechnologies (FCI Helwan)• Viva PiTechnologies … best track.• I believe you break the record and you become the best at Egypt in customer loyalty.• Your company is the best for me because you give me and my friends a lot. So if must apologize for us we must thank you for helping us.
  25. 25. ‫91 يىويى 1102‬ ‫«كزاست االول»‬ ‫عّشِبوبْ فٟ دذ ث١فزخ ٔفضٕب عٍٝ اٌّزاوشح اٚ‬ ‫•‬ ‫عٍٝ اٌىٛسس ٔفضٗ ثبٌطش٠مخ دٖ ‪‬‬‫وفب٠خ إٔب ٚادٕب ثٕمشأ وشاصخ االٚي ٔجمٝ دّٕٛد ِٓ‬ ‫•‬ ‫اٌضذه ٚال وإٔٔب ثٕزاوش ٚوّبْ ثٕىضش ِٛٚد‬ ‫االِزذبٔبد اٌىئ١جخ‬ ‫ثجذ جزاوُ هللا خ١شا عٍٝ اٌّجٙٛد اٌشائع دٖ فٟ‬ ‫•‬ ‫ِضبعذرٕب‬ ‫ٚاخ١شا ٔٛعذوُ اْ «رزخ» د١زاوش وٛ٠ش ٚ٠ٕجخ‬ ‫•‬ ‫ثزمذ٠ش عبٌٟ وّبْ عٍشبْ ٠شفع ساصىُ اْ شبء‬ ‫هللا.‬
  26. 26. Alex• Diploma ESD#8 July 2010 <13 trainees>.• Diploma ESD#13 April 2011 <10 trainees>.• Diploma ESD#16 July 2011 <15 trainees>.• Diploma ESD#17 July 2011 <17 trainees>.• Diploma ESD#18 July 2011 <16 trainees>. 71 trainees in first year ESD joined Developer’s Got Talent by EWC (1st Surprise)
  27. 27. Alex ESD offer777 EGP (Alex branch) instead of 1250 EGP (Cairo branch) 677 for IEEE AlexSB members
  28. 28. Alex iPhone offer 1625 EGP (Alex branch) instead of 3250 EGP (Cairo branch) 950 EGP (Alex branch) instead of 3250 EGP (Cairo branch) 900 800for IEEE AlexSB members for ESD trainees (2nd Surprise)
  29. 29. Alex iPhone offerRegistration : current week (to Thu 21 July 2011)Schedule : daily from Sat 23 July to Sat 30 July 900 800for IEEE AlexSB members for ESD trainees (2nd Surprise)