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Game-based Assessment Quiz Template


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This interactive template was created for HIBBs module developers or users of HIBBs in training activities as a tool to create a simple game for any content. Game adaptors can identify the content to be covered, create questions and answers for each gameboard block, and paste them into the game template. The game can be used in a classroom setting with teams of players competing against each other or it can be modified for use by an independent learner as an aid in reviewing material. Instructions for adapting the game: 1) Select the content to be learned from a Health Informatics textbook, class lecture, or other learning resource; 2) Create questions and answers for each block on the gameboard; 3) Have questions and answers reviewed by a content specialist; 4) Replace existing questions and answers by pasting your content into the game template. LINKS TO RELATED HIBBS MODULES: Managing Change in Healthcare IT Implementations: an Introduction; Ethics and Integrity in Data Use and Management; Data Quality: Missing Data. AUXILIARY MATERIALS: HIBBs Game Scoresheet in Microsoft Excel 97-2003

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Game-based Assessment Quiz Template

  1. 1. The HIBBs Game ! Click to PlayContent licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
  2. 2. Game BoardTerminology Missing Data Ethics Change Management 10 points 10 points 10 points 10 points 20 points 20 points 20 points 20 points 30 points 30 points 30 points 30 points 40 points 40 points 40 points 40 points Select a cell to play
  3. 3. What is the meaning of “direct entry” of data? Show answer Question 1
  4. 4. The entry of data into a computer system by theindividual who personally made the observations Go to Gameboard Answer 1
  5. 5. Name a search method that looks for a literal match of the searchterm, allowing precise control over the items retrieved Show answer Question 2
  6. 6. Exact-match searching Go to Gameboard Answer 2
  7. 7. What is OpenMRS? Show answer Question 3
  8. 8. An Open SourceMedical Record System Go to Gameboard Answer 3
  9. 9. In clinical research, what is a research protocol? Show answer Question 4
  10. 10. A prescribed plan for managing subjects that describes what actions to take under specific conditions Go to Gameboard Answer 4
  11. 11. When would you prepare a plan to account for missing data? Show answer Question 5
  12. 12. Before data collection begins Go to Gameboard Answer 5
  13. 13. During data collection in the clinic,how can you minimize the chances of having missing data? Show answer Question 6
  14. 14. Review the data collection forms while the patient is still there. Go to Gameboard Answer 6
  15. 15. At the point of data entry, howcan you minimize the chances of having missing data? Show answer Question 7
  16. 16. Reject any form that is missing key variables (patient ID, visit date) Go to Gameboard Answer 7
  17. 17. Name 3 types of missing data. Show answer Question 8
  18. 18. 1. Not applicable2. Not available3. Unknown4. Refusal to answer5. True missing (skipped) Go to Gameboard Answer 8
  19. 19. Give 3 examples of individually identifiable information Show answer Question 9
  20. 20. 1. Name2. Driver’s license number (ID card)3. Phone number4. Vehicle identifier Go to Gameboard Answer 9
  21. 21. Name the international agreementthat provides ethical guidelines to govern all medical research Show answer Question 10
  22. 22. Declaration of Helsinki Go to Gameboard Answer 10
  23. 23. Name 3 ways to ensure data security by limiting access Show answer Question 11
  24. 24. 1. Password protection ofelectronic records2. Defined privileges for datausers3. Firewalls to prevent outsideaccess Go to Gameboard Answer 11
  25. 25. What are the differences in the rules for privacy andconfidentiality for clinical data versus research data? Show answer Question 12
  26. 26. None.The rules are the same. Go to Gameboard Answer 12
  27. 27. When implementing a new healthcare IT system, at whatpoint should change management processes be initiated? Show answer Question 13
  28. 28. At the beginning of the planning process. Go to Gameboard Answer 13
  29. 29. How can managers encourage a feeling of ownership whenimplementing a new healthcare IT system? Show answer Question 14
  30. 30. Communicate with all teammembers, and listen to their concerns Go to Gameboard Answer 14
  31. 31. What is one of the most importanteffects when implementing a new healthcare IT sytem? Show answer Question 15
  32. 32. Disruption of work routine Go to Gameboard Answer 15
  33. 33. Who is ultimately responsible forthe successful implementation of a new healthcare IT system? Show answer Question 16
  34. 34. Everyone in the organization,including top management and employees at all levels Go to Gameboard Answer 16
  35. 35. Acknowledgements• Game design and development was funded by The Rockefeller Foundation through a grant to the American Medical Informatics Association• The game was designed by Parvati Dev and Patricia Youngblood (more)
  36. 36. Acknowledgements Current content in the game template is drawn from the prototype HIBBs modulesand from “Biomedical Informatics”, third edition,EH Shortliffe and JJ Cimino, eds, Springer, 2006. THE WORK IS PROVIDED UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS CREATIVE COMMONS PUBLIC LICENSE ("CCPL" OR "LICENSE"). THE WORK IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT AND/OR OTHER APPLICABLE LAW. ANY USE OF THE WORK OTHER THAN AS AUTHORIZED UNDER THIS LICENSE OR COPYRIGHT LAW IS PROHIBITED. The HIBBs Game !
  37. 37. Thank you for playing the HIBBs Game !Content licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported