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365 Days of Live Streaming: How to Promote, Grow and Profit from Live Video


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Break down of what it takes to grow from live streaming.

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365 Days of Live Streaming: How to Promote, Grow and Profit from Live Video

  1. 1. 365 Days of Live Streaming: How�to�Promote, Grow� and Profit from Live Video
  2. 2. Phylecia Jones Budgetologist Founder, iFind You Close @keepupwithmrsjones
  3. 3. #AsktheBLIVE 7:45am Mountain 9:45am Eastern 2:45pm UK
  4. 4. You have officially been WARNED!
  5. 5. Strategy Plan Script Funnel Dumb Luck
  6. 6. My perfectly planned 2017 was disrupted...
  7. 7. July 1st,2017
  8. 8. People ACTUALLY watched! I grew a loyal following. Started making money...�
  9. 9. 01 Crucial Items You Will Need to Overcome 03 Stats on Live Streaming 03 Budget Friendly FREEBIES What you will learn today... 02 How to Promote, Grow and Profit
  10. 10. The future of live streaming...
  11. 11. 1.5Number of hours of video watched each day 81% Individuals who have purchased from a video 78% Facebook users who watch live content 10X More comments on a live stream than regular videos
  12. 12. Twitch and YouTube... Streamers who generate content on a regular basis Likely to generate three times more income Compared to those who produce inconsistently...
  13. 13. GET OVER BEING PERFECT#1 What to say Looking silly The sound of your voice Who's going to watch How you look on camera
  14. 14. STOP SEARCHING... AND RESEARCHING#2 Choose a platform Choose your device Find great lighting Have something to say Hit the LIVE button
  15. 15. Blue Yeti Silver Logitech HD Pro Ring Light
  16. 16. help please... @keepupwithmrsjones
  17. 17. TELL EVERYONE YOU GO LIVE#3 Answer client questions Inform your email list Add to email signature Inform power partners Redirect the brain pickers
  18. 18. Go live on business page Share to personal page (or groups or events) Ask watchers to share during live stream Add as blog post on website Repurpose into a podcast
  19. 19. GROWTH MEANS BEING CONSISTENT#4 Forget calendar blocking Part of daily life Set a time that works Theme your days PS... It's okay to repeat
  20. 20. Daily Theme Example: Sunday: Personal Finance Monday: Money Coaching Monday Tuesday: Land Speaking Gigs Wednesday: Mindset Thursday: Feeding Your Budget Friday: Crash Budget Fridays Saturday: Behind the Scenes
  21. 21. BudgetFriendly FREE�Support Slidesfromtoday Completeresourcelisttogolive Guideondailythemes Cameras,softwareandothertools
  22. 22. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR THE SALE#5 Show your expertise Tease the show topic Appear to sell something Have a solid call to action Present your buy buttons ... All in the first 3 minutes
  23. 23. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Get over being perfect Stop searching and researching Tell everyone you exist Consistency is key Don't be afraid to sell your skills
  24. 24. TextMe! +1303-327-9158