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Involving the PMO in Stakeholder Engagement


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Slides from the PMO London 2017 conference. If stakeholder engagement is so critical to project success, what should the project office be doing to support this process?

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Involving the PMO in Stakeholder Engagement

  1. 1. Involving the PMO in Project Stakeholder Engagement Louise Worsley CITI (UK) PiCubed (South Africa)
  2. 2. Eurostar Story listening Integration Progress New start Story listening
  3. 3. Promoting a stakeholder mindset …to ensure the effective management of portfolio, programme or project’s stakeholders
  4. 4. Co-ordination & control Management Participation & responsiveness Engagement Stakeholder engagement • A willingness to listen • Able to discuss issues of mutual interest • Prepared to consider changes in light of the engagement
  5. 5. “The involved and the affected...” Ulrich 1983 PMBoK 5 2013 Who is a stakeholder? “An individual, group or organization who may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity or outcome of the project”
  6. 6. Stakeholder engagement It’s not just for identification Plan approach Identify & document
  7. 7. Role-based Agenda- based Understand the stakeholders’ positions
  8. 8. Role-based Agenda- based • Governance • RACI facilitation • The stakeholder wheel • Power-interest matrices • Salience analysis • Cognitive mapping
  9. 9. Agenda-based Role-based Number of stakeholders Complexityofengagement Update training materials Introduce Windows 10 Implement a new sales commission scheme Change personnel terms & conditions Build a nuclear power station Types of project Stakeholder-neutral Stakeholder-sensitive Stakeholder-led
  10. 10. Implementation is accepted Supported by taxi people
  11. 11. Adapt & enable people and processes to match stakeholder & project types
  12. 12. What should the PMO do …and not do… to promote project stakeholder engagement?
  13. 13. The PMO as broker Alignment Translation Negotiation Coordination Adapted from: Julian, J., 2008. The business Project board The PMO as facilitator Governance Lessons-learned practices Coaching and training Tools & methods PMO ProjectsProjects
  14. 14. • Who’s who in the zoo • Share stakeholder stories • Advise / coach stakeholder engagement • Monitor …but not by templates Source: Some views from the south
  15. 15. If stakeholders matter – then their engagement must affect the conduct of projects in your organisation 1 Promote a stakeholder mindset 2 Adapt & enable people and processes to match stakeholder & project types 3 Broker & facilitate Does it?
  16. 16. Thank you! @worsley_louise • Name | Louise Worsley • Web | • Web | • Email |
  17. 17. Stories borrowed from… • Reggie Springleer, Manager Industry Transition, City of Cape Town And many, many others… Bourne, L., and D.H.T. Walker. 2005. “Visualising and mapping stakeholder influence.” Management Decision 43(5): 649–60. Jeffery, N. (2009). Stakeholder engagement: A road map to meaningful engagement. Available at Julian, J., 2008. How project management office leaders facilitate cross‐project learning and continuous improvement. Project Management Journal, 39(3), pp.43-58. OGC, 2008. Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices, TSO Pemsel, S. and Wiewiora, A., 2013. Project management office a knowledge broker in project-based organisations. International Journal of Project Management, 31(1), pp.31-42. Worsley, LM. (2016). Stakeholder-led project management, Changing the way we manage projects, Business Expert Press Worsley, LM (2017) ‘The PMO: Promoting best practices in stakeholder engagement’, Available at References