Physiotherapy in london


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Trust us to return,maintain and build your health and fitness.

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Physiotherapy in london

  1. 1. CENTRAl HEALTH ASK A PHYSIO... ASK A O... 020 7404 6343 physiotherapy www.central-health.comCHANCERY LANE WC2FARR INGDON EC1 PHYSIOTHERAPY IN LONDONST. JOHNS WOOD NW8 TOP CLASS PHYSIOTHERAPYCHELSEA SW1 CENTRAL HEALlH Physiotherapy is one of the largest and most respected LondonNOTTING HILL W2 physiotherapy companies. Our aim is to Return, Maiintain and Build your health and fitness.ROEHAMPTON SW15 HIGHLY QUALIFIED OTHER HEALTH & WHY CHOOSE OURBARNET N20 PHYSIOTHERAPISTS FITNESS SERVICES PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINICS? Our team of Chartered We offer hydrotherapy, Our reterrals come from GPs, Physiotherapists specialise in massage,acupuncture, consuItants and companies, managing office base d and sports occupational therapy, though our main source of injuries-neck,back, shoulder, Pilates,personal training, referrals has always be en,and elbow,hip,knee and foot and ergonomics assessments, continues to be,word of mouth. ankle pain.We also have manual handling training We NEVER over treat,but W ill specialists in womens and other health serv ices. ensure that we rebuild your health physiotherapy,paediatric and fitness. We are the team that physiotherapy,vestibular and the medical specialists want to respiratory physiotherapy, refer to,clients want to see,and hydrotherapy,neuro. therapists want to work for. rehabilitation and hypermobility. We pride ourselv es in effective ev idence-based management, seeing you for fewer follow up appointments than many of our London competitors.
  2. 2. PHYSIOTHERAPY IN LONDONCENTRAl HEALTH ASK A PHYSIO... 020 7404 6343 physiotherapy INDIVIDUAL SERVICES Trust us to return,maintain and build your If you suffer from back, neck, knee, shoulder health and fitness. pain; headaches; knee, softtissue, work rel ated and sports injuries; ligament & tendon By keeping up·to-date with medical problems,we can help. developments,and constantly appraising the Central Health Physiotherapy practice and staff, Our seivices include: we strive to provide you with an exceptional Physiotherapy quality of care.Our reputation and success Massage have grown from our core strength in Acupuncture physiotherapy.The Health Care Commission Womens Heakh Physiotherapy assesses us annually and we encourage Gait and Running analysis feedback from our clients,many of whom are Cycle Assessment from personal recommendations. Respiratory Physiotherapy Neuro Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Hydrotherapy WHERE TO FIND US Pilates City - Chancery Lane Home Vis its City - Farringdon Nolting Hill Other Services · Falls StJohns Wood Management,Dietetics, Roehampton PersonalTraining,Ergonomics,Health Barnet Screening, Vestibular Physiotherapy.
  3. 3. CENTRAL HEALTH ASK A PHYSIO•.. 020 7404 6343 physiotherapyINDIVIDUAL SERVICES PHYSIOTHERAPYTrust us to return,maintain and build your Physiotherapy is a non-invasive form ofhealth and fitness treatment that addresses problems in joints, discs,muscles,tendons, ligaments andAll the Central Health Physiotherapy nerves (musculoskeletal systern) that causephysiotherapistsare chartered,experienced, pain, stiffness and weakness.skilled and up to date with the latest relevantcutting edge research and dev elopments. Our approach relies on accurate assessment, skilled technique s and appropriate a dvice. Conditions commonly treated are:OUR CORE FOUNDAliON:Central Health • spinal pain·bacWneck painPhysiotherapywas • shoulder painfounded by Chartered • knee injury I painPhysiotherapists and • ankle injury I painPhysiotherapy is the • sports injuryfoundation on which all • womens health problemsour seivicesare built. • strokes • soft tissue injuryNatasha Price MCSP is • work related injurythe Managing Director and • ligament & tendon problemsowner of Central Health Physiotherapy. • headaches • dizziness • balance problems And,if ne cessary,we have excellent links to some of the top orthopae dic and rheumatology surgeons in London.
  4. 4. CENTRAL HEALTH ASK A PHYSIO... 020 7404 6343 physiotherapyINDIVIDUAL SERVICES MASSAGETrust us to return,maintain and build your At Central Heakh Physiotherapy we believeheakh and fitness that massage is the perfect balance to a stressful life and a fantastic complement toMassage has a profound positive effect on maximise sport by maximising the bodys potential forregeneration and recovery.It can promote a It can improve circulation,rela x muscles, aidfeeling of wellbeing.calmsand soothes·and digestion,stimula te the lymphatic system andcan also have a stimulating, refreshing and spee d up the elimination of wa ste from the body.inv igorating effect.HENRY STCLAIRHenry specialises in deeptissue massage for musclesthat are tired fromover·use .Henry wa s a professionalballet dancer fortwelveyears, finishing his careerat the prestigious RoyalBallet company inLondonsCovent Garden. Thisled him to adeep understanding of the human body andparticularly the effects of hard physical training.After hisfair share of injuries and the resultingphysiotherapy and many hours of massageHenry felt he had an ideal career to step intoafter dance.After graduating wi th distinction inholistic and deep tissue massage therapy fromITEC Henfy now divides his time between theRoyal Ballet School where he is on the medicalstaff as their massage therapist and CentralHealth Physiotherapy clinics in Chancery Laneand the Hospital of St John &St Elizabeth.Henry counts numerous intemational baIletdancers as his private clients.
  5. 5. CENTRAL HEALTH ASK A PHYSIC... 020 7404 6343 physiotherapyINDIVIDUAL SERVICES ACUPUNCNJREAcupuncture is a medical system which Physotherapists use acupuncture as an effectiveoriginatesfrom China,where it has been used a djunct to enhance their phy!iotherapyfor ov er two thousand years to restore and treatment. All Central Health Phy!iotherapistsmaintain good phy!ical and mental health. usng acupuncture hav e done additional training and are members of the AACP (Acupuncture Association for Chartere d Physotherapists).The phyliotherapiststend to combine bothMISCHELL WATSON Traditional and We stern techniques. They tendThe traditional to focus their acupuncture ses9ons on pain relief.a cupuncturist MischeII Acupuncture can be v ery effective in the IWatson holds a degree in treatment of low back and neck pain,mee painacupuncture and is a (especially osteoarthritis) and a wide range ofmember of The British other musculoskeletal pro blems.Acupuncture Councilwhich keeps the national Traditional acupuncturists use a wider range ofregister for traditional points and specific combinations to ma ximise theacupuncturists within the effect of each indiv idual treatment,treatingUnited Kingdom. numerouscomplaints such as hea daches, migraine,hayfever,sinusitis, irritable bowelMischelI trained at the College of Integrated syndrome,menstruaI disorders, tiredness, stress,Chinese Medicine,where she studied both Five eczema and other skin conditions, arthritis, highElement and Traditional Chinese Medicine blood pressure,depression and anxie ty, joint and(TCM) under tutorswho themselves trained and back pain. It is worth noting that some patientworked alongsde J.R.Worsey,renowned for attend acupuncture as a preventative measure tobringing Five Element Acupuncture to the maintain goo d health and well being.We st. At the initial consultation the patient will be asked about their main complaint!symptomsand their me dical history.During treatment fineAcupuncture is an amazing treatment and has nee dles are inserted into the body and lightlyhelped bring balance to my life on so many manipulate d to stimulate Qi (pronouncedlev els and would recommend it to anybody.MischelI is a fantastic Acupuncturist and very chee), the bodys natural vitality andmowledgeable and experienced within her communications system.Traditional acupuncturefield. She has a very caring, supportive and is a holistic approach,where the acupuncturistconsderate approach to her clients. She is a will lookto treat the underlying cause/weamess atgreat listener, very patient and always makes both a phy!ical and mental level,whileyou feel calm,safe and reassured during the addressing the presenting symptoms.treatment sessons.ZehraMischelI showed great 9411 in identifyinglocationswhich were senstive and introducedan air of calmness and profes9onalism. Theacupuncture ses9onshav e worked.! am mostgrateful.S Thorley
  6. 6. CENTRAL HEALTH ASK A PHYSIO... 020 7404 6343 physiotherapyINDIVIDUAL SERVICES WOMENS HEALTH PHYSIOTHERAPYWOMENS HEALtH PHYSIOTHERAPY At Central Heakh Physiotherapy we recognise the sens itivity around Womens Health related PREGIIAIICYAND PDSHIATAL CARE issues and the importance of providing a CDUDITIDIIS TREATED private,discreet and relaxed environment in which women can seek advice and treatment. ADDITIDIIAL SERVICES Confidentiality is assured at all times. CONTlNENCE AIID THE PELVICFLDDR Womens Health Physiotherapy focuseson all COMMON CONDITIONS issues related to Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Whether you are a woman experiencing bladder, TREATMENTS bowel or pelvic floor concerns, if you are suffering AUTE NATAL PILATE S CLASSES from musculoletal back/pelvic pain during your pre gnancy or as a new mum then womens POSTNATAL PILATES CLASSES Health Physiotherapy has been proven to provide LIFE AFTER BIRTH CLASS sgnificant relief. TE STIMDUIALS -CLAI E-ANNE HEAD R Womens Health Physiotherapy is available atOur Womens HealthPhysotherapy department Chancery Lane and St Johns Wood. Pleaseis lead by Claire-Anne click for more information on the St Johns WoodHead. She specialises in clinic.the treatment of obstetricmusculoletal conditionsaswell asurogynaecologicalconditions and pelvic floordysfunctions including prolapses, urinaryincontinence and sexual discomfort.
  7. 7. ASK A PHYSIO•.. 020 7404 6343 physiotherapyINDIVIDUAL SERVICES GAIT AND RUNNINGTrust us to return,maintain and build your ANALYSISheakh and fitness The ideal serviceif you experiencepain duringCentral Health Physiotherapy is one of the few walkingor running despite previous treatment, gait analysis is also useful for injuryplacesin london that offers a combined preventionand enhancingsports performance.assessment performed by both a podiatrist andphysiotherapist experienced in the Initially you complete a pre·assessment formmanagement of running injuries followe d by a full screening that includes examining your walking or running pattern,your shoe s, discussion of your current exercise and training needsWHO WILL BENEAT?This service is beneficial to all people whose We discussour findings with you and makepain during walng or running is unresolved, recommendationsfor management of your injury:despite previous treatment. It would also be this ma y include advice on footwear anduseful for injury prevention and enhancing orthotics, specific exercise rehabilitation,generalsportsperformanee. training advice etc.And finally we present you with a report with ourfindingsand recommendationsWe offer a podiatry service in conjunction withthe Gait lab.
  8. 8. CENTRAlHEALTH ASK A PHYSIO... 020 7404 6343 physiotherapyINDIVIDUAL SERVICES RESPIRATORYPhysiotherapy has been found to provide PHYSIOTHERAPYsignificant benefit for patients suffering from Central Health Physiotherapy provides anchronic lung disease. outpatient respira tory service at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. Our respiratory physiotherapists treat patients ofRESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY all ages and with a wide v ariety of respiratoryThe respiratory physiotherapy service,run by problems including:Corrine Ward, tas place on Fridays at theHospital of St John and St Elizabeth.Corrine • Dysfuncuonal breathinghas extensive specialist e xperience of • Dyspnoea tranagemmt (shorlness of breath)respiratory conditionsfrom intensive care,the • lmprovingenetgy conservationacute setting and through to out patientswith • Ambulatory oxygen assessrrent.22 years post graduate e xperience. • Exerdse advice • Asihtra action pl anning
  9. 9. ASK A PHYSIO... 020 7404 6343 physiotherapyINDIVIDUAL SERVICES BIOMECHANICAL CYCLEYour cycling technique is cri tical to ensure you ASSESSMENToptimise performance and remain injuryf·ree.A A biomechanical cycle assessment takes 60-90biomechanics assessment might make all the minutes in which time a full subjective historydifferenee,whether you cycle for pie asure, and objectiv emeasurements are carried out toweight loss, general fitness, competition or assess any injuries you are currentlyrehabilitation after illness or injury. e xperiencing. Muscle length,strength and core are checke d and problematic or weakareas identifie d.TRY OUR TURBO TRAINER... Our ergo trainer enables our physiotherapists to..FOR A FULL BIOMECHANICS conduct an assessment of your individual cyclingASSESSMENT ON YOUR OWNBIKE! style on your own bike,or the one you are aboutDo you cycle to work? to buy to make sure its right for you. U9ng videoAre you taking analysis, measurements are taken of the trunadv anlage of the hip, knee and upper limb angles. Advice is givenGovernments Cycle regarding ideal cycling techniques. Adjustmentsto Work initiative? are then made to your bike se t up to optimiseIs cycling your hobby? ca dence and reliev e stress on musculoskeletalAre you training for structures.your nexttriathlon? You are then giv en an infonnation sheet of theBook an appointment with Faye Pec k at St changes and any exercises to perform,and youJohns Wo od or PaulKing at Chancery Lane have the opportunity afteiWards of emailing orand bring your bike to our gym for an calling a physiotherapist for further a dvice.assessment of your individual cycling style.£150 for full 90 minutes assessment includingsoftware analysisand physicadvice£50 for quick assessment checking your bikesettings
  10. 10. ASK A PHYSIO... 020 7404 6343 recepti on@central-heal physiotherapyINDIVIDUAL SERVICES HYDROTliERAPYHydrotherapy is proven to be a safe and Hydrotherapy is the perfect therapeutic solutioneffectiv etreatment in accelerating the rate of for those who may not be so physically able onrecovery. dry land.The buoyancy,support,and the resstance of water enhance d exercises create a safe environment for rehabilitation.The pool, heated to a comfortable 36C and complete withWhat happens if Icant swim? automated hoist to aid entry and exit, reducesDo not worry if you cannot swim. A gravity to one seventh when a patient isphysiotherapist will be with you in the water at immersed,facilitating e xercise techniques thatall times. The pool is not deep and you can provide both resstance and support.Thehold onto the hand rails which surround the temperature of the water prompts musclepool. You will not need to put your head under relaxation,facilitates stretching and generallywater. helps reduce the sensation of pain.What should I bring? Conditionswhich would benefit:A swimming costume and any acutemedications. We provide towels and dressing Arthritis including Rheumatoid Arthritis,gowns. Osteoarthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis Low Baclthoracic or neckpainHow do I get in the pool? SciaticaAccess to the pool is via stepswith hand-rails if Non weight bearing following surgeryyou are able.Electronic hoist accessis Fibromyalgiaavailable to those patients who are less mobile. Sports injuries· muscular I joint injury or fracture Post surgery:What are the side-effects? • hip/ knee / shoulder replacemmlThe warmth of the water and the exercise may • ACL reconstruclionmake you feel tired afterwards. • Knee and shoulder arthroscopy • surgically managed fractureWhat happens if Ihave asurgical wound?Waterproof dressings will be applied to preventcontact with recent surgery sites. We havestringent disinfectant measures which ensure I had a hip replacement and I was veryclean water. The pool water is tested weekly for apprehensive when discharge dasIfelt it wouldmicro-o rganisms by the Health Prolection be difficult to cope and recover on my own.Agency in accordance with their guidelines. Fortunately I ha d booke d into the Springdene Clinic which continued where the hospital hadWhen is hydrotherapy not appropriate? left off,a must for patientsthat need ongoingYou will be assessed by a physiotherapist care.Most important was the Physioepartmentbefore yourfirst hydrotherapy appointment. which also had a Hydrotherapy pool. The unit isCertain conditions may prohibit you from staffed by caring and e xperienced personnel,hydrotherapy. who not only put you through your pacesbut are very understanding to your needs. In the time IContact us at the Barnet Clinic or the Chesl ea spent there my confidence grew and my courageClinic for more information. was built up to enable me to cope at home on my own at the end of my stay. Nino Polledri